Tesla Triples Assembly Space In Europe With 2nd Tilburg Location

OCT 20 2014 BY JAY COLE 32

A little over a year ago Tesla opened a 18,900 square meter assembly facility in Tilburg, Netherlands.

So You Want More Docks?

So You Want More Docks?

Apparently they undershot what the company would require, as Tesla has decided on adding a much larger, sustainable addition, to their current location located nearby.

This new building adds both a assembly facility/dock and a large hall, totalling about 49,000 m2.

Currently, all Tesla vehicles are produced in Fremont, California, and then partially assembled (or re-assembled depending on your perspective) in the Netherlands for various logistic and tax purposes.

Tilburg, Netherlands was decided as the premium location for Tesla Europe distribution as the company says that parts can make it “anywhere across the continent within 12 hours”, and that the location is both close to the Port of Rotterdam and significant rail infrastructure.

Tesla hopes to be operating out of the new space by the third week of April, 2015.

A Look Inside - Already A Familiar Color Scheme In Place

A Look Inside – Already A Familiar Color Scheme In Place

Tesla Tilburg - Part 2

Tesla Tilburg – Part 2

Quadrant4 (dutch), Hat tip to Kristof!

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That doesn’t sound like a company in distress. Does it Davemart?

Dont temp him, he will find a way to twist it so it looks bad for Tesla.

Its called having a different opinion to yours, hard as it evidently is for you to accept that anyone should be permitted to do so.

No it isn’t called having a different opinion than mine.

If you have some substantial critique of what I say to make, then go ahead.

Simply noting that my opinion differs from yours and consequently attributing that to improper motivation is just sad.

We already went through this and I explained it to you once and it’s no surprise to me that it’s just business as usual here for you again.

Actually I rarely comment on most Tesla threads.

Apparently however anything less than universal and uncritical adulation is unacceptable.

As for ‘I explained before’ you are even more deluded than I took you to be if you imagine that I carefully note down your words for future reference.

The fact is that here on this thread you have claimed that I twist words against Tesla.

That is not a substantial argument but a slander without referent.

Cut it out and grow up.

HERETIC! To the stake!!!

Guys, this is a waste of everyone’s reading time. Don’t flatter yourself that anyone is even paying attention to this noise.

Very true and besides the point was lost long ago as usual…..

Tesla has always shown a fine ability to spend money.

It is the other side of the ledger which is more difficult.

It is an unnecessary expense. The operations are to avoid taxation. So, they use labor in-country (think “Unions”) to put the battery pack in place and a few other bits.

Trade agreements and taxation between countries (which are invisible lines drawn by elected or appointed leadership in our history when tribalism was important) is a problem. Fix inter-nation import-export such that finished goods can be imported without this silliness of needing some facility for production which is not necessary. They only need a large parking lot for imported cars – not two production facilities. It is ridiculous to spend such money just to avoid taxation. But that’s how governments work – inefficiently so that they get some sort of beneficial payback in terms of bigger oversight of activities. Europe, no stranger to big government.

Absolutely, but the US government isn’t going to help tesla here, so they jump through the regulatory hoops as best they can. Some countries like norway have hoops (taxation) that favors tesla.

The Tilburg facilities are addressing EU taxation (import tariff) rules, not USA rules.

Tesla spends money based on REVENUE from Sales.
How is this not hard to understand.

Just like Amazon, they’re spending almost as much as they bring in to grab marketshare.

Tesla actually built this without demanding a boatload of taxpayer subsidies and tax breaks? Things sure are different on the other side of the pond.


One of the differences between a democracy and a corporatocracy.

Oh please, when Tesla actually builds a plant in Europe, it will probably get as much as it’s getting in Nevada. When Hyundai/Kia wanted to build a plant in the US and Europe, Slovakia gave them actually more $$$ than whatever the state in the US it was where they built a plant. Plus the manufacturing salaries in the US are probably three times higher than in Slovakia. I believe that no businesses should be asking for subsidies, but they all do because politicians let them, why should Tesla be any different…

15,000 European Sales for $100,000 a piece.

What are you bitching about.

Tesla does not have financing problems, howsoever this does not automatically mean that they will be a success. Personally I think they already are a success. They act like the little puppy who is eager to please by learning new tricks, while the older car companies act like the old hunting dog that can barely lift itself up off the porch.

Does not have financing problems? Do you realize they must pay back 2.5 or more Billion dollars of bonds within the next few years? They need to generate profits in order to do so. But perhaps they will just issue stock to the market and pay the bonds back. Problems? None that are insurmountable. But they have inherent financial problems in terms of their overall 5-yaer plan. The stuff on the whiteboard “sounds good”. But they have to execute well in order to accomplish it. They still don’t have a guarantee of selling 35,000 cars this year.

The financing terms were a little more complicated than that. They are convertible to stock at set prices. Tesla also took out hedge positions to prevent shareholder dilution.

The bonds from paying off the DOE loan have already surpassed the conversion price. The GF bonds come due in 2019 IIRC.

Tesla does have a mountain of execution to climb still. If they fail to execute (build GF and deliver Model 3), they will most likely be bankrupt and the debt really won’t matter.

