Tesla’s Diarmuid O’Connell Discusses Electric Cars – Video


Tesla's Diarmuid O'Connell discusses the future of electric vehicles

Tesla’s Diarmuid O’Connell discusses the future of electric vehicles

Diarmuid O’Connell – Vice President of Business Development at Tesla Motors, was asked at the Climate One conference about whether electric cars will succeed.

Well, the answer was yes – not surprising at all, and the reason behind that is EVs offers better “driving technology” (driving experience).

O’Connell stressed that during these early stages, there is need for policy to enable electric vehicle growth.

“Tesla’s Diarmuid O’Connell discusses the future of electric vehicles. “Fundamentally, electric vehicles are going to be successful … [because it’s] better driving technology and people … find when they get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle and especially ours that it’s more fun.”

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9 responses to "Tesla’s Diarmuid O’Connell Discusses Electric Cars – Video"
  1. evcarnut says:

    True , Honest & sincere words…

  2. Lad says:

    This piece should be on the main stream media so that people understand it’s not just the oil and gas companies; but, also the car companies who are campaigning against EVs. These industries are the reason attempts to clean up the Planet may come too late. It also explains why companies like Nissan have put so little effort into improving their battery range for the Leaf.

  3. Bloggin says:

    I agree..

    Internal combustion engine based car companies really have no natural incentive to make their own technology redundant. So it is a company like Tesla that has to offer the best of what an EV can be, and force the hand of the large car companies to ‘slowly’ adjust. But this is the advantage that Tesla has. They have no internal combustion engine investment to lose. They can go all out EV.

    This is why I think for ICE car companies to be successful with EVs, they MUST create a separate/competing EV business, with no focus in ICE technology or compatibility. The car company can’t get there while still depending on a gasoline engine to make up for lack of EV range.

    i3 is a perfect example. So late in the game, it ‘should’ have started as a 200 mile EV. and expanded from there. Instead, they offered a handicapped EV with low range and tacked on a gasoline engine to make up for it’s shortcomings.

    On the other hand, I think the Model 3 is what everyone has been waiting for, and what GM and Ford with all their billions in cash should have offered by now.

    But GM offers an sub-compact BOX(limiting the desirability/market demand) as their 200+ mile EV at $37,500, while Tesla looks to be offering a 200+ mile smaller version of the Model S at $2,500 LESS!!

    1. Rick says:

      Exactly, I understand the excitement for the 200 mile range but not the rest of the car. It’s awful, doesn’t even look like it’s the size of a Golf…

      1. And, when I tested out the US Bolt pages Range Calculator, any drive longer than a charge showed it as being unable to make the trip! So, it seems the Bolt is a 4 seat variant of the Smart ED city car, with a bit longer range!

  4. jmac says:

    Tesla’s O’Connell confirms what just about everybody involved with electric vehicles has known from the beginning, that the traditional (ICE) auto makers have been in the hip pocket of big oil since the days of Henry Ford. As a result, traditional car makers build EVs and plug-ins not because they are recognized as technically superior to ICE as O’Connell points out, but because old line car companies are literally being forced, against their will, into producing compliance EVs by legislative mandates from the government.

    Maybe, only companies that are committed to making just EVs will move this thing forward. What’s needed are 2 or three just EV only manufacturers in Europe (e.g. Saab possibly) and likewise a couple more EV only makers beside Tesla in the U.S. With 4 or 5 more companies in the far east like BYD the movement to electric cars might start in earnest.

    The Leaf was nice, but Carlos Ghosn (bless his heart) is the CEO of a gigantic multinational ICE vehicle manufacturer. If you listen carefully to Ghosn and read between the lines you may come to the conclusion that the far-sighted Ghosn is embracing EVs basically because he sees more and more environmental mandates looming ever larger on the horizon, and not necessarily because Ghosn is madly in love with the electric car. In other words Ghosn saw the handwriting on the wall and as the good, energetic and far-sighted CEO that he is, he wanted Nissan to capture the zero emission corner of the market while continuing to increase Nissan’s market share of ICE vehicles for the Board and the shareholders.

    Foot dragging, half-hearted, traditional ICE oriented car companies will likely continue to offer EVs not because they have embraced the technology but because they are being forced to build electric vehicles because of legislative mandates. Consequently, I don’t put much stock in anything the ICE car companies say on the subject of EVs. They are like beautiful sirens singing to the sailors just before the ship crashes on the rocks.

    The EV Revolution that everyone keeps talking about and longing for I think will come mostly from companies that manufacture EVs exclusively. Then, there is no conflict of interest. I believe even today, fifteen years after GM killed the electric car in the Arizona desert, those same ICE car companies, without any binding mandates would shed EVs like a snake shedding his skin.

    1. Rick says:

      Well said, GM is the prime example. They sued California more than a decade ago to avoid building EVs, right?
      Now that the battery tech which they didn’t come up with is available, they throw it into an ugly econobox and take all the credit for it… Let’s face it, the only reason they’re first is that they took all the shortcuts just to be ahead of Tesla on this one. Personally, I prefer a well-designed, thoroughly tested product over GM’s offerings that have so far been subpar compared to other offerings in this part of the world. GM remains a hypocrite corporation in my books and although I trust LG to make decent batteries, I don’t trust GM to make a world-class automobile.

      1. Mister G says:

        YOU NAILED IT…GM is an ICE producer and until they see demand pick up for EVs they will continue to sell ICE

      2. Walt says:

        Not just the battery tech. Practically ALL the electronics of the car are by LG (battery, charger, drive motor, motor controller, HVAC, infotainment, powersteering motor, etc…). GM merely stamped the metal and assembled everything and slapped their name on it. The trade off was a cheap underpriced battery.