UPDATE: Tesla To Open Model 3 Dual-Motor And Performance Orders Next Week

Tesla Model 3 dual motor chassis


Tesla has just announced that order books for the dual-motor and performance versions of the Model 3 will open up late next week.

Production of those two variants of the Model 3 will reportedly start in July.

***UPDATE – White interior coming soon too (see Tweet immediately below):

Additionally, we’ll get our first peak at specs for those two variants when the order books do actually open.

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The announcement came via Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Twitter. Here’s the Tweet:

Previously, Musk had stated that new Model 3 variants wouldn’t be offered until production of the car hit 5,000 units per week, so the CEO must still believes the automaker is on track to hit that mark sometime in July. Here’s the previous Twitter thread:

And here’s what Tesla stated back in its Q1 report:

“Given the progress made thus far and upcoming actions for further capacity improvement, we expect that the Model 3 production rate will climb rapidly through Q2. Tesla continues to target a production rate of approximately 5,000 units per week in about three months, laying the groundwork for Q3 to have the long-sought ideal combination of high volume, good gross margin and strong positive operating cash flow.”

The last bit of the first Tweet mentions air suspension, which is farther off then we’d hoped.

There’s no mention of the short-range Model 3 though, so we’ll assume it’s either way down the pipeline or possibly on the verge of being canned as Tesla has done in the past with its lowest-level offerings for given vehicles, like the Model S and Model X.

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Shorts will take this as desperation by Tesla to keep orders coming in for the Model 3.

You are totally right. They will also be quick to point out that these options raise the price further away from the $35k base and accuse Tesla of misleading the public over the model 3 being a mass-market, affordable car.

And fail to note, opening up these options are essentially only for those that have already left a deposit.

I don’t disagree, but if you can buy a $15K Focus base and a $38K Focus RS, I don’t see what the problem is.

And will FAIL to note that these variations will carry higher Profit Margins.

I’ve been posting the July production timeline for weeks…. But what do I know, I must be ignored as a “fan”.

Standard range battery will be early fall

What do you want? A cookie?
Oh ever-knowing Nix, will Tesla meet it’s 6k/week Model 3 production goal/aim/estimate/wishful thought/projection/anything-but-a-promise-unless-it-comes-true-then-it-was-actually-a-promise by end of Q2? The shorts want to know. 😀

I have already explained this to you repeatedly. They are going to do a short burst rate test equivalent to a RATE of 6k a week. They have no intentions of sustaining this rate for any week in Q2.

In you intentional ignorance you will continue to pretend this has never been explained to you. Then you will attack Tesla for your own intentional ignorance.

How are your predictions of the Bolt outselling the TM3 in each of their respective first year of ssales going?

So sounds like you’re saying even achieving 5k/week sustained production by end Q2 has a snowball’s chance in hell of happening. One more lie…..er, goal from Elon’s lips that won’t come to fruition. *sigh*

Which is better: the guy who predicts 2000 and gives you 2000, or the guy who predicts 5000 but gives you 3000? 3k>2k, no matter what he predicted. Set low goals, achieve low results; set impossible goals and only come close; still better than low results.

The 6k burst test is part of the plan towards reaching sustained 5k a week production. This has also been explained to you. And yet you repeat your ignorance

You seem to be forgetting that the Bolt beat the Model 3 to market by several months. That makes anything that Tesla does invalid.

LOL! sarcasm noted!!

That doesn’t Matter it Got Out Sold In Less than A month . The Bolt Is Only a POS Puddle Jumper Compliance Car . Bolt does Not Matter , It’s a Poor excuse For a Proper EV.

I’m sure the Bolt owners love their car. I think it shows how powerful Tesla was building their own battery factory target than relying on a 3rd party. I think Nissan had the same advantage and wonder how they will go now that they sold that business and looks likely they will source their batteries from the likes of LG?

Being a Tesla fan…. I hate this comment.

