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The future continues to arrive.

I’ll be honest here: I have no patience for Facebook‘s constant attempts to get me to use its Messenger program to do things other than, you know, message my friends. For some reason, the social media giant thinks people want to shop or watch sports with an AI on their phone. I’m too old for that sort of nonsense, but I appear to be in the minority. So, if you think a chat-based interaction is a cool way to talk to your electric car, I’d like to introduce you to Elon, the “virtual assistant for your Tesla.”

Developed by Smartcar (no connection to the Daimler brand), the new TeslaBot app lets you message back and forth with its cleverly named AI to send simple commands to your Model S or X. That means things like locking and unlocking the car’s doors, opening or closing the charge port, or setting the car’s interior climate, once you log in with your Tesla account.

In a December 2015 post that’s since been removed, Smartcar shows it believes (believed?) strongly in the power of connected cars, saying that 47 percent of drivers want “connected features” in their next car. Whether that means a better Bluetooth option to stream a podcast or a way to have your Facebook friend “Elon” turn up the sound is perhaps best left to our imagination.

“Elon” might not be the last way Smartcar will connect Facebook and your electric car. Engadget says that the company is also working on a messenger app for Hyundai Ioniq owners. You can see Elon the bot in all of its quiet action in the video below.

Source: ElectrekTeslabot.ai via Engadget

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Oh. My. God. “Elon”? Really?

Siri will be jealous…

I want mine called either “Mr. T”, “Yoda” or “Jules Winnfield quotes the Bible”

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Yuk, no thanks!

couldn’t you just have an app that shows you the current climate setting, whether the doors are locked, etc. and adjust them with a single finger click? but no, I’d much rather type things out, wait for a reply and then type more on a tiny device.

Exactly. I just want a button on my phone that turns on the climate control with one click.

If you are a techie, you might try these projects. My wife is a type 1 diabetic and we have programmed buttons for her iphone that tell her pump to perform several functions when pushed.


This is just dumb. It solves no problem that needs solving, and adds new ones, like giving control of your car to a third party app.

Not as good as “Bored Elon Musk”.

I assume this is a joke post, because a commercial product that uses Elon’s name is subject to a legal challenge from him. I wouldn’t mind a car assistant though, call her Elona, that had 3 mood settings:
COOL (no nonsense), SEXY (“hey handsome) and HOT (Mae West humor).

Imagine an app Elona, that has a sultry Mae West voice. You could slide a bar to her ludicrously HOT mode and she might say funny suggestive stuff like: “Hey handsome, I’m parked too long. Open me up, get inside me and lets burn some rubber together.”

If I was still programming I would love to show that one off to Elon Musk at a conference, to get a laugh out of him and the audience, as they furiously buy and download the app for their cars.

This is just a rip-off of the IRC version that was developed for Berkeley System V. Nothing new here, anybody with a Commodore 64, a modem, and a car phone could set this up decades ago, when Wham! was still hot on the charts, and kids had a good time by dancing instead of fidgeting with roller skate bearings.
The car is the only real progress here.