Tesla Touches 45% EV Market Share In September For US, 31% for 2016 Overall

OCT 12 2016 BY MARK KANE 9

In the rush for generating great third-quarter results, and hitting full year sales guidance, Tesla Motors was able to deliver some ~7,550 Model S & X in September in the US by InsideEVs’ estimates.

That is twice more than any other brand, and if we closely check Tesla versus the background of total plug-in sales in U.S., it turns out nearly 45% of registrations last month had a Tesla badge on it.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Overall for the year, Tesla has averaged 31% of the US EV market share, which also is the best result from any manufacturer; a result once might expect given that the Model S and X are first and third respectively in individual sales ranks.

The question now is whether Tesla will be able to achieve 50% during any of the remaing best months of the year (typically the most demand for EVs is found in November and December due to the calendar year expiry of the $7,500 federal credit when applied to purchases).

Excluding PHEVs there would be no competition for share in the all-electric segment, as the Tesla lineup up in September held a 70% advantage, with only the Nissan LEAF (1,315 sales) really hitting the sales radar.

Heading into 2017, the sales landscape will be altered dramatically with the introduction of the Chevrolet Bolt EV, upgraded Nissan LEAF and Toyota Prius Prime; which leads us to believe Tesla sales will likely register its all-time peak (in terms of market share in the US) in December, before settling back some.

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Can’t wait for the anti-Tesla “coven of trolls” here to try and negatively spin this news!

I’m pro-Tesla and pro-EVs and I find these news negative.

Where is the competition? Tesla is a luxury brand, when a luxury brand has almost half the market then something is really wrong.

Can you re-state what you mean by the “EV Market” ? Are you talking about all kinds of cars you can plug in, from Hybrids to BEVs? Are you including the Toyota Mirai? It moves via electric motors… but you don’t normally plug it in. (even though I understand you can charge it by plugging it in)

Either way this is admirable for Tesla, and not surprising. The cars are expensive, but they are the best!

It is all cars that can be plugged in, which excludes the Mirai, since it can’t be plugged in. But if you would include it, the number would roughly be the same. The Mirai only sold 69 times in September. So if included the total market would only be 0.4% higher.


The only FCV that would make it into your list will be the Mercedes GLC FCV one, as far as I know.

45% market share but their cars sell at an average $100K (Elon once said). Highly unlikely that the remaining 55% of the market sells at that average price. Probably half that, let’s hypothesize $60K average.
Market share by dollar would then be (45×100) / (45×100 + 55×60) so more like 58%, by dollar.
Even that is little in comparison to what the Model 3 will do for their market share. If they continue to sell out at their production capacity as they have with Models S and X, even just 200,000 cars by year end 2017 would absolutely dominate the market share since the entire market is only at 17,000 cars right now. No need to work out math, you can tell that like basically 100% of EVs will be Teslas! lol. Could he have been any more successful, really?

faulty math on that last part, market 17,000 is monthly not annual. My bad.

Yes, Tesla is the Biggest Fish in the Smallest Pond.