The Bolt has some very, very happy customers. What more validation do you need?

Whether or not it is a compliance car says nothing about the car, but more of the company building it.

“That makes anything that Tesla does invalid.”

🙂 🙂 🙂

You “channel” MadBro (and all the other serial Tesla bashers) quite well.

It’s not ignorance. All indications are, he’s a paid basher. So no matter how many facts you put out there, you’re going to get the same robotic negative responses.

When Tesla’s producing 10,000 Model 3s per week you’ll likely STILL see this same nonsense from him.

Yes, MadBro’s Pavlovian response to any positive news about Tesla has been pointed out.

Pavlov’s dog hears a bell, it salivates; MadBro sees the word ‘Tesla’, his fingers jerk to the keyboard and he furiously types yet another regurgitated batch of long-refuted FUD.

F**K the Shorts They Should Have know better By Now ! They Plain and Simply Refuse to Learn..

“Standard range battery will be early fall”

Tesla says late 2018. Tesla calendar has 16 months, so figure March, 2019.

Why? What impediment the size of launching an entirely new car starting from a clean sheet of paper, with new chassis, suspension, steering, battery, inverter, motor, dash, user interface, interior, electrical system, cooling system, door pulls, HVAC system, etc?

The standard range battery is building the current battery pack, but with fewer batteries. Nowhere near the complexity Tesla faced bringing the Model 3 into production.

Why? Ask Tesla, it’s on their web site. I’m just the messenger.

I agree they are able to build them sooner. They choose not to. The only reason I can imagine is financial. Their new “humans are underrated” assembly methods are significantly more expensive.

doggy — So your excuse for making up a date in 2019 far past the date on Tesla’s website is to blame Tesla’s website? That’s about as lame an excuse as it gets.

Meanwhile, my time frame is simply a refinement of what the Tesla website states, with a tightened parameter. The Fall Quarter is Oct/Nov/Dec, which happens to also be the quarter that is ALSO “late 2018”. There is no contradiction in what I’ve said, and what the Tesla website says. Meanwhile your date is in direct contradiction with what Tesla says. And yet you try to use the Tesla website as your source for your date over mine? Maybe you have never read a calendar?

They say “late 2018”. You interpret that as “early fall”. I interpret it as March, 2019. Time will tell. I’m comfortable based on Tesla’s history of never coming close on any volume production forecast, ever. But you go right ahead and believe this time is different.

Here’s my question for you. Tesla originally said they’d ship the $35k version in NOV17. Before AWD, before Performance, before Canada and before overseas.

1. Why did they move it behind AWD, P and Canada?

2. And why won’t the same reasons cause them to move it behind overseas?

“Late 2018” and “early fall” are in the exact same quarter, and one is a subset of the other. March 2019 does not overlap at all with “Late 2018”, so no, you can’t claim Tesla as your source. Do I need to draw an effing VENN diagram for you?

For your number pulled from your brown hole, don’t claim it comes from the Tesla website.

And I’ve already explained the difference between putting out a whole new vehicle, and modifying a single component. Yet you fail to comprehend and accept the difference. Tesla actually has a perfectly fine record putting out different battery size battery pack changes. In fact, they’ve done it around a dozen times for the S/X cars with only a single minor delay that wouldn’t even apply to the Model 3.

So the history is against you, not for your case.

It’s seems unlikely that the base model 3 will be offered until Q1-19 because that is when Tesla will drop down to the $3750/car tax credit (assuming they don’t deliver #200,000 until 07/18). Tesla needs to make positive cash flow and (like ALL car companies) the fancier models provide greater margin and more cash.

Tesla cars (S and X) are out of my price and size range and I don’t like the control/display system on the 3 but why root against them? They are an actual U.S. manufacturer with many U.S. employees making a truly innovative set of products. And it is well known to be all but impossible to start a new “car” company yet they do seem to be doing it. So whether or not I ever buy one….success to them!

