Tesla: More Google Searches Than Any Other Automaker In U.S./China

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Online searches can say a lot about which car brands are attracting the most interest online. According to Car Buzz, “Car sales and research website Select Car Leasing has just published the results of… a year’s worth of Google search data to find out which car brands were the most queried.” And apparently, “Elon Musk’s tweets are winning the SEO war.”

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Above: In North America, Tesla is the #1 most searched automaker on Google in both the US and Canada over the past year (Source: Select Car Leasing)

Google’s search results demonstrate that “Nowhere are the winds of change more evident than North America, where Tesla claims a huge chunk of searches, accounting for more than 2 million in the US and Canada alone. Even considering Tesla’s headline-grabbing chief Elon Musk, few could have predicted the traditional gas-guzzling and muscle car heartland of the world [would be] turning its attention to [Tesla] in such large numbers.”

That’s right, Tesla received the most google searches in both the U.S. and Canada in the past year. In Europe, however, the old-guard German automakers still top the rankings. Nevertheless, Tesla did receive the most of Google searches (over any other automaker) in two European countries: both Austria and Norway.

Above: Tesla is also the #1 most searched auto brand on Google in China (Source: Select Car Leasing)

Even though the US and EU are key markets, the most hotly contested auto market is China. And, Tesla received the most google searches in the biggest automotive market in the world right now. But China isn’t the only market in Asia that’s infatuated with Tesla. Other countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau spent the majority of their online searches looking into Tesla over any other automaker.

And in other regions, Tesla was also the top-searched auto brand in a few forward-looking countries. In Oceana, New Zealand searched Tesla more than any other car brand. And in the oil-rich Mideast, citizens of the United Arab Emirates were also searching Tesla more than any other automaker on Google — not surprising as Tesla introduced new stores, service centers, and superchargers in the region.

Above: On Reddit, the Tesla subreddit has more fans subscribed than any other automaker fan subreddit (Reddit: suburella)

And it’s not just google searches where Tesla shines, the electric carmaker is a popular brand on social media as well. On Twitter, Tesla’s Elon Musk has actually accumulated more followers than Ford, Chevy, and Chrysler combined and his followers keeping growing. That said, Musk backed away from Facebook (and Instagram) — possibly a reflection of his tiff with Mark Zuckerberg. In any event, according to Reddit user suburella, Tesla has the most subscribers of any fan-related auto brand subreddit.


Source: Car Buzz / Select Car Leasing

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A quick look on google trends does not confirm this, although it would have not surprised me in North America (see link below). The analysis on China is pointless, Google is not used in China since they don’t offer a local service. A monthly search volume of 4400 in a country of 1.2bn demonstrates that. Also keep in mind that people search for things that they are interested in, not necessarily something they like. Trump is by far the most searched US president since 2004… Another poorly researched article by Evannex https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?geo=US&q=tesla,bmw,toyota,trump,audi

Why the negative votes? Do you hate the fact checking or do you have other data?

By the way, the other country in Europe with supposed Tesla interest is Switzerland mislabelled as Austria (which appears a 2nd time with a BMW badge). Also this cannot be confirmed on google trends https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?geo=CH&q=tesla,bmw,porsche,mercedes,audi

Of course. I google TSLA Nasdaq everytime I need a laugh.

Oh, so you are almost as inefficient in using Google as an ICE is inefficient with energy…
Because you hit a total of 12 keys (including Shift), where four would do for exactly the same search result.

A 30 second fact check reveals much of this data is fabricated or bent to appear a certain way. I know the David vs Goliath stories get the clicks, but I would really appreciate the insideevs staff reviewing current policy regarding articles such as this. No doubt Tesla gets unfair media coverage, but inverting the bias will do even more harm. Why not stick with facts and not publish articles with conflict of interest?

followers keeping growing.

Another Euro point of view

With Elon Musk at the helm it is for sure entertainment secured. I google Trump and Tesla at least twice a week.

I wonder why exactly Lamborghini, manufacturer of exotic cars with annual production of less than 4000 units in 2017, is most searched for vehicle in many Carribbean Islands that are not exactly known for riches, and countries like Nepal where there are no roads in a quality that a fancy sports car would require. Most of them are unfit even for regular vehicles without AWD and a lot of prayers. Is the VW group gaming yet another system? Have to admit that I had to google myself to find out about production number.
Also, funny to see that the only other American car brand in the ranking is Chevrolet. In Mexico.
Same for the two hits of McLaren. Probably they were searching for a person with that last name, otherwise why would someone on a tiny island google for that brand the most?
Furthermore, the recent announcement of BMW to concentrate on the developing countries by 2030 is backed by high interest in the brand in key markets like Kyrgyztan, Irak and Palestine.

I think we can all agree that the original report is complete bonkers, and that Evannex has no shame in taking anything up that fits their world view.

A map over North America actually showing all of North America and a map over Asia actually showing all of Asia. This made my day!