Tesla Tops Forbes’ World’s Most Innovative Company List – (w/video)


Tesla took number one on Forbes’ list of the most innovative companies for the second consecutive year. The Palo Alto company was founded in 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, under the name of one of the world’s most prolific physicists and electrical engineers, Nikola Tesla. Later, J.B. Straubel, Ian Wright, and the now infamous Elon Musk joined rank.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Tesla, with just over 13,000 employees, had a market cap of $29.5 billion as of September 2016. The company showed revenue of $4.05 billion for 2015. Tesla appears on several other Forbes’ lists:

#1 Innovative Companies
#1,568 Global 2000
#1,952 in Sales
#306 in Market value
#113 America’s Best Employers (2015)

While Tesla showed a loss of $888 million just last year, many analysts believe that short term losses and setbacks do not point to long term failure. Instead, the high market cap proves that it is expected that Tesla will be very profitable.

As explained by CEO Elon Musk, the company started at the high end and is now working toward more affordable vehicles, as well as improved cost per vehicle. Just the recent addition of a more affordable Model S has shown this concept working. With the much more cost-effective Model 3 on the way, and over 400,000 pre-orders in the books, the company’s success should prove imminent.

The two greatest factors contributing to Tesla’s success are unmatched innovation and committed, highly involved leadership. Musk has shared:

“I move my desk around to wherever the most important place is for the company and then I sort of maintain a desk there over time to come and check in on things.”

This coming from the same man who has put his sleeping bag at the end of the Model X assembly line and dealt with quality concerns himself. In terms of innovation, it is completely fair to say that there is no other automaker currently doing what Tesla is with long-range battery-electric vehicles. Not to mention its one of a kind direct sales model, or the fact that it is now also complete as a home energy company, and let’s not forget the unparalleled Gigafactory.

Need we mention Autopilot, over-the-air software updates, the Supercharger network, or Musk’s “master plan”.

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That can’t be an easy comparison…considering the next era of human civilization, SpaceX reusable rocket technology is revolutionary, assuming it will work (the first launch of a recovered Falcon 9 was scheduled for later this year, but everything is on hold, pending the investigation of the launch pad explosion).

Energy, resource management, global warming…are all critical challenges that will determine our civilization’s viability by the end of this century. The EV + home storage + solar PV combination is a solid solution. And, of course, the cars are awesome!

I thought the one that went up like a roman candle was one of the recovered and refurbished boosters.

In regard to your second point I think the rapid alternative forms of electricity generation, as you suggest, are critical to weighing the dice in our favor in regards to viability. Though the consequences of centuries of the industrial revolution have hardly begun, and will inexorably shave the dice the other way.

On of the ways civilizations decline or fall, or enter chaotic periods is due to the fact that often the consequences of some action, series of actions, are not taken into account until it is too late to do anything about what they inevitably cause.

> I thought the one that went up
> like a roman candle was one of the
> recovered and refurbished boosters.

No. The plan was November, but may well be pushed back months now, after the recent terrible and mysterious disaster.

And aside from Tesla we see the Total Failure of Capitalism to adjust.

Aside from the Kochs, and Coal going bankrupt,
now Exxon is digging it’s own grave with 53 dollar oil projected for the next 2 years in the futures market, and Exxon paying expensive dividends to Prop-Up-the stock of a $40 company selling for $80 dollars.

In other words 5 years ago Exxon COULD HAVE transitioned to Solar and Wind, but now, it IS a sinking ship with no high priced oil on the horizon to bail it out.

The US is already a recovered economy, so there won’t be a huge increase in demand.

And now solar jobs are higher then all other carbon jobs.

Funny how this only PROFIT matters management team under Tillerson is driving the company to bankruptcy.

And that should be a lesson to all companies run by right wing trolls. The world is multi-variable, you cannot manage just for short term profit.

That Forbes article is written in a bizarre way.
From the start they try to insinuate that Elon is a side person by naming him in the very end while he was the first investor that made the entire difference between intention dreams and a real company and they even go to the extend to call him “the now infamous” instead of famous.

All the rest of the article is tinted in a similar mockery and insinuation fabric.