Tesla’s Flagship Store Now Open In San Francisco


Tesla’s flagship North American store is now open in San Francisco, California.

This is Tesla’s largest store to date in all of North America. It’s a sale, service and delivery center all rolled into one.

As Automotive News notes:

“…the 65,000-square-foot San Francisco center is the company’s first in the city, where one-fifth of residents don’t own a car and ride-sharing services led by Uber Technologies Inc. are emerging as a dominant form of transportation. The location was originally home to a Chevrolet showroom built in 1937, the year the Golden Gate Bridge opened.”

Jon McNeill, Tesla’s president of global sales and service, commented:

“Model 3 reservations skew young and urban.”

“What makes this our flagship store is that the Bay Area is really our home.”

Tesla’s expansion is rapid these days as it gears up for the Model 3 launch. According to Tesla, a new store will be opening every four days, on average, through the end of the year. The focus is on dense urban markets right now.

“We are adding stores in new population-dense markets like Taipei, Seoul, and Mexico City, while also adding stores in our most mature markets like California.”

Source: Automotive News

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…. and with a rooftop full of solar!! ……….. YES!!!!!

Is that on Van Ness? I used to live close to there.

999 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94109

Seems like a waste of money though. That’s got to cost a fortune.

Waste of money? You sound like a Tesla bear, or Detroit defender, who always says every Tesla glass is half empty.

Super premium locations are needed to build and maintain a premium luxury brand. For instance, they are often near Apple store locations.

The cost is minor, relative to other things like the Gigafactory, because Tesla doesn’t have annoying slippery dealers who take a cut from both them and the customers. Its a big advantage. Since Tesla doesn’t have dealers, once volume kicks in, its profit margin should grow. Note: Its already started, according to other articles about Tesla. (Look it up, if curious).