Tesla’s Evolution On Display


Evolution is on display at Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California.

From gas pump to Tesla Supercharger.  Primate to Iron Man.

Today, evolution in the automotive world means moving from the internal combustion engine to pure electric and it’s Tesla Motors leading that charge.

Tesla's Evolution

Tesla’s Evolution

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Could even have a hay trough located to the left of the oldest petrol pump.

Love the Iron Man reference!

Must be a slow news day…

If you think about it, Elon really is a mutant: a force for good. There just aren’t that many billionaires willing to go all out, to help people transition to more sustainable forms of transportation, or take humanity to other worlds, or solve power generation issues using non-carbon burning technologies. A driven man in pursuit of doing this PLANETARY level of good, is truly a rare thing.

If Ironman wants to build amazing clean cars, reusable rockets from science-fiction and inexpensive high efficiency solar panels to light the world– let him. I’m just glad he’s on our side. 🙂

“If you think about it, Elon really is a mutant: a force for good.”

So, Tesla should replace Iron Man with Colossus then? 🙂

Well said Anon 🙂

Anon +100.

He is out to save our blue marble!
No argument.
He is just getting it done!
Because it is the right thing to do!
It must be done!
Go Elonman Go!