Tesla’s Electric Motor Hits The Dyno As Part Of “Blue Lightning” Lotus Conversion – Video


MAR 20 2017 BY MARK KANE 9

Speed Academy released update on the Lotus Evora Electric project.

Tesla Electric Motor Hits The Dyno

The car is being converted to electric drive, with the use of a Tesla Model S powertrain and two Chevrolet Volt battery packs (2x 16 kWh).

The Tesla motor, powered from a single Volt battery was tested on the dyno, and it’s anĀ impressive result. At full power (two battery packs) it could be scary, so further tests will be performed after installation in car.

Tesla Motor with Motec ECU On The Dyno – Lotus Evora Electric Car Project EP02

The Tesla electric motor sees dyno action with the help of a Motec ECU and Sasha from Onpoint Dyno updates us on other work he has completed on the custom Lotus Evora Electric Car.

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9 Comments on "Tesla’s Electric Motor Hits The Dyno As Part Of “Blue Lightning” Lotus Conversion – Video"

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Should be a nice EV sports car.

Tesla Bargain

It’s impressive what people are capable of reusing Tesla parts!


11 minutes of largely waffle. Don’t bother.


Well I guess that depends on if you want to be entertained or actually learn something.They are in fact doing something no one else has, getting a Tesla controller to work well.

And I learned a fair mount, something rare for me.
And like the Lotus project I’m doing an all composite monocoque 63 Vette for production and I, many others need a source of powerful AC motors, controllers reasonable prices.
I’ve also chosen 2 Volt packs because they are good for 250kw each an the price right.
As our cars are so light, aero 32kwhrs gets mine and likely his 20 mile + range.
So I’d call your post fluff, not the video.
Just what did you expect from the title? It certainly delivered on it.
If you didn’t want to learn about running a Tesla motor on dyno, why did you watch it?


How long before a company comes out with a motor/controller/modular package for doing EV retrofits?

I really want a 1972 AWD C-10 EV =)


A long time if ever, there is no profit in it.


That isn’t hard now. Just get one in gas and have a converter change it over for you.
Or there are standard kits for them and do your own.
Using Leaf, Volt or Tesla modules it should be able to be done for about $10k

Jim Whitehead

Tesla started out rebuilding the Lotus Elise into their sports car, the Roadster. Now parts from the Model S are being rebuilt into a Lotus Evora. Its a flip.

They say copying is a form of flattery. They can’t beat Tesla’s AC motor, so they bought it. If the auto giants had any brains, their EVs would join their top Supercharger network. (They won’t. :-).


And tesla opened its patents for free years ago.
They basically asked other manufacturers to copy them!