Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot Rolling Out Today To Small Fleet, End Of Week For All, Ludicrous + Coming Too


Musk Tweets On Enhanced Autopilot, Ludicrous +

Musk Tweets On Enhanced Autopilot, Ludicrous +

Just when those first 1,000 lucky Tesla owners began reporting some new Autopilot 2.0 functionality coming online, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter on Sunday to announce that a “new rev” or new revision for Autopilot 2.0 will roll out to those same 1,000 owners starting today.

Tesla Model S Ludicrous Mode To Get Ludicrous +

Tesla Model S Ludicrous Mode To Get Ludicrous +

According to Musk, the new revision will improve functionality on Autopilot 1.0 vehicles too.

The 1,000 owners that get the new revision will see it in active mode, whereas the remaining Tesla Autopilot 2.0 owners won’t notice that it’s there because it will be operating in shadow mode. Musk says that Tesla hopes to flip all capable vehicles over to active mode by the end of this week if “all looks good.”

Lastly, as if Ludicrous mode isn’t quick enough, Musk says Ludicrous + will roll out along with the new revision for Autopilot 2.0. Ludicrous + will slash the 0 to 60 MPH time for the Model S P100DL down from 2.5 seconds to just 2.4 seconds. Because 2.5 seconds is so last year…

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2.4 sec is still slower than FF. Should’ve made it 2.38.

As for AP 2.0, can the driver take a nap in the car now? I need more sleep, and traffic jam is a good time for extra zzz.

No Comparable at all. FF car had stripped interior and is a non-production prototype. Model S was full Interior production car. If you strip the Model S interior i’d bet on the Tesla beating it to 60.

He was joking.

I am really hoping this years April 1 video from Tesla will be “Self Driving 1/4 mile Mode”. Should shave off an extra 0.05 or so.

You’re right. One car is a sedan while the other is a SUV. Stripped down or not a SUV beating the top of the line MS is pretty damn impressive for a considerably larger, higher, and heavier car.

The FF’s CD is probably worse too.

AP2 has a ‘sleep mode’, so yes, the driver can take a nap.

I wonder if Tesla will do a program to retrofit HW1 to HW2. For a fee, of course.

No, they have said that the cost for doing that with would cost more for you when selling you car and buy a new one. That they would offer that for free to existing owners I don’t see the reason for.

How long will “Ludicrous+” work before “Ludicrous-” happens? Anyone know???

The website:
“..continuous high-performance driving will stress the vehicle’s components and may result in premature wear or failure. To help protect the performance and longevity of the powertrain, Performance versions of the Model S and Model X continually monitor the condition of various components and may employ limiting controls..”

Tesla show show this somewhere in the UI. i’d like to know how much its being limited and what triggers it to limit performance.

Tesla should do as Porsche does, dialing back launch control so that it doesn’t harm/destroy the drivetrain/powertrain. The launch control on the Porsche 911 Turbo is designed to last for the lifetime of the car without degrading in performance, and can do back-to-back launches all day long. Below is a video of the Porsche 911 Turbo doing 61 back-to-back launches.

Indeed. If “launch” mode won’t last for the lifetime of the car, then Tesla needs to dial back on that a bit, and not advertise such a low 0-60 time.

I’m surprised that I haven’t seen much outrage reported over this. To me, this is a much more serious issue than when Tesla overstated the horsepower of the two-motor “D” trim level, by adding the HP of the two motors together.

Maybe the outrage is yet to come?

Only 1 from almost 8 billion people would come up with such nonesense, so who cares?
Just because some idiot has a stupid idea, doesn’t mean that Tesla has to fulfill that criteria.

It’s still only going to operate on 1,000 cars and then only up to 35mph.

It’s astounding to me this can be reported as some kind of positive thing.

Because they aren’t going get a release to all AP2 cars with high-speed AP until they’ve gone through the steps of limited release and lower speed restriction.

Since this is an ongoing topic of conversation, I searched for and found the relevant discussion thread on the Tesla Motors Club forum. I’m posting the link below, but honestly I can’t recommend anyone visit that thread. More than 500 posts, and very few of them from those who are among the 1000 who got the beta test software update, so the signal-to-noise ratio is very low indeed; in fact, much lower than I’ve ever seen on any other Tesla Motors Club forum discussion. Unlucky, it’s not clear how much of your campaign of anti-Tesla complaints is due to lack of info on your part, and how much are due to a pretty strong anti-Tesla bias on your part. Perhaps you’re not aware that when Tesla sends a Model S or Model X driver a software update, they have the option of installing it or not. So of those 1000 “beta testers” for the new software, every one who installed it in their car chose to do so. I certainly didn’t read every one of the 500+ posts in that thread, but I was looking for anyone who said he wanted to re-install the older software because he didn’t like… Read more »