Tesla Turning From NVIDIA To Intel For Infotainment System

Tesla Model 3



Tesla’s huge 17-inch touch-screen infotainment system

One of the first features many people notice when seeing a Tesla for the first time is the whopping 17-inch touch-screen display. Now it appears as if it might get an upgrade from the world’s largest chipmaker.

Currently, Tesla relies on NVIDIA for its infotainment systems. However, people familiar with the topic are reporting that a move to Intel is imminent. In fact, the information discovered by Bloomberg says that the company will completely replace NVIDIA and move forward with components supplied by Intel.

Tesla Autopilot

Tesla Autopilot

Of course, those spilling the inside tip to the publication asked to remain anonymous. Additionally, Tesla, NVIDIA, and Intel are all declining to comment on the situation. Apparently, the Model 3 will benefit from the current switch, as well as all other cars that are manufactured from this point forward.

Automotive infotainment systems, chips, dashboard displays, and any host of other 0n-board computers or electronics are becoming a substantial business for theseĀ chipmakers. Both NVIDIA and Intel have seen notable stock-market success as of late, which is primarily attributed to new business in the automotiveĀ sector.

Cars are truly becoming the next “screen” in most people’s lives. Smartphone integration, and more specifically, features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are incredibly popular. As vehicles become more automated, and as electric vehicles begin to snag up a larger percentage of the market share, this will prove even truer.

Tesla has only manufactured a handful of cars in comparison to legacy automakers, but now nearly every competing carmaker is moving forward with big plans to electrify and automate. It only makes sense that these rivals’ models will strive to offer the latest, greatest technology, including state-of-the-art infotainment systems, large, crystal clear displays, head up displays, intuitive digital dashboards, etc. Getting an early “in” with the world’s largest chipmaker is a solid move by Tesla.

If Tesla is turning to Intel over NVIDIA for its infotainment, will NVIDIA still be involved in the automaker’s Autopilot technology and eventual Full Self-Driving system? We previously reported that the automaker may be teaming up with AMD to work on an AI chip for the self-driving technology. Perhaps NVIDIA will get dropped entirely? Even more interesting is the fact that Intel recently acquired first-generation Tesla Autopilot developer Mobileye. We’ll have to wait and see how this all pans out due to mixed reports and a lack of confirmed details.

Source: Bloomberg

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