Tesla Update Brings Rear Seat Belt Unbuckled Safety Feature – Video


Them pesky kids. Always unbuckling themselves in the back seat.

Worry no more with the latest software update for the Tesla Model S and X.

New Rear Seat Unbuckled Safety feature Added

Tesla’s most recent software update focuses mostly on Autopilot, but there were a few more minor updates added in.

For example, Tesla added the ability to adjust front headrests to “provide better support for your head and neck while you drive.”

In addition, Tesla added a safety feature for the rear seats. Now, your Tesla will inform you when someone in the rear seat has their belt unbuckled. This is especially useful if you have children who like to unbuckle themselves while you’re driving (big safety hazard).

Check out how it works in the video above.

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Tesla Car Computer Junior has unbuckled their seat belt. Administering 50,000 volt shock till Junior puts seat belt back on.

Tesla Car Computer Junior has put seat belt back on stopping electric shock.

Most children that unbuckle themself are according to my experiences still in an young age where the have to use childrens seats with own seat belt = the car seat belt is only used to fix the seat but not the child…

And sensors telling you how many back seat belts are in use for many years now.


??? Rear seatbelt alarm has been in the S for years.

It’s nice, but why doesn’t the warning show up on an image of the seat layout — so you know which seat it is — instead of just a generic dialog box tell you that “some” seat belt is unbuckled?

I mea, there’s an image showing which seat warmers are turned on. Doesn’t a safety feature like seat belts deserve as much attention to detail

So Tesla did not tell you that before, like every other car on the market does?

That lacking safety feature would be the news, not that they have it now.

I had a 2007 Renault diesel, which had this feature. It creates a loud red alert, that the kids get scared and buckel up again!