Tesla Tweets On Hiring At Gigafactory Where Horses Roam Free

Tesla Gigafactory

JAN 3 2018 BY MARK KANE 27

Tesla Gigafactory, considered to be the world’s largest lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant, needs more hands on-board. And Elon Musk encourages you to come work there

Tesla Gigafactory

Elon released a tweet to attract more interest, highlighting the advantages:

  • biggest & most advanced factory on Earth
  • near beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains
  • wild horses roaming free

Production is expected to hit 35 GWh battery cells annually by 2018, mainly for  Tesla Model 3 electric cars and  for Powerpack and Powerwall energy storage systems.

The second branch of the factory are powertrains for the Model 3.

Join the Mission

At the Gigafactory, we are building the future of manufacturing from the ground up, while also building an awesome team. The Gigafactory produces Tesla’s energy products, Powerwall and Powerpack, as well as the battery and powertrain for the Model 3. These products are critical to the success of Tesla. We are looking for Production Associates and Technicians, who will be on the front lines supporting various assembly and automation operations working at the heart of our business. Prior manufacturing experience is not required. The team is growing quickly, and we are looking for rockstars at all levels.”

See job listings here and more on the Tesla Gigafactory here.

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27 Comments on "Tesla Tweets On Hiring At Gigafactory Where Horses Roam Free"

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Where the deer and the antelope play, and the sky is not cloudy all day.

I have been to those areas a lot and I don’t remember seeing a single wild horse.

the view towards the Sierra Nevada mountain isn’t bad, but it is still the middle of nowhere.

Bunny ranch is relatively close though.

And there’s the Wild Horse Saloon in Sparks NV (also a brothel)

And those fillies are probably not free.

Although they may gift you with something that you can’t get rid of.

The irony is that (legal) sex workers are dramatically less likely to have any sort of STI than a random hookup from a bar.

The sex industry in Nevada is very well-regulated.

“there’s the Wild Horse Saloon in Sparks NV”

You are right, it is the closest one to the Gigafactory.

23 miles from Reno doesn’t exactly strike me as the middle of nowhere. Unless you want to define middle of nowhere as no city immediately visible. Personally, I’d call that an advantage.

I guess you haven’t been to NV at all…

10 miles outside any cities in NV is middle of nowhere.

Took a peak at Zillow, housing is somewhat expensive but perhaps as the factory goes it will appreciate…

Wild horses can’t drag enough workers to the area to staff Gigafactory One? 😉

What is needed to get more workers for Gigafactory One isn’t wild horses; it’s housing. I’m sure Tesla doesn’t want to get into the housing industry, but arranging some sort of subsidy or incentive to local construction companies to put up some apartment blocks quickly, would certainly help bring in workers to the area.

Have you been to the area?

I am not sure if anyone wants to “settle down” in that area.

Unless you have an affinity for dry/high desert and occasionally ski trip to Lake Tahoe during the winter, there is only so much to do around there.

Of course there are brothels and casino for one’s entertainment. But certainly not a “family area”.

Like the oil in NoDak. Tons of people went there not for the climate or the people. It’s all about the money.

For anyone with “skills”, don’t you think there are better places where jobs are offered?

It isn’t like the pay at Gigafactory is off the chart.

Combined with relatively low unemployment rate among “tech people”, it would be harder to draw “talents” there.

Sure, if you don’t require “high talents”, then you can draw some people there. But I thought Tesla only hires the “best”.

BTW, if simply money would have moved talents, then it would have solved rust belt problem.

Putting lots of words in “scare quotes” in your post doesn’t make it any more “persuasive”, MMF.

As Ffbj correctly noted, all those previously unemployed or under-employed workers flocking to the oil fields of South Dakota didn’t go there to live because they were attracted to fabulous cultural centers!

Speaking as someone who lived in a series of small towns growing up, it’s perfectly possible for people to live where — to quote John Denver:

They roll up the sidewalks precisely at ten/
And people who live there are not seen again…

Race to the bottom where boomers live in RVs in Amazon’s parking lots to get work.

So, did you actually look at Tesla’s website for information or you just assumed a bunch of things? Most of the jobs opening at Gigafactory are skilled jobs. Meaning that they are require certain skills.

Those oil field in SD had many high paying “unskilled” jobs. Some of them are just labors or drivers. In Tesla factory, many of the jobs are at least trained technicians or engineers which aren’t something that anyone off the street can fill.

It’s good for amateur astronomers, glider pilots, people who like geology. Niche groups for sure, but still.

I agree that the workers/housing is an issue and I think it will drive Tesla to continue to upgrade automation as much as humanly possible.

And BTW, I have hiked/4 wheeled around the area and their are wild horses around, at least down by the water in the summertime.

They sure know how to “sell the place”.

“Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Gigafactory is surrounded by some of the world’s premier outdoor destinations, lively downtown spaces and budding communities in competitive housing markets. With a burgeoning food scene of new eateries, a vibrant art scene and hundreds of outdoor adventures, Northern Nevada offers something for everyone. Or for a weekend getaway, San Francisco, Napa Valley, and other amazing destinations are only a few hours away.”

what downtown places? The factory is 20 miles away from Sparks, NV or Reno.

Napa Valley/SF is at least 4 hours away, longer during the winter. I don’t think 4 hours driving is considered as close. Sure, it is only “hours away”. That is like saying that LA is only hours away from Si Valley or Santa Barbara is only 4 hours away from San Jose. Or LA is only hours away from Las Vegas (4.5 hrs)

Like the “Old Same Place” or was it the “Same Old Place?” Come for the cactus, stay for the drone shooting.



I’d love to move there and work. I visited the GigaFactory and it was awesome. On the top of My bucket list is to work for Tesla.

We live near the Tempe service center and I’d rather work there and have applied for 4 different jobs but don’t even get a call or email back.

That’s because they would like you to work where they need you, not where you would like work. This is your chance. Move to Nevada.

Years ago i applied many times to Tesla and never got a response back. Just recently I updated my resume, applied and got a response back!

Work for Elon Musk? I don’t think so!