Tesla’s Elon Musk Tweets Out More Details on Mysterious Electric Truck


We’ll keep this short and sweet, as we’re not entirely sure why Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk keeps hyping this mysterious electric truck.

The tweet above hit Twitterdom on May 24, but it follows one other from Musk that focused on a future electric pickup, too.

Hidden at the End of This Tweet is That Mention of an Electric Truck

Hidden at the End of This Tweet is That Mention of an Electric Truck

Then there’s this statement from Musk, which was made when Tesla Motors was in Texas battling it out over dealership franchise laws:

I have this idea for a really advanced electric truck that has the  performance of a sports car but actually more towing power and more carrying capacity than a gasoline or diesel truck of comparable size.  That  could be really cool, and I think that would probably make sense to do that at a  new plant.”

What shall we make of all this truck talk?  Hmm… Should Tesla dabble into the pickup truck arena?  Does an electric truck make sense?  Would you line up to buy one?

So many questions, so few answer.  Musk, once again, leaves us scratching our collective heads.

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Given the additional structural requirements of a truck vs the current skateboard design of the Tesla, I would envision that Tesla is only posturing.

Without hijacking this thread, there is an article on slate about how the US government bungled the Tesla loan by not insisting on stock options. Perhaps a discussion of that would also make for a good site topic.

The “Model T” can’t come soon enough! I traded in my Toyota Tacoma pickup back in 2010 for my Volt and since then my poor EREV has been lugging and towing stuff since.


How about a “MONSTER” Gem?

You mean this kind of Monster, Bill?


With the volume of trucks sold in the US, it makes perfect sense for Tesla to develop a truck. I have not driven a truck in about 10 years, but if Tesla built an electric truck that had sports car handling, I would seriously consider it.

Like many homeowners, I have plenty of use for a truck – from hauling mulch and dirt to towing the 3000′ family boat (don’t worry – it’s electric 😉 ). Currently, I borrow or rent a truck when I need one, but that puts me at the mercy of someone else’s schedule.

The two main reasons I don’t have a truck: 1) They consume ungodly amounts of gasoline and 2) everyone I know with a truck is constantly repairing it.

An electric truck should reduce or solve both of these concerns. Bring it on, Tesla!

Trucks and buses are where the EV revolution should have started as they are perfect candidates for the immense torque from standstill. Just now we are seeing all electric buses from Proterra and trucks from Smith getting into fleets all over. The reduction in pollution, noise pollution and generated heat will be very welcome.

As I understand it, the only production date actually confirmed (and probably even the use of “confirmed” is still a little loose) is late 2014 for the Model X. This means another 1.5 years of nothing but Model S – not that there’s anything wrong with that. (And a few Tesla powertrains in other vehicles, like the upcoming Mercedes B-class, and my Toyota RAV4.) But thereafter, we seem to have, in no particular order, a smaller sedan (Whitestar), a sports car based upon the smaller sedan, and a truck which would presumably be based upon, presumably, the X skateboard chassis (so as to accommodate four-wheel drive, which will be an option for the X). I’m sure Tesla is working toward production of the X, which will basically be on the S assembly line. It seems to make sense to first make a mere body change for a truck on the same assembly line (with some token production pieces from Texas?). The Whitestar will probably need a different assembly line – which will then also accommodate the sports car. For these reasons, I could see the truck coming before the smaller sedan. Besides, an EV truck would have three major factors… Read more »