The AWD Tesla Model 3P will force many car makers to recalibrate their current EV development programs especially once the rid & performance reviews start rolling in…

Production of those two variants of the Model 3 will reportedly start in July.

Probably right around when they break through the 200k barrier. Impeccable timing.

Yes! And what’s wrong with that? You paid more for a Tesss la, you should get that credit.

It certainly makes sense. Tesla will certainly want to maximize its production for the quarter following the quarter in which they pass the 200,000 milestone, so the greatest number of its customers can benefit from the full tax rebate.

Unfortunately the tax credit will drop to half after the end of the third quarter this year*, so likely those waiting on the “Standard Range” version (small battery pack) will only get half the tax credit, at best. 🙁

*If my understanding is correct for just when the tax credit drops to half, and I was wrong about that until a short time ago, so I’m not entirely sure it’s right even now.

It will drop to $3,750 on December 31st 2018 without an intervening act of Congress. However, the next Congress has until December 31st 2019 to retroactively fix any tax incentives for the entire year. EV motorcycles are familiar with this. They bought EV motorcycles on hopes of getting incentives, that were only passed into law at the very last day of the year, well after they bought their e-moto’s.

This election season will be the most important election yet for EV enthusiasts who like any of the top 3 EV maker’s electric cars. All 3 will be impacted massively.

“It will drop to $3,750 on December 31st 2018 without an intervening act of Congress.” Well, that’s what I thought until someone convinced me that’s not correct. I won’t make any claims to being certain about the date. But based on my current state of understanding (which may or may not be right), the date when the maximum Federal maximum tax credit will drop to $3750 will be 90 days after the end of the 2nd quarter, or roughly but not precisely the end of the 3rd quarter. That is assuming that Tesla will cross the 200,000 threshold sometime during the current quarter, which I regard as nearly certain. But if you believe Tesla can put that off until the beginning of the 3rd quarter, then you will be at least to close to being correct. In that case, the date on which the credit will drop to half should be (again, if my understanding is correct) 90 days after the end of the 3rd quarter, which — if my math is correct — would be December 29 rather than December 31. We can argue about it until the cows come home; it would be helpful if the wording of… Read more »
I should have been more clear in my post. My bad. My dates are based on them successfully delaying crossing the 200K number until July 1st or later. I base this on a number of factors, not the least of which is that Tesla just delivered their first TM3 in Canada a day ago: https://www.facebook.com/TEVAssociation/ And that Tesla is now starting to do things like divert cars to Tesla showrooms for people to sit in and play with the interface. And Tesla has reduced US deliveries of S/X units while increasing international deliveries. etc. If they indeed cross that line earlier than July 1st, the date the full incentive would end would be Sept. 30th 2018 at 23:59:59. The law is indeed a bit tough to unravel, but it is based upon “Calendar Quarters”, not 90 day cycles. The “Calendar Quarter” ends December 31st at 23:59:59 for the purpose of all US tax laws. The last day of each “Calendar Quarter” each year is March 31st, June 30th, Sept 30th, and Dec 31st, at 23:59:59. So depending on what quarter an incentive ends, those will always be the last date of the quarters where incentives end. It would be rare… Read more »

Thank you for taking the time to respond in detail, Nix. 🙂

You may be right about Tesla being able to delay crossing the 200,000 threshold until the beginning of the 3rd quarter. Certainly a lot of people agree with you on that.

I think we’ll have to wait and see!

Almost like they planned it that way……


The current version is not selling well.

I know, just look at the thousands in inventory and the huge discounts off of MSRP that they are offering just to get any sold. Oh wait, that’s GM and Nissan that are doing that…

Yea, they are only the top selling EV in the United States, selling double their nearest pure EV competitor. The TM3 has even surpassed the latest Audi A4 sales numbers available in the United States.

How horrible their sales are…. /sarc

*lol*… we will have no idea on how the current or any version of the Model 3 is selling for at least a couple of years until the backlog of reservations is done and the main wave of interest is done so that normal demand will control production.
Now it’s all about producing as many as possible and adding options when they are starting to master the no option model production.

