Tesla Working On Rattle / Squeak Pinpointing By Acoustics Via Phone

Tesla Model 3


Soon, Tesla owners will be able to hone in on a squeak using their phone and request a mobile ranger via the Tesla app.

It’s been well known since before the Tesla Model 3 was even available, the automaker was ramping up at service centers, working on new locations, revamping training, and making a move to electric service vehicles. Tesla has also been making more features available via the Tesla mobile app, the most notable of which is using it as the Model 3 key. However, a wealth of updates continue to make the app more functional beyond this.

Red Tesla Model S and Tesla repair truck

Tesla Mobile Service

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Soon, requesting mobile service will be as simple as opening the app and clicking. The new service appointment system already allows for online booking, but this takes it to the next level, meaning access from virtually anywhere and no need for paperwork.

When Musk announced this upcoming feature, a Twitter user jokingly asked if the mobile ranger may argue with a Tesla owner about the validity of squeaks and rattles. While we can only assume, this owner may have had a previous related experience at a service center. We all know you can never appropriately reproduce a sound or issue when the tech is on hand.

As Musk often does when someone makes a comment such as this, he Tweeted that Tesla is working on a feature which will allow owners to triangulate the source of a squeak or rattle using a smartphone-based “app” that relies on acoustics. We can only begin to imagine the endless app-based possibilities that Tesla will continue to implement to better assist owners with their vehicles and overall experience.

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Engineering: Empower every employee to hit the button and shut the assembly line down when they see a quality issue.

Over-Engineering: Build a fancy AI based phone app to find the source of rattles and squeaks in your low reliability car.

What are you talking about? That would be an extremely valuable diagnostic tool if it works. It could prevent countless unnecessary trips to service centers, and when repair work is merited, it could still help determine whether the car has to come in, or if a Ranger visit will do.

I knew you were just a basher when you had to sneak in “low reliability.”

You answered your own question below when you ask about “how one can triangulate a sound with one microphone”. See. You do have an “Engineering” side to you as well. You don’t need to cultishly believe in every stupid idea uttered by the messiah.

Again, calling Elon Musk “the messiah” just shows your clear bias. I’m trying to be level-headed, which is why I questioned it in the first place rather than swallowing it hook, line, and sinker. Maybe he misspoke; maybe he’s trolling the guy; maybe their audio technicians know some breakthrough in triangulation that we don’t. But finding a new solution to a problem isn’t over-engineering if it works better than the conventional solution.

And for the record, unless there is some unknown breakthrough, I still don’t see how triangulation is possible with a standard phone (unless maybe the instructions include placing the phone in very specific locations before taking a read), but identifying known audio signatures of known issues is a great idea.

If he is just joking/trolling, then he was a bit too subtle. And maybe you should join the cult; we meet on Tuesdays and there’s always cookies (<= that was trolling.)

Dan with the little d is a long time serial anti-Tesla troll here.

And also, either he is completely unoriginal and cuts/pastes his negative FUD like the “messiah” comment from other trolls or he is posting his crap under multiple usernames.

To tell you the truth I don’t know which is worse.

Get Real, you neither drive a Tesla nor any other electric car. Give the rest of us a break.

LMAO at little d dan the troll as I drive my 2012 Volt and 2017 Bolt while waiting for my Model 3 all powered by my solar PV along with my house.

If you think about what “known audio signatures” is actually talking about, or if you’ve ever tried to fix anything (I’ll accept your expertise in fixing your childhood bike. <= that was trolling) you would know how stupid the idea actually is. If you even had a cursory understanding of AI or statistics, you would know how much data would be required to make even the most basic distinctions.

There is a reason you're going to our cult meetings for the cookies instead of working as an engineer!

how one can triangulate a sound with one microphone”. See. You do have an “Engineering” side

My iPhone 7 has 4 microphones. Most engineers would probably know that. No? This would probably not work on your flip phone though.

Gasbag Super Genius!, Your iPhone’s 4 microphones are 2cm apart and can barely make out whether the voice is coming from the front or the back. Apple internally uses it to pick one of the 4 microphones. At the app level, you will never be able to use all 4 microphones. They are also 2cm apart and Apple can barely use them to determine whether the voice coming from front vs back of phone. Even if you somehow hacked iOS and got access to all 4 microphones, you will never be able to tell where the rattle is coming from.

“Gasbag Super Genius!, ”

Well there is no denying that my IQ qualifies me as a genius but super genius might be a bit much.

No need to hack IOS. Apple provides a framework, AVAudioSession, for you to access them.

Much as I’d love to believe this, it kind of sounds like he’s just trolling the guy. With all the models of phone out there, how could you possibly implement this reliably?

It’s the “triangulation” part that makes me leery: how can one triangulate with just one microphone, especially if the exact position in the car is unknown. On the other hand, it’s feasible that they could have a Shazam-like functionality that can identify car noises against a library of known issues. I guess that’s what’s meant by “acoustic signature.”

Actually this is not difficult and has already been developed before. It is quite easily achieved by moving the phone around whilst the sounds occurs. You can even make a 3d image of a room (and its objects) this way. Although this is usually done with echolocation and several mics, it can be done with a single mic, especially if the space is known, since you only need to find your own position and orientation in a given space.

Alternatively, you could also use the camera for triangulation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_GD7kUbogk) and a single mic for sound recognition.

I’m a bit worried how one would do this when a certain rattle only occurs whilst driving… I hope no-one is suggesting what I’m thinking… /pun intended.

If you take care of the customers they might come back.

“If you take care of the customers they might come back.”

Yup and there is no better bench mark available than customer satisfaction. Inspirte of what SA says Tesla consistently comes out on top. Hence the high rate of return customers.

I wonder how this will work? You’ll need to take multiple readings with just 1 phone/mic, and then hope to lock onto the same signature in each one. Seems like they could allow you to use 2 (or more phones) that are linked and do it with just one reading. Or maybe use a device with multiple mics that is bt paired to a phone and do a one time data collection. If the phone is bt paired to the car, they could use the car’s microphone to get some triangulation.

For those wondering how acoustic location triangulation would work with a single phone microphone…

Answer: Stereo Speakers

The Tesla Mobile App can take in a feed via Bluetooth of three or more of the car’s alread existing built-in microphones (the speakers) or alternatively the Tesla App can trigger the car itself to record, log and transmit the audio files to Tesla for diagnostics.

Yes… a car speaker has the same components/design of a microphone thus can be repurposed as a giant microphone… so if connected to a recording device can be used to capture sound.

Mystery solved.

Tesla also needs an App to use the phone camera to measure uneven panel gaps

The easier solution would seem to just produce a car that doesn’t squeak and rattle. You now the old fashion way of putting it on a shaker inside of a climate chamber and shake it about for 3 months.
Ohh, it is to late now you already started producing them flawed. Well, good luck.