Tesla Ups Supercharger Idling Fee, Adds In-Car Payment Option

SEP 21 2018 BY MARK KANE 21

You will pay for idling, even if it’s free to Supercharge.

Tesla recently updated its Supercharging pricing structure (first for North America) and there are several changes that you should know.

First of all, Tesla changes the idling fee policy to address the problem of prolonged parking at Superchargers (after the car is recharged and you wait longer than the free 5-minute time frame to leave the station).

Higher idling fees

The idling fee increased from $0.40/minute in the U.S. (since 2016) to $0.50/minute or $1.00/minute (if all of the stalls are occupied). That makes parking at Superchargers much more expensive than charging (installing more chargers would translate into higher costs in different way, so it’s better to optimize the use of those already installed).

Here you can check the current costs of idling at Superchargers in your country:

Idle Fees By Country

CountryCurrencyIdle fee (per minute)Idle fee (per minute) when the station is 100% occupied
United StatesUSD$0.50$1.00
AustriaEUR0.40 €0.80 €
BelgiumEUR0.40 €0.80 €
CroatiaHRKkn 3.10kn 6.20
Czech RepublicCZKkr. 5.45kr. 10.90
DenmarkDKKkr. 3.15kr. 6.30
FinlandEUR€ 0.40€ 0.80
FranceEUR0.40 €0.80 €
GermanyEUR0.40 €0.80 €
IrelandEUR€ 0.40€ 0.80
ItalyEUR€ 0.40€ 0.80
HungaryHUF141.65 Ft283.30 Ft
LiechtensteinCHFCHF 0.50CHF 1.00
LuxembourgEUR0.40 €0.80 €
NetherlandsEUR€ 0.40€ 0.80
NorwayNOKkr. 4.05kr. 8.10
PolandPLN1.80 zł3.60 zł
SlovakiaEUR0.40 €0.80 €
SloveniaEUR€ 0.40€ 0.80
SpainEUR0.40 €0.80 €
SwedenSEK4.40 kr8.80 kr
SwitzerlandCHFCHF 0.50CHF 1.00
UKEUR£ 0.35£ 0.70
ChinaCNY¥ 3.20¥ 6.40
Hong KongHKD$3.90$7.80
New ZealandNZD$0.70$1.40
JapanJPY¥ 55.00¥ 110.00

Fees also for cars with Unlimited Free Supercharging

Cars with assigned Free Unlimited Supercharging for long-distance travel can use the stations free of charge, but to be fair to other customers, those cars are not allowed to park at Superchargers, so if they exceed the 5-minute period after the car is charged, an idle fee will be added.

$50 cap

The update envisions a $50.00 cap on Supercharging/Idle fees, which means that the feature of Supercharging will automatically be disabled if an outstanding balance exceeds $50.00.

In-car Payment

Another change is the addition of in-car payment in the Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3 cars so the owner will be able to assign credit card information and pay the bill from the touchscreen.

Payments were previously available through the owner’s Tesla Account page (MyTesla page).

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Charging the same or more to idle at a Supercharger is the way to go about it. Charge and move on!

Seems reasonable.
5 minutes looks a little bit harsh though.

But of course there’s no certain time one has to unplug, there’s plenty of time during “top-off period” (period of charging till full but after the minimum # of miles one really needs).

The charging time provided is accurate. I set my phone timer to let me know 10 minutes prior to it completing charge so that I can move my car and let the next person charge. When you’re waiting for someone else to finish, you’ll appreciate only waiting for up to 5 minutes.

I’ve been saying for years Tesla was stupid not to heed the lessons learned in Norway. And as time goes by its only becoming clearer how right I was. You write as if you believe you are making very good use of the charger. In fact, by charging to full, you are getting on average only 50% of the potential out of the chargers. If everyone did it this way, it would be almost twice as expensive in the long run (the costs for the network double) compared to “reasonably optimized” (charge to 80%) use. In Norway we pay for the time we are connected. Whether you pull two hundred amps, zero amps, or three amps makes no difference. Some cluelessly charge to 100% anyway, annoying everybody else, but more and more, people are getting aware they can save much time and money by learning when it’s optimal to charge their particular car. I’m getting the KONA and have already learned I should stop at 70% to be reasonable and at 60% when I want to squeeze the time to minimum. Please don’t take this personally! I’m sure you are behaving better than most with the free privilege. My criticism… Read more »
5 minutes is five too many! The only way to get good utilisation of fast chargers is to get people to use them efficiently. And the only way to do that is too make them pay for the TIME. It is already asenine behavior to charge to 100% SoC (in busy periods), because towards the end the car can take only about 1% of full power. Ultimately, if people do just some reasonable optimization the network only needs half as many stalls as if they don’t. And charging therefore will be much less expensive. In this economic reality “free supercharging for life” is the stupidest move one can make. Giving an additional free five minutes to further decrease utilisation is only making it worse. Tesla made its bed in this regard, and now must lie in it. People like you have grown accustomed to not just charging for free, but not having to worry one bit about using the infrastructure efficiently. That’s why they are ending free supercharging. And slowly trying to limit the abuse. Expect the day where you can charge for free, as promised, but only to 80%, and zero minutes of free idling. That would ensure you… Read more »

Good features.

All charging network (all non-Tesla network) needs this feature.

Now there will be couple hundreds of thousands of Model 3 coming onto the network, this is the best thing to improve utilization efficiency.

non-Tesla networks need to implement a tow-away policy when ICEd as well.


They need first a entry cam in the parking space

I wish the ev had a display of some sort to tell you it’s ok to unplug them if they are full or at the owner desired % and the owner is not around. Of course the car charger port needs to be unlocked too.

Really difficult to implement in a fair fashion. Only applicable to places where 2 cars can park at one charger. How would you prevent someone unplugging your car early in order to charge theirs?

You simply set the desired charge % and after it’s reached the port will unlock.

Supercharger cables are so short that they can really only service a single parking space. That’s partly why they try to build infrastructure for 8 or more parking spots per site.

Design wise one charger can easily service 4 spots with the charger in the middle.

And this was how Tesla became the first trillion dollar company by Tesla capitalizing on the same human nature that cases people to have a unstoppable urge to park in handicap spaces and electric car charging spaces along with cart corals.

I mean this I did see someone try to park a Tesla in a cart coral.

Apple has been a trillion dollar company for quite a while now. Tesla will not be the first one. 😉

After 20 minutes, price should skyrocket.

That would help efficiency, for sure. But it is unfair unless twenty minutes is always plenty to get you to the destination or next charger. And it provides no incentive when you really just need eight minutes.

The simple way to fix it is to pay for time. And that could be improved significantly upon by letting the price fluctuate according to demand, giving people another reason to attempt to avoid the worst rush.

It’ll be interesting to see how people feel about charging to full when Christmas arrives. There are a lot more Teslas than a year ago, including many more with free charging.

As I’m sure you’ll agree, there is no surer way to make sure a resource is wasted than to make it free. Look at the way water has been used in most countries…

I’d like to see idling fees at destination chargers as well.

Really? Are there so few of them? I think of destination charging as parking with charging. Typically, arrive in the afternoon or evening, plug in, and forget about it until you leave.

Yelp that’s why they called destination chargers