What we know from history, is that Tesla has gone on to sell a full order of magnitude more cars than they had in initial reservations. So if that continues, the number of first generation TM3’s that Tesla will sell will have one more zero at the end compared to the number of reservations they have.

Short Range Model 3? Anyone? Bueller?

As the last paragraph says, we’ll see the $35k version ship shortly before hell freezes over. Elon is hoping most people forget he ever promised it, since there is no way to sell it at a profit.

Sounds about right, if they can’t even make a profit with the $44k-60k 3’s they’re selling now.

OK bro, normally you seem pretty rational, but now you’re just spewing trolls’ lies and I’m losing all respect for you.

bro1999 is a GM apologist but Tesla hater.
I advocate BEVs and criticize equally where it is warranted.

Uh, carpet-bombing Mental MadBro is and has been the single biggest troll with his 1999 troll posts and counting on InsideEvs ever since the Model 3 received about a 1/2 MILLION reservations after its unveiling.

BTW MadBro, where is the Bolt’s AWD?

Tesla needs to release an AWD model because the standard version is RWD. I get that they want it to be ultra sporty and that requires RWD. But, it’s a snow-traction tradeoff that most normal people don’t like. That’s why 90%+ of 2WD cars produced for the US market are FWD.

The Bolt is FWD, which is fine in almost any weather encountered in the lower-48 states.

I think you will find FWD became popular because as a car manufacturer it is cheaper to make. Everything is in the bonnet, no transmission tunnel or drive shaft required, etc. It really became viable with the transverse engine.

Yes, cheaper to make, and more fuel efficient. The old NUMMI plant would get entirely assemblies of motor/transaxle/brakes and rotors/struts ready to bolt into the chassis from Ontario Canada. Cheap to build, cheap to install.

Yep, cheap to build, cheap to install, and way more space efficient without the transmission tunnel/driveshaft eating up interior space. People who grew up in the 70s or earlier will remember getting stuck in the middle of the back seat with no foot room because of the driveshaft tunnel … the front wheel drive transverse mounted 4 cylinder was a revelation that improved many things … snowy weather performance being one of them, with the weight of the motor over the drive wheels, and that aspect is significant, but not as important to the popularity as the other items of cost and space efficiency.

It’s possible that’s why the car makers created them. Consumers (in the US snow belt at least) prefer the better traction FWD provides.

Yes, snow makes FWD popular, but there are actually more FWD cars sold outside the snow belt than inside the snow belt….

With regard to respect for ‘bro1999’, “You’re a better man than I am Gunga Din”.

I had to give that a like, just for the archaic reference.

“I’m losing all respect for you.”
LOL…come join the party. Better late than never.

Chris Stork said:

“OK bro, normally you seem pretty rational…”

You must be new here. “MadBro” currently posts more anti-Tesla FUD than anybody else; almost none of it is factually correct, let alone unbiased.

Tesla will probably change the nomenclature slightly and then offer what used to the “$35k” car at $38k. And you know what? It will still be a relatively good deal.

LMAO at ClownCIE, who is just “popping in” to troll and FUD some more.

And this along with Mental MadBro and the rest of the insanely jealous hater lemmings who predicted that Tesla was about to go bankrupt back in April.

I guess these shills, shorters and hater fools just can’t get off their crazy train!

IEVs staff wrote it, not me. This site is as neutral as it gets for BEVs, and they apparently have doubts that a $35k M3 will ever appear. As they wrote, Tesla has a pattern of dropping the low-end trim-level.

You may have a point; they did drop the 40 when the Model S came out. But realistically, that just had way too short range for a luxury sedan, and most people who could get into the Model S price ballpark were willing to bump up to the 60. But in the case of the Model 3, I expect there will still be plenty of interest in a RWD standard range (220mi) car. Once you factor in total cost of ownership, it really is a low threshold to get into a proper EV for a one-car family.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen what appears to be at least Tesla “skepticism” in an article from Eric Loveday, if not outright Tesla bashing.

