Tesla To Revamp Stores Worldwide (w/video)

AUG 26 2015 BY MARK KANE 15

Tesla Motors store

Tesla Motors store (before revamp)

Tesla Motors is revamping its stores according to major news outlets, who had an exclusive tour of a newly refreshed site.

Changes are introduced together with the pending launch of Model X.

Tesla established a network of about 200 stores in North America, Europe and Asia. Together with expanding the business and selling more models and more volume, Tesla will adapt these stores to its needs along the way.

According to Automotive News, there are now interactive displays presenting four topics:

  • safety
  • autopilot features
  • charging network
  • dual motors

There are also photographs of  Model S in new colors, Model S, dual motor chassis and Supercharger terminals.

“The upscale locations are part of the company’s plan to build a luxury lifestyle brand. Earlier this year, Tesla hired a former Burberry executive named Ganesh Srivats to extend its reputation for luxury to a global audience.

By pushing expensive clothing and accessories, Tesla boosts revenue and deepens its relationship with affluent customers.

Like BMW, Porsche and Ferrari before it, Tesla has its own fashion line — the Tesla Design Collection, which includes a $300 tote bag, $100 sheepskin leather driving gloves and a $40 iPhone sleeve. Cycling jerseys will go on sale at most stores in October.”

Twice a year Tesla will do seasonal updates of the stores.

Source: Automotive News

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Wow.. Betty Lui has taken on a nerd-girl look.. Of course she’s going to be hot no matter how she dresses.


Bookish, but beautiful…

I like her, but to me the glasses are sort of an affectation that says, “I am smarter than you think I am.” But I don’t believe so.

Also I don’t really like to descend to common colloquial expressions, but I don’t find her “hot” in the least. Presentable, attractive, yes, but not hot.

Uhm… to protect us from gender-trouble, I’m saying the guy in the suit looks pretty hot too.

At the end, what does the guy mean by “you can carry your battery and wear your Tesla hat”? Does he think EV drivers walk around carrying their car battery? I can tell he is not a fan of Tesla/EVs.

He’s either playing the role of “Cynical Conservative” for the Q&A Segment, or just being a d!ck. 😉

Pretty sure he does not own an EV…

I think he was going to say “carry your bag…”, and just fumbled it.

I see there are 499 supercharger stations online worldwide with 2810 superchargers as of today.

So with all this emphasis on “upscale locations”, “pushing expensive clothes and accessories” and modeling “BMW, Porsche and Ferrari”, is there any hope that the Tesla III I’ve been anticipating for years will come in in the mid 30’s price as previously targeted by EM and Co.?

There’s no way the Model III will be priced in the mid 30’s. You might have to do what Joey on Friends did; buy some Tesla clothes and pretend to own a Tesla. 😉


Just with minimal inflation (2%) that 35k becomes 38.5k in 5 years. Then if you want to option it at all it will probably push it over 40k.
The selling of overpriced merchandise would actually help in keeping prices lower for the Model III.

The final sale bought in around $783 million, so somewhat of important point which was reported inaccurately. Though initially they raised $500 million.

Usually these reports are done with a questioner taking a point of view somewhat divergent from the reporter, so as to show they are not biased. Bloomberg as a whole has done a bunch of stories on Tesla, some positive, some not so positive. Corey Johnson, I think his name is, is decidedly anti-Tesla, while Betty Lou is at the opposite end of the spectrum.

I mean Betty Lui. Sorry.

Hey Elon! When are y’all finally gonna get around to letting people finalize their Model X orders? It’s been nearly two weeks since you said that would be online within a couple of weeks. If the ordering doesn’t go live on Tesla’s website tomorrow, you’ll be late on the Model X yet again!

Drumming fingers…

IMHO, Tesla is setting their priorities in a way that does not bodes well for the future (falcon wings doors, piece of art of a rear seat row, gadgets badged Tesla, now stores revamp etc…. I hope I am mistaken otherwise Big car might say: you see, no profits to me made with EV’s and the industry electrification process might again be delayed.