Tesla Tops BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz In German “Best Future Mobility Brand” Award


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Tesla has definitely enjoyed its fair share of awards over the years. However, with the esteem and track record of the top German automakers pitted against the American startup, most wouldn’t assume that Tesla would come out on top … especially in a German awards ceremony.

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Tesla recently proved that convention wrong by taking home the award for “Best Future Mobility” brand in the German Best Brands Awards at Bayerischer Hof, in Munich.

While the “Big Three” German automakers are known for superb craftsmanship and the utmost luxury, they can’t quite contend with Tesla in the mobility department. BMW took the number three spot, followed by Audi in fourth. Mercedes-Benz fell short, in sixth place.

Germany is very serious about their cars, and the companies are extremely competitive. Teslarati reported that 1 in 7 Germans work in the country’s auto industry, and in towns like Stuttgart, that figure jumps to 1 in 3.

According to Franz-Peter Falke, President of Markenverband eV:

“The unique thing about Best Brands is the selection of the winners, which has never been hit by a jury. Every year, Best Brands determines the strength of a brand based on genuine consumer adoption. The only thing to be awarded is the tightly woven bond between consumers and brands, which is precisely the result of the annual award for the best brands in Germany, with their timeless charm and credibility.”

Based on this information, it is to say that German citizens actually awarded this to the Silicon Valley electric startup, by their actions. This is very positive for Tesla, because it assumes an increasing potential for people in Germany to have plans to purchase a Tesla vehicle.

Source: Teslarati

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Go Tesla Go !!!


Strange that Renault isn’t in that list.


Stange that Mercedes and AUDI is on list.

Model will not use service center and showrooms for delivery. There will be a large warehouse like facility. Transaction times are designed to be 5 minutes long.

I would imagine most would be kept inside with clear advantages over the current model of outside storage, most legacy car makers use.

Model 3

‘Call a Bike’?

The runner up is an app?

When I went to Oktoberfest I stayed at the Bayerischer Hof, nice place!

How *very* gracious of them!