Teslanomics Places Tesla Model 3 Order – Video

Tesla Model 3


It’s high time for Ben Sullins to configure his Tesla Model 3 and we’re right there with him through the process.

Just like we previously shared, it looks like once Ben places the order, he’ll have his Model 3 in about four weeks. We’re eagerly awaiting information on how many Model 3s Tesla will deliver this December. It’s looking more and more like the automaker is on a steady roll, but it’s honestly very hard to say exactly what the numbers might look like. January could be even more telling if many people are taking care of their configurations over the holiday time off.

Tesla Model 3

Ben takes us step-by-step through the Mode 3 configuration process

Of course, Sullins is configuring the current Long Range, rear-wheel drive Model 3. When you enter the configurator, you have the option to choose that route or hold your place in line since the base model and dual motor variant will arrive at a later date. He opts for Premium Upgrades and Autopilot, which bumps up the price by $10,000.

If you’re planning on getting a Tesla Model 3, let us know which one you’re choosing and what options you want.

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Video Description via Teslanomics by Ben Sullins on YouTube:

$54,000 Tesla Model 3!! What Options I Chose and Why

I just bought my Model 3! Hope to take delivery in 4 weeks, maybe on my birthday!

// The options I chose for my Tesla Model 3

Base 35
Long Range 9
Premium 5
Black 0
Aero Wheels 0
Autopilot 5

Total = $54,000

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I really wish they would explain why Tesla’s rate is high. My credit union is offering 2.99%, and promotional 1.XX% are for Model S/X. So, where are some places we can borrow for less than Tesla’s rate?

Well, it depends on your credit score, monthly income, etc… There are probably options to get it down to 2%.
I hesitate to say try Wells Fargo, because of what they did, but they handle Tesla’s finances, and perhaps they would offer you a better deal.
Interest rates are on the rise though, so it might be the time to go. You can also reduce the size of the loan by putting more money down, thus getting a lower rate.

I had called Tesla last week, and they advised me that they cap the APR at 1.49% and when they run a customers credit, they do it across the board to all banks/credit unions they currently work with in order to provide the best rate..and if you have great credit, little debt and high salary, then your more likely to get a better APR.

Generally an automakers rates aren’t as good as credit unions and even when low interest rates are offered incentives are rolled back…Therefore if you get choice between extra incentives vs low interest, check the math but usually taking the extra incentives then going through a credit union is the best bet…

The few 100 $ that you save by not going to the gas station, please pay this money as pre-payment for he loan. This will help you pay the loan faster and save on the money.

Also the $7,500 that you get as tax rebate, pay it towards pre-payment.

Remember it is not rebate. It’s a credit if you have that liability. 🙂

Both fed and TX sent me checks. If your tax liability is high enough, ya get $7500 as a refund. TX sent me a grant of $2500 for buying an alt-fuel vehicle.

It will be interesting to see if there will ever actually be a 35k + tax M3. Clearly their margin on this is way higher than it would (will?) be on the base model. They studied at the Porsche school of option pricing!

Probably we won’t see the 35k model until after the full tax credit is gone if ever.

This is no mass market vehicle.

It’s certainly not in the same price range as most sedans, but it’s still the least expensive vehicle in terms of price per electric range. So by that metric, it’s just as mass market as the Bolt or Leaf. And based on preorders, it’s definitely mass market in terms of sales.

The $35k Tesla M3 should be readily available after the full 7.5k federal tax credit is utilized. This will most definitely happen, if Tesla wants the 2020 Model Y launch to be seen as a “mass market vehicle” as well.

The more than likely crowded 2020 EV market place, will likely bring out your purported “mass market vehicle” EV contenders, from many existing legacy ICE manufacturers. Tesla will be in the mix, without a doubt.

Nissan sold 1.912 Leafs in Japan last month (both Leaf: 1 & 2) and it has overtaken Prius Plugin. But in YTD, Prius has the lead. Looks like Leaf will lead from 2018.


No mass market ev here especially in a dying sedan market. BMW did right by going in x seriers

Tesla competitors will be here way before 2020.Jaguar ipace due for delivery q3 2018, I trust their schedule a lot more than Tesla’s.