However, even from this writer, I’m shocked to see the suggestion that the “Standard Range” (small battery pack) version of TM3 is “possibly on the verge of being canned”.

This is really a false comparison. Tesla cancelling the “Standard Range” Model 3 wouldn’t be like cancelling the Model S40; it would be like cancelling the S60 back when the S60 and S85 were the only Tesla cars offered for sale!

Maybe it’s just me, but it comes across as pretty brain-dead to believe that Tesla would even seriously think about killing off so much of its potential market (and creating so much backlash) by doing that.

Factually, you know just as much as the author. You are both biased. Stop acting morally superior.

Yes, certainly I’m biased. Everyone is.

But this has nothing to do with morality. It’s a question of critical thinking and judgement.

I think you will find there are a lot of people who have not put down their reservation, waiting to see in the $35k version is released. I know I’m one of them. Even without all the frills it blows the ICE out of the water! It can’t be any worse than my 2012 Nissan Leaf 🙂

I agree that a $35k M3 would be great, and I’d likely buy one. I just don’t see Tesla selling it at that price because I don’t believe they can do so profitably.

Early fall

Subject to all Risks listed in SEC filings

I see the same folks who were wrong with their conspiracy claims of a delay for AWD aren’t here apologizing for being wrong.

Instead they are changing topic to hyping the standard range battery conspiracy theory.

No shame

It hasn’t shipped yet. Though, I’ll be happy to admit I was wrong if it does. My major issue with that whole fiasco was Tesla using legal threats against IEVs to force them to pull the article. Censorship is never ok.

Interesting to see if Tesla makes threats to force IEVs to remove their implication above that the $35k M3 may be vaporware.

Your inability to recognize the absurdity of your conspiracy theory about why IEVs pulled an article which got more push-back in reader comments than I’ve ever seen before in response to an IEVs article; an article which I think can be objectively described as bad reporting — is a pretty strong indication that you can’t see straight when it comes to Tesla.

Or to put it another way: You need to turn down the gain on your reality-distorting Tesla Hater goggles. You need to turn it waaaaaay down!

What conspiracy? IEVs staff admitted in comments to other articles at the time that Tesla pressured them to remove the AWD delay article. Then they deleted those comments. Lots of people saw those comments before deletion. Even you probably did, but ignoring it and calling me a liar fits your agenda better.

I’ve never seen anyone else claim to have seen such a thing. I’ve also privately corresponded with one of the IEVs staff about that article, and what he said does not match your assertions here.

After several weeks of you repeating your conspiracy theory, suddenly you claim to have seen something supporting your conspiracy which is now conveniently deleted.

* * * * *

If anyone reading the comments here can confirm what CCIE is saying, then please reply here or on the InsideEVs forum. Failing that, I’m going to continue to assume that he just made the whole thing up.

I’d post links to the Internet archive of the IEVs AWD delay article. But, IEVs removed them and asked me not to do it last time I posted them. Hmm… I wonder what would make them afraid to even have an archive link posted? Certainly not the threat of legal action from a certain image-obsessed electric car company.

It Will Materialize …….For all You Cheap Skates Out There !

Waiting for short range. Can you you get ACC without autopilot

Last time i checked these were 2 separate options. For the S you had to pay $5k to get the ACC and another $3k for AP…some years back.

I thought I read originally that ACC would be standard across the model and AP was extra. I’m probably wrong, but I think ACC was part of the AEB.

Personally(unless I was paid for trolling) I’d be embarrassed at being wrong so often. I imagine having to keep moving those goalposts so much, can be a bit fatiguing.

And if I was paying you to troll, I’d seriously want to see some better results LOL

White interior coming also? It sounded like interior options might arrive the same time as drivetrain options previously.

