Tesla Tops Electric Category In International Engine Of The Year Awards


Places fourth overall against all competitors, including combustion engines.

The Tesla electric motor has been recognized as tops in the electric car biz, but even when placed against gas competitors, Tesla is still in the top ranks.

The International Engine Of The Year Awards 2018, presented by Engine Technology International Magazine, placed the electric drive units found in the Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3 in the #1 spot in the electric category. Here’s the rundown:

As you can easily see from the points tally, the Tesla electric drive outscored the competition by a significant margin.

Here’s some of what Engine Technology International Magazine had to say in regards to Tesla’s electric drive and the electric powertrain in general:

The Electric Powertrain grouping is gathering momentum as arguably the most compelling and eye-opening of all here as battery power continues to convert the most die-hard automotive purists with its ability to deliver lightning speed and breathtaking instant torque that can put even heavyweight V8s and V12s to shame.

As more OEMs enter the BEV ring (including ICE thoroughbred Ferrari, which is quietly developing plans for a future in electrification), each one is still vying to beat the undisputed champion, Tesla, which won last year’s inaugural award, as well as winning our Green Engine award for five years running. This year, the Californian tech company took the top prize by a margin of 127 points – leading a formidable pack comprising BMW’s impressive i3S, the Nissan Leaf and the VW e-Golf, to name a few.

The full-electric powertrains found in Tesla’s Model S and Model X SUV have been unrivalled when it comes to both performance and driving range, and its upcoming Model 3 will surely be just as category-defining when it finally arrives.

However, it was the high-tech dual-motor powertrain found in the Model S P100D, fitted with Ludicrous mode, which truly blew judges away. With a 100kWh lithium-ion battery providing 510ps to the rear wheels and 263ps to the front wheels it is one of the world’s fastest accelerating cars, with a stomach-clenching 0-100km/h time of just 2.5 seconds and 967Nm of unrelenting torque.

This performance, as well as a range of 613km (381 miles) on NEDC and not a single molecule of CO2 emitted from the car – all generated from the same battery technology that powers our cell phones – is something to be marvelled at, and makes it a worthy winner of this title.

In fact, the Tesla electric motor scored so highly that it ranked in the overall category too (note: scoring for this category differs from the electric grouping). That’s the category that includes those gas-burning relics of a bygone era. Here are those results:

There’s some specific info posted for scoring in regards to electric cars and inclusion for the overall top “engine” list. Here’s the info relevant to that:

Best Electric Powertrain: To qualify for inclusion in this category, an all-electric powertrain must have been housed in a passenger car that was on sale in more than one country up to June 2018. Representing a first for the International Engine of the Year Awards, the Electric Powertrain category is a grouping specifically for 100% battery electric vehicles, showcasing the advances in technology for this type of powertrain as it grows in popularity across the world.

International Engine of the Year Award: The winning powertrains in the eight capacity classes plus the winner from the Electric Powertrain category are shortlisted for the overall International Engine of the Year Award.

For information on ruling, scoring and more, follow the related links below:

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So cost and efficiency of the engine/motor were not part of the equation, as it would be necessary to exclude them as categories for consideration for an ice engine to beat a Tesla motor.

well Tesla would also loose points for not having as many Joules in its “tank” as ICE rivals.

Why? The award was for “Engine of the year”, not “power stored onboard of the year”.

Congrats, Tesla- well deserved! Keep doing a great job, and keep destroying the haters. Do what you do..

I’d be more impressed if Tesla got the International Motor of the Year award.

Hahaha, judging by the number of down votes, people around here do not tolerate Tesla jokes.

Relax everyone, I’m an aspiring Tesla/Elon fanboy myself.

If that was the case i would personally buy one just to shove it up Elon’s arse.

That’s a little harsh, what did Elon do to you personally?

Maybe all his Gas Guzzler driving friends left him, for Tesla?

From Article – Engine Technology International Magazine said: ” …the Californian tech company [Tesla] took the top prize by a margin of 127 points – leading a formidable pack comprising BMW’s impressive i3S, the Nissan Leaf and the VW e-Golf, to name a few…”

Impressive technical feat by Tesla considering Tesla has “zero value”… according to TSLA short king Jim Chanos.

Seems each day another Tesla review, another Tesla award, another positive Tesla update, it just keeps streaming in…

Time is running out for the Jim Chanos’s associates gang-of-seven backing up Jim’s short position… not much time left for them to cut-away from Jim and pull their reserve chute.

For The anti-Tesla Jim Chanos gang:

“Tick tock, tick tock…
It never ever ever stops.
Swing swing, swing swing
It really is a wondrous thing…
I’m waiting for the clock to ting…
-source ©2002 Gareth Lancaster”

Some relics of the age of burning dinosaur juice, with all the Rube Goldberg kluges added on needed to keep those engines from melting or tearing themselves apart, managed to score higher than the Tesla Model 3 motor?

Obviously the judges are still living in the 20th century. 😉

They must Like the Roving ICE Furnaces on wheels ..

Modern ICE powerplants (and certainly those on the list) are engineering masterpieces. Sure they polute more, cost more for maintenance, etc and are likely to see less market share going forward, but that does not change the fact that they are very impressive devices.
The 21st century parallel to fine Swiss watches.

I was blown away by the video on youTube showing a $21,000 oil change on the Veyron! OUCH Don’t even get me started on the price of each tire! 🙂

To be fair… EVs have quite elaborate cooling systems for the drive motor, inverter, charger, and battery packs. In fact they are somewhat more complicated since many of these use cooling from the HVAC system.

The Model 3 motor is the most deserving motor of the Tesla lineup to be awarded, since it is a permanent magnet machine, which has higher peak efficiency than the induction machines used in the Model S and X. PM machines are industry standard for this reason.

Certainly the power of the Model S and X is impressive and woos observers, but efficiency and losses are the real way that electric machines are judged in industry.

The Model 3 does not have a traditional PM motor, like the ones used by the rest of the industry. It has a variety of Switched Reluctance motor with a relatively small amount of permanent magnets to solve some of the challenges that had historically prevented the SR motor type from wide acceptance.

Uggg…. Yes, it is a conventional PM motor.

All interior magnet motors have a component of reluctance. It is not different in that regard than anything else used in the auto industry.

Why Tesla and Musk tout this as something new is a mystery.

Seeing as they’re claiming fame with small pm’s to me it would be interesting if at times the software got confused and sent enough current through the motor to demagnetize them. hehehe OUCH!!!! hehe.

Let’s at least congratulate them that they’ve moved beyond 19th century technology.

Shaun, All interior magnet PM machines, like used on nearly every EV, have a component of reluctance.

Despite what Tesla says, their Model 3 motor is no different than the rest of industry in this regard.

It is way ahead of even the S and X motor as a hybrid Permanent Magnetic Switched Reluctance design (PMSRM).
See it in the EPA listing and in numerous articles and strip downs.
Shame the judges did not evaluate it for this competition – “upcoming Model 3 will surely be just as category-defining when it finally arrives” as it qualifies by being available in 2 countries by June.
https:// cleantechnica.com/2018/03/11/tesla-model-3-motor-in-depth/
https:// http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3DbSrSC1wA

This same motor will power the Semi and Roadster 2. Astonishing!