Tesla Unveils Largest Underground Supercharger Station


Now this is one sweet Supercharger station.

Located in Westfield London, Tesla Motors says this site is the automaker’s largest underground Supercharger station in all of Europe:

Our largest underground Supercharger station in Europe, located in Westfield London, just got its final touch. Have a look.

Tesla Supercharger Westfield London

Tesla Supercharger Westfield London

Tesla Supercharger Westfield London

Tesla Supercharger Westfield London

Tesla Supercharger Westfield London

Tesla Supercharger Westfield London

Tesla Supercharger Westfield London

Tesla Supercharger Westfield London

Tesla Supercharger Westfield London

Tesla Supercharger Westfield London

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33 responses to "Tesla Unveils Largest Underground Supercharger Station"
  1. Ahhh – Eric Loveday: “largest underground Supercharger station in all of Europe” Needs a Number to it for reference, don’t ya think?

    Is it 6? 8? 10? 12? 14? 16? or 18 Stalls? Just how many stalls is this ‘Largest’ underground station?

    Anyway – it sure looks nice!

      1. Lustuccc says:

        4 stalls is nothing to talk about, must have been upgraded recently. On the Picture it semm like 8 stalls minimum…
        In UK, Eclipse park have 6 stalls according to http://supercharge.info/

    1. See Through says:

      How many Tesla superchargers are underground in Europe? If there is one, then that one is the largest even with a single stall!

      Besides, is it some kind of achievement to pull some electric wires below ground level?

      1. LuStuccc says:

        See Through! Buddy! I was worried that you commit suicide after seing the december sales of Tesla…

      2. Priusmaniac says:

        It sure shows it can be done there too unlike Hydrogen refueling.

    2. Waiting says:

      Anybody ever wonder why they make these chargers so that people have to back their cars into them instead of driving into them? I see a future of a lot of banged up Superchargers.

      1. gary says:

        LoL – right … because there’s no such thing as backup cameras in most modern cars. Oh, I forgot – you’re still driving a 1989 suburban. LOL

  2. David Murray says:

    Looks nice. But it looks like it is part of some other parking structure. So the question is, what makes it “the largest?” How many charging bays does it have?

  3. reciprocity says:

    Maybe this is a valet-only lot, but it sure seems inconvenient to have to back into the spots to charge, even with backup cameras and parking assist. Doesn’t it look like some sort of angled/head-in system could have been developed to make it a lot simpler?

    1. David Murray says:

      I have made the same complaint about Tesla and BMW with the location of their charging ports.

    2. martinwinlow says:

      Um… we don’t really ‘do’ valet parking in the UK. This SC station is in a large (by UK standards), 3 level car park beneath an equally large (the UK’s largest?) shopping ‘mall’ which also houses a Tesla showroom. It is not terribly well placed for long distance travellers as it is some way into central London with it’s appalling traffic all day long.
      I was there a month or so back and I think it is 8 bays – they were all in the process of being upgraded and the floor painted etc when I was there. It certainly looks very posh now.

      I had to pay about £6 for 2 hours to park there – not sure if Tesla have a way round that! MW

  4. Bill Howland says:

    Maybe instead of “LARGEST” they meant “LOWEST”.

  5. Alex says:

    LARGEST Underground SUPERCHARGER. Nobody have Superchargers except TESLA.
    This supercharger is INSANE !

  6. CherylG's_DirtyLittleSecret says:

    Considering this is the only underground (that I know of) supercharger that would make it the largest underground by default?

    Heck, are there and CHADEMO or DCFC underground?……lol
    If not, this makes the largest underground EV charger in the world! 😛

  7. mustang_sallad says:

    I think i count 8 stalls in one of those photos.

  8. Jay Cole says:

    I love the fact all the comments on this story surround the minutiae of the structure and Tesla’s phrasing – as opposed to the (pretty cool) Supercharging setup itself.

    1. Josh says:


      I noticed in the last SuperCharger site that was published, the logo is backlit on the SuperChargers now. Pretty sweet addition and useful for locating them in the dark.

      1. Would be even better if Tesla would add some led lightning for the surrounding of the cable holder, that turns on with a sensor when someone gets close to it.

    2. koz says:

      Pretty flashy. Is it in the red light district?

  9. MDEV says:

    Well painted, nice lighting I think hard to find ICEd

  10. Rick Danger says:

    Tesla is really a class act, that station looks amazing.

  11. Jesse Gurr says:

    Looks like the stalls aren’t actually large enough for the cars. The front of the car overhangs the driving lane just a little.

    1. See Through says:

      Hmm! Cost cutting on paint? I have read dents are expensive to repair on Teslas.

  12. David Murray says:

    You know, these stations serve a dual purpose. Besides being able to charge up tesla customers, they are also a form of advertising. Anyone who drives by those spots are going to take notice. They’re going to wish THEY could be parking there and be seen parking in such a fancy spot.

    1. Mikael says:

      The real problem is that they CAN park there. 😉

    2. kubel says:

      I guarantee, they *will* park there.

    3. jeffhre says:

      Triple purpose. In addition to Tesla owner and advertising, it’s used by the Tesla store in the mall above for normal operations

  13. ffbj says:

    Good points. People will think it’s cool, plus the spots will not get all dirty with grease and oil spots as they would with an ice.

  14. Anon says:

    When the evil AI’s find temporary host bodies (and they will), they’ll possess autonomous Tesla Vehicles while hunting humans in the subterranean darkness… 😉

  15. Priusmaniac says:

    Those picture kind of shows what it would look like if placed in an underground city on Mars. You would drive underground in tunnels with your Model S but you would have to be prudent since gravity is one third, so is the grip but the inertia remains the same. That is the perfect recipe for a crash if you apply your Earthlike Model S driving habits in a Mars underground environment.

  16. Priusmaniac says:

    Now that you think about being underground on Mars look at the pictures again and you will be surprised by all the scenarios that get into your mind just by considering that sole fact. It looks completely different. The red in the pictures make it even more dramatic. This is real good stuff for a Sci-Fi start. That view in the beginning and then you only realize you are on mars when the car takes a tube and a Mars Hyperloop next to it goes free outside under the Mars sky. Great. I just love Friday afternoons that is when creativity just pops out of the brain.

  17. Stephen says:

    Tesla website says it is 8 stalls. This is very close to the very expensive neighborhoods of London, where even multi-million pound home and apartment dwellers have to park on the street. It is conceivable that some owners will be doing their ‘home’ charging here exclusively. It is in a shopping centre (mall) parking lot so there are plenty of things to do (grocery shopping, retail, coffee shops and restaurants) while charging