Tesla’s In-House Body Shop Fixes This Model 3 In 25 Hours


The first nine in-house body shops were opened this month, and so far, the service has reportedly been excellent.

It was back in April, during Tesla’s 2018 Annual Shareholder Meeting, when Elon Musk revealed how the company is opening in-house body shops later in the year. Designed to reduce the turnaround time for vehicle repairs, the shops were seemingly the next step in the ever-advancing customer service that Tesla provides to their customers. Earlier this month, the company revealed that nine of these in-house shops were finally opened up. And right now, the reports for service have been nothing but excellent.

Confirmation of such a level of service comes courtesy of u/ekobres, a Model 3 owner and member of the r/TeslaMotors subreddit. The owner was kind enough to share his in-house repair experience, gathered from taking his Model 3 to a Tesla repair shop in Marietta, Georgia. Reportedly, the shop repaired a panel alignment issue in one day. According to the owner, the company picked up the car, issued a loaner vehicle to the customer, then proceeded to return his vehicle in just 9 hours, fully fixed and cleaned.

Even though the turnaround time and the whole experience was impressive, the amount of work that had to be done on this Model 3 was rather small. However, thanks to another Model 3 repair – coming with more extensive damage – we get to see the in-house body repair shop in Marietta, GA in some more compelling action.

This Model 3 is owned by the hosts of YouTube’s Like Tesla, a channel dedicated to providing information, entertainment, and humor, all wrapped into a Tesla. The damage done to their vehicle was quite extensive, as somebody backed up into their car. A large portion of the front bumper was damaged. So was the left headlight, which was cracked due to the impact. But, it seems the in-house workshop was able to undo the damage rather fast and with excellent service provided to the customer. You can view the entire experience in the video right above.

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Wait, is replacing a wheel, bumper cover, headlight, and fender really that difficult?
Sorry, this is petty simple work on most cars….

Is the service the same for people that don’t have an youtube influencer channel?

You obviously didn’t watch the video….

Good stuff… MOST body shops are extortion experts that over-promise and under-deliver a majority of the time they’ve got your car.

I don’t know what I’m talking about, but i think sometimes they can’t assess all of the damage until they start taking things apart, and begin to find more damage and up the quote and the time.

There are a few exceptions.

Most body shops overpromise and under deliver.

Once they get your car in their possession it’s almost always at their pace.

It depends on the state, but in many states estimators lawfully cannot estimate damage that they cannot physically see until after the teardown. This is an anti-fraud measure pushed by the insurance industry.

If you don’t actually have the teardown done, insurance only pays for the visible damage, and you will need to get a supplemental for additional repairs once the teardown is done.

Beyond that valid point, most of the time the repair time exceeds what was originally quoted.

Tesla’s doing their customer a huge favor, by changing the usual sluggish timeline into a refreshingly efficient timeline. Go Tesla, way to change the industry one basic step at a time!

Yes, delays in repair times are indeed common, even when it isn’t insurance related.

Having been in the autodody racket for 26 years, I see they removed the fender which only had a scuff on the leading edge by the headlight..maybe was required to r&i the headlight assembly, either way would like to see if the fender was repaired or replaced with a pre colored fender.

You definitely sound like an insurance guy. That “scuff” is actually a tear/gouge in the bumper cover. You can see it on the right side of the damage area.


No, it the photos, you can see they removed the fender as well as the bumper cover. The cover was obviously replaced. The fender had a crease under the headlight and maybe a pucker at the top of the wheel arch. It looked to be repairable, but I would guess with a 24 hour turnaround, they just replaced it.

My bad, I read the comment wrong on my phone. my mistake. Please disregard my previous post.

Yes, fender was likely repairable, but a pre-painted fender might have been a wash price wise vs. labor, paint, and blending rates to repair. The insurance company apparently approved it, so if Tesla did indeed replace instead of repair, the cost must have been competitive.

Makes me long for the days of the 5 m.p.h. Bumper where the car had to withstand a 5 m.p.h. Impact anywhere along the bumper with zero dollar damage to the car, those were the days.

that is great! Tesla is now providing the entire eco system of owning a Tesla. We just need to have Tesla insurance next.

The downside is that now Tesla is owning all the overhead cost as well as fixed capitals now. But as long as there is a growth, the increasing in fixed costs won’t be an issue.

If managed well, the additional services should be self funding.

I like it is like an Apple store situation. It’s to provide that level of service if necessary, but the majority won’t need it.

I have to say quick repair time is not the priority for me when repairing a car. First, if it was an insurance claim, I will get a rental car, so it doesn’t matter. Second, I would prefer replacing new body panels and parts, instead of just “repairing” damaged panels. The bodyshop can suggest new body panels, but ultimately it is down to the adjuster’s decision.