@Josh, etc. Tesla has investors convinced that only they can provide discounted Li-Ion batteries and only through construction of the Gigafactory. However, other labs and EV makers are working on higher density blends of batteries, such as Lithium-Sulfer. The bondholders come first – they are ahead or “Senior to” the common stockholders. If GF + Model 3 do not work out “as put up on the whiteboard” then you have to believe that stockholders will be first to suffer in terms of price per share. Bondholders are smart enough to short the stock to protect their bond value in the case where pps falls, causing bond value to also fall. The common “long stockholder” is the one who suffers the most. And they are the ones buying Tesla cars to support the company that they got a boost in stock valuation during ownership. It ends up being a snowball up and snowball down effect. Many Tesla buyers are stockholders. How many will walk away if their stock suddenly collapses after some macro-economic events? The excitement continues as many model S owners are selling or trading their cars to get a few thousand D-enabled AWD models. How many have dropped their… Read more »

There are some Tesla fans that are more akin to Beliebers (Justin Beiber’s fan base). Just like Beliebers who attack anyone who dares criticize Justin, some Tesla fans will attack anyone who dares to criticize Tesla or Elon, no matter how mild or justified the criticism may be. They almost always utter the phrase “Are you shorting Tesla stock?” when attacking someone who has criticized Tesla/Elon. It’s like their catchphrase. 🙂

Hmm, I think you might be arguing against me when we are in partial agreement.

I was just trying to clarify that Tesla doesn’t have an immediate financing problem now (or in the next 5 years). All bonds that are due in the near term are already covered by stock price conversion.

The bonds that come due in 2019 are priced at an even higher share price. If Tesla fails to build the GF and deliver Model 3, the entire company will be out of business. It won’t matter if someone is a bond holder or stock holder, they will be holding an empty bag.

@Josh, I was with you there. I think I answered “in concert” with you rather than to write against your note. I probably didn’t think it through and was more of a stream of conciousness blurb of mine.

Tesla might be saving money by moving into this factory that has three times the space in that I have heard this story before.

There was a shop owner who once moved his store three blocks down this road closer to the city. The man told me why he moved was the shopping center he moved to offered him three times as much space for half the rent that he was paying at his old location.

It could be possible that a new factory location offered Tesla three times the space for half the rent or for the same amount of rent for the larger space compared to the old space.

This could be the under lying factor why Tesla is buying this bigger factory.

Not to mention I think Tesla could grow a little bigger in Europe if sales picked up by 30% to 50% in some of the counties that Tesla isn’t really aggressively selling in.

Probably correct and in addition Europe is tanking, well having a downturn, so favorable terms are pretty good. I think people also need to understand what the term financing means. I think Tesla has few problems getting money, at good terms, which is the definition of financing, but typical that one comment is used (@Bonaire) as springboard for a diatribe against Tesla in general, hitting all the speculative, if they don’t this or that or the other thing, they are toast.
Perhaps, lets wait and see, and when the dust settles in a few years you can say I told you so.

I personally think that Tesla building new factories or up grading buildings or factories to produce more cars will help them in the long run.

What will slaughter Tesla or be it’s down fall is if they have the Model X keep on getting push back from production. Along with the Model Three getting pushed back more and more years. While at the same time one of the other car makers wakes up and builds their 200 EV first. Or Tesla adding so much tech junk to their cars that it backfires and the cars have some type of expensive to fix flaw in them.

If you are an “order and vin # counter” like some of us while watching Tesla grow, you can see that they have still got the “December delivery” sign on the web site when ordering now (Oct. 20). This means they still haven’t really sold out for the year. With the US being the prime market and with buyers wanting to get 2014 done with a tax credit in hand by year end, I have to think that some serious headwinds are ahead for Tesla in Q1 and Q2. They really need Model X out the door very soon and it has to be priced right.

The D options are quite nice and attract Model X buyers to pull back and go Model S today with AWD. And the hyper-performance of the P85D will attract a few more thousand P85+ who upgrade for “added thrills”. But this does not portend to be a catayst of 50-60K units of sales for 2015. They are pushing hard to hit their 35K number this year and US sales during the winter months will slow down a bit in the colder states.

“order and vin # counter”…..

The highest Model S vin# that I’ve seen on Tesla Motors Club threads is #61388 from a guy in Thousand Oaks, CA with a delivery date in late November.

Numerous people have commented that Tesla needs tp build and deliver car vin number 60,000 before the end of the year. This assumes that Tesla vins are running in serial order and that there are no significant gaps or holes in the vins# as they were issued. if that’s true, then Tesla might make the 35.000 production goal.

But, fifty to sixty thousand total cars for next year looks like a tall order. With Model X reservations currently at 21,000 plus, Tesla will still have to sell about 30,000 Model S to hit Tesla’s 50,000 car production goal.

This assumes Model X comes on line early enough in 2015 to deliver its present backlog of 21,000 orders.

It Seems to me, that Europe is getting Supercharger installations at a faster rate now than the USA! Is this not a sign that Elon wants people to use their car on trips, which then become more advertising for his product!

What are the other Auto makers with lower volume production doing to make their product more visible? What about the other BEV products and their OEM’s? Beside Tesla, I am not aware of anyone but Nissan with a plan to install 400 DCQC’s in the States, (Supercharger installs at 119 sites, with 4 – 8, or more per site = 400+).

Kia is starting to make waves in Europe with their 100 kW Dual service Fast Charging Stations, but I must have mussed the story where they state the number they intend to install.

Personally, while many companies are installing chargers, most do not present a mapped plan to help us in planning our EV purchase in relationship to infrastructure build out.

That Tesla built more space on this facility is simple enough to indicate they are expecting growth to follow Supercharger installs.