Tesla Ex-VP Unloads 1,500 Shares OF TSLA


A legal document filed with the Security and Exchange Commission on April 16, 2015 shows that Jerome Guillen, Tesla’s ex VP of Worldwide Sales and Service, unloaded 1,500 of his own shares of Tesla (TSLA).

It’s being reported that his shares went for $207.50 a pop, meaning that Guillen got $311,190 from the transaction.

Guillen still owns 2,662 TSLA shares, so it’s not like he cleared out all of his stock in Tesla.

Of note in regards to Mr. Guillen’s title. He was recently demoted (Tesla doesn’t like that word) re-assigned from Vice President of Global Sales and Service into a “customer-satisfaction role”

Octa Finance states:

“Mr. Jerome’s expectation for the public firm’s share price potential seems aligned with the market sentiment as Psychsignal has Bulls/Bears ratio of 0.70. Tesla Motors Inc’s big league security analysts forecast a profit of $0.58 a share. This will give it P/E ratio of around 359.08 & growth rate year-on-year of 105.35%.”

Source: Octa Finance

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This guy owns A LOT more than 1,500 shares. He probably is just building a house and needed the cash for a down payment on the construction loan. Or he’s being let go or quitting and has decided to sell some stock to pad his severance package. Who knows

It’s not like he’s super wealthy like other CEOs, Presidents or VPs of huge companies but I’m sure that he’s not “cashing out” because he sees some impending collapse of Tesla stock prices like many will insinuate from headlines like this.

Didn’t see that he owns 2,662 more shares. So he did sell 1/3 of his shares. But it still doesn’t mean it has to do with his confidence in Tesla shares. He could just simply need the money and that’s a fast way to get it.

The bay area is expensive. Not sure it would be building a house but more like paying rent in an apartment…

Well you know, if he “unloaded” the shares someone(s) on the market “loaded” them. Employees have to sell the shares that are awarded to them on a regular basis as they make them too heavily or lopsidedly invested in a single entity.

The guy probably needed some cash to send his kid to college or something, big deal.

The strikethrough is so nineties, Inside-EV… please use proper journalism!

If he new about an impending collapse, he would have sold ALL of his shares, not only 30%.

Jerome is probably getting more shares. Employees get regular stock awards. Nothing to worry about.

Well the time to sell would have been when Tsla was around $290 a share. No matter, probably just sour grapes and merely a bag of shells. When Warren Buffet dumped Kraft shares around 1/3 of his holdings, it was due a hissy fit he was having because he did want them to buy Cadberry, which they did.

Point being would be that I would not put to much stock into what happens with big sales or big buys of stock from executives, though you could view it in the negative just on it’s face if their are other factors which you believe are also negatives for the company.
Much ado about nothing.

Why are you picking on Jerome today? Several other Tesla executives have sold more stock in recent months and Jerome has sold only a fraction of his stock.

The filing shows that he still “beneficially owns” a remaining 11,383 shares after selling those 1,500 you reported. And another filing last June seems to say he has a remaining 36,000+ vested shares from earlier stock options originally priced around $30 that he could presumably sell at any time. And he has quite a few more stock options that will vest or become sellable in the next few years.


Yeah, I was figuring he had many more options out there. Not sure why the filing listed the way it was.

Maybe the rest of his options are not vested yet.

Most of his options vest after 2020 (around $30 exercise price).

Then there are further options (exercise @ ~$140) based on performance benchmarks attached to them ie) 1/4 of for Model X production, 1/4 for 100k cars sold in 12 month period, 1/4 for Model 3 production, 1/4 for 3 years of 30% margins

Off topic, but this guy always seemed like a bit of a dork to me. Whenever he spoke, it was just phrases he learned from Elon. I am not surprised that he got demoted, he always seemed like a typical-corporate-hyperactive-do everything to please my boss kind of person. Of course I maybe wrong, but I’ve been working in a big corporation for quite some time to be able to spot this :)))

That could not be further from the truth–Jerome is worth his weight in stock options in terms of keeping owners happy. Long ago he published his company e-mail and the Tesla forums are full of accounts of getting personal responses back from him at all hours and, even better, getting problems addressed.

While Eric is assuming his role change as a demotion, as an owner, I think its a great move having a VP focused on customer sat and furthermore having Jerome be that person as he has a gift for it.



That’s not even really a big stock sale. Here are actual big stock sales: Hudson Pacific Properties – Wehrly Mark $198 Million Hudson Pacific Properties – Roberts Thomas $198 Million Twitter, Inc. – Williams Evan Clark $24.1 Million Flextronics International – Mcnamara Michael $19 Million Envision Healthcare – Sanger William $16.7 Million Servicenow, Inc. – Luddy Frederic $16 Million Hca Inc – Hazen Samuel $14.4 Million Yahoo Inc – Mayer Marissa $9.2 Million Gilead Sciences Inc – Bischofberger Norbert $7.25 Million Boston Beer Co Inc – Koch C James $6.8 Million Zapata Corp – Falcone Philip $6.2 Million Adobe Systems Inc – Warnock John E $6.2 Million Factset Research Systems Inc – Hadley Philip $5.6 Million Mallinckrodt Plc – Bailey Don M $5.1 Million Cigna Corp – Fritch Herbert A $5 Million These are all just this last month. What assumptions can we draw about these companies from these huge sales? Absolutely nothing. They don’t mean a thing. All it means is that people with stocks sell their stocks because they have stocks to sell. In fact, if any of these people DID actually know something secret and bad about these companies, THEY COULDN’T MAKE THESE SALES!! (Guillian included). That… Read more »

correction: that was just last week, not last month. Expand it to last month, and there are a few dozen with half a billion (with a “B”) in sales, and even 1 with 5 billion in stock sales….

This is truly not newsworthy.