Watch Tesla Model X vs Hummer H2 On Steep Hill, Plus Tug Of War

MAR 10 2018 BY MARK KANE 6

The latest winter adventures of Bjørn Nyland’s Tesla Model X P90D covers driving up a step hill with about 30% grade.

Tesla vs Hummer on steep hill (source: Bjørn Nyland)

The Model X demonstrated capability of driving up when the accelerator was treated gently.

The Hummer H2 wasn’t able to go up from standstill, apparently due to studded tires and higher weight.

“We tested a Tesla Model X vs Hummer H2 on a 30 % grade hill with snow and ice. It seems like Tesla with less weight and studless tires did it better than the heavier Hummer with studded tires.”

There is a bonus… Tesla vs Hummer rematch in tug war…without settlement.

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“We did a rematch. This time I had Nereus NS806 studless tires. His setup was still the same. But he lowered his tow bar to match my height.”

Model X vs Hummer tug of war rematch (source: Bjørn Nyland)

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This just seems to prove that snow tires are superior.

Both used snow tires, and it’s required in Norway in winter. But the Hummer had studded tires, and they really are inferior to studless (snow) tires on snow, at least show that’s not extremely hard. However, the difference is significantly larger, and in favour of studded tires, on ice. Which is arguably the condition in which you need more grip the most. Where I live we’re often plagued with supercooled rain in winter. Turns out water doesn’t freeze at exactly zero Celsius if it is extremely pure and cooled very quickly. Something to do with the ice crystal formation actually being helped by the presence of impurities in the water. Anyway, what happens is rain falls where the water is liquid but at below freezing, and then instantly freezes when it hits the (impure, and often also very cool) ground, forming a thin layer of nearly invisible, extremely smooth ice. If this is followed by soft, fluffy snow, studless tires grip the snow… which slides frictionless on the ice. I had this one time going down the small hill where I live. I started to brake from low speed at the top, but I just became a passenger as the… Read more »

The tires on the HUMMER look like mud tires with studs . Better all winter tires on Tesla
Proof that direct electric drive work very well. Smooth and powerfull.

What next? Duelling banjos, obviously.

This is nonsense the X has way more power and torque, give it proper traction and it would drag that ice junk up hill backwards.
But lets not forget its a soccer mom SUV.
Can’t wait for Tesla to destroy the Ford F series trucks and all the Diesel Big Rigs. Tired of stupid country boy can survive nonsense the red necks need too wake up and see its they themselves that heave been enslaved by petrarchy. They aren’t even straight on who their opponents are.

As a high altitude snow driver in my V8 H3T, I can tell you without question that when the plows get stuck in 2 feet fresh, my HUMMER just rolls right through. The Tesla will get stuck in anything that hasnt been plowed because of the soccer van lack of clearance. Plus god help the sorry X owner dumping snow from its roof into cabin via gull wings when X left out in a foot of fresh…..DUMB.