Wife wants non-black interior, so we haven’t configured our invite yet. I really want AWD, but don’t tell her 😉

“short-range Model 3…possibly on the verge of being canned”
Theres a great story line. Wonder if the current reservation holders would like to know that, especially those who’ve been waiting over 2 years.
Especially wonder when it will be considered bait and switch given that the 1st line description on Tesla website for the Model 3 says, “Model 3 achieves 220 miles of range while starting at only $35,000 before incentives.”

When does a delay become an untruth, alternative fact?

If it says that then I would think they’re is a great class action just waiting to happen. Aren’t the US the most litigious in the world? False advertising would have to be right at the top of their collective psyche!

“There’s no mention of the short-range Model 3 though, so we’ll assume it’s either way down the pipeline or possibly on the verge of being canned as Tesla has done in the past with its lowest-level offerings for given vehicles, like the Model S and Model X.”

Or the reason why Elon might not have mentioned the standard range TM3 might be because he specifically wasn’t asked about the standard range TM3 in the question he was responding to.

The Model 3 standard range is nothing like the S or X. Based on a huge sample of model 3 reservation holders, Tesla likely has well over 100K reservations for the standard range TM3.

So, if they discontinue it due to “low demand,” as they’ve done with previous models, you’ll accept that it’s a line of BS?

When the $35k M3 is cancelled my expectation is for the Tesla zealots to start claiming Tesla had a legitimate reason for doing it. That may actually be true, but the legitimate reason will be that they can’t make a profit at $35k.

Your tone implies that you won’t accept anything the company says at face value anyway. If they do start shipping 35k standard cars you’ll likely just move on to something else to whine about, like the ridiculous ‘panel gap’ meme.

I don’t accept what most companies say at face value. We see articles here all the time about companies like Fisker announcing they’re going to release EVs that will kill Tesla. It’s all obviously BS. I just shake my head when I see them.

As with most things, you have to follow the money. I don’t believe Tesla can profit on a $35k M3. So, I don’t expect to see it ship.

If I’m wrong and it does ship, I’ll admit I’m wrong by likely buying one. It would be a great deal at that price.

We need the eagle eyed people to tell us when they see a Model 3 driving with a non glass roof. That will be an indication they are getting ready for the cheaper vehicle. I’m pretty sure glass roof is a premium option.

Yes, the roof is bundled with the entire upgrade package.

FYI — none have been built yet.

Hmmm, very disappointed that air suspension is now next year (and thus “post full rebate”). Although Tesla has already changed the “too harsh” original coil suspension on the Model 3 to a more compliant setup, I was really still holding out for what would likely be an ever better riding 3 (with air). Indeed, I was hoping for air suspension and a white interior…shafted! Darn first worl problems!

Get a CPO Model S, that’s my only suggestion.

LOL! First world problems indeed, but the coil suspension isn’t for everyone. Just the same as the BMW M suspension isn’t for everyone. Even the standard 3-Series suspension is too firm for some. Just like some don’t like Mercedes suspensions for being too soft. Even worse, you can’t even test drive one yet to know if you can live with the compromise. Definitely a tough situation.

Vexar – already got one…was considering the Model 3 as a replacement.
Nix – exactly. Although I have a P85+ now, I find it’s the nuances of a “sport” suspension that make or break it for me. A well done sports suspension (like my old 3 series sport, and my old M5) can be awesome…one poorly done can make you regret every mile. Test drives would be the answer, but there are none to be had.

It is evident that Tesla is only selling the model 3s that bring the most money, i.e., the ones with the high-priced options, i.e., the larger battery, premium interior, auto-pilot; and now, duel motors and white seats. it’s all part of the plan to maximise the price until ironically, they can afford to offer the lower- priced base car.

I see this as a necessary policy to support their production ramp up problems and I understand why management must do it this way. However, this policy will disappoint a lot of people who can only afford the base model with the incentives; It appears by the time the base model is available, the incentives will not apply. Then the hope for model 3 ownership becomes a used car and an even longer wait.

I wouldn’t be surprised if by the time they get around to offering the $35k sr version the incentives will be gone so Tesla will sell a base Model 3 starting at $35-38k with the 310 mile range. That way the post-incentive pricing will start at $35-38 but at least it will come with the long range pack or what will be just the normal pack. Then post-incentive prices will go up from there by adding premium, awd, autopilot, and performance.

This will allow them to remain competitive with the other automakers that will be able to leverage the $7,500 price difference against Tesla. They will be able to leverage the price difference but the Model 3 will have much more range and performance comparatively. They might be able to do this and still be profitable since by that time they will be mass producing the Model 3 in numbers over 100,000 a year. This obviously won’t help those that could only afford a base Model 3 after getting the incentive of $27,500 but it will keep them competitive.

Remind me again… which of these will be $35,000?

220 miles is not “short-range”. You are providing verbal cover for Tesla by using the term.

Tesla is still not getting it; they are trying to gain a dime to lose a dollar. If they continue pissing on the base-model reservation holders, until Tesla’s Fed rebate goes away (no later than Dec. 31 it seems, possibly Sep. 30), many of those customers will simply walk away.

The argument that triple-motor sparkly-interior crap makes them a few % more margin, is stupidity personified.

In fairness, they are good at working the “perception game” and I’m amazed at how much press you see with the tagline “starting at only $35K”. Or, even more confusingly, “starting at only $27,500 after incentives”.

Please. Try to buy that car.

Assaf said:

“If they continue pissing on the base-model reservation holders, until Tesla’s Fed rebate goes away (no later than Dec. 31 it seems, possibly Sep. 30), many of those customers will simply walk away.”

So… your argument is that Tesla would be better off selling cheaper versions of the car in preference to the more expensive versions…. because???

No auto maker ever used that business strategy, because that would be a losing strategy.

“Hmmm… stragety!” — Bugs Bunny

Then they shouldn’t have advertised the model 3 as a $35k car like they still do on the website. If they had integrity they’d describe it as a $49k car with lower priced version available later. The 35k car has never been seen, doesn’t exist, and may never exist. It’s aspirational.

Perhaps in hindsight, it would have been better for Tesla to advertise the Model 3 as a $49k car with a lower priced version available later. However, when Tesla started touting the $35k price, it was before the final design changes were made, and I seriously doubt anyone at Tesla had a good grasp of just which options would be offered in the first few months of sales. Certainly nobody in Tesla’s management predicted an approx. 6 months delay in being able to ramp up Model 3 production!

Seems rather unfair to me to blame Tesla for not having a crystal ball with which to accurately see the future. I doubt you’ve got one of those, either!

Contrariwise, I don’t at all agree that the $35k version of the car is merely “aspirational”. Tesla has spent time, effort, and money designing and testing a “just over 50 kWh” battery pack. Putting that “Standard Range” pack into production is just a matter of time, despite all the whinging and FUD from the naysayers.

This is great news, and another sign that things are coming together for Tesla’s Model 3 production.

While we’ve had some scintillating reviews of Model 3 already, I expect an explosion of new drooling coverage when the Performance versions start getting tested, which I expect to out-perform the BMW M3.

It’s only good business sense to start building and selling these high-price, high-profit versions of the car before the stripper model and there is certainly no lack of demand for every car they’re building at the higher prices.

Hope we dont have to take the long range battery to get awd or I’m out. I don’t need 310 mile range so I’m not paying for it. 9 grand for 90 extra mile range I don’t need I still completely out of the question. Two and a half years in and still hopeful but if tesla announces 310 mile battery isn’t required to get awd that’s exactly when I’ll request a refund on the medley $1000 deposit.


Just the opposite for me…AWD & 310 Miles is exactly what I want so expecting to drive mine this summer 🙂
I do wish there was a HUD however 🙁