Tesla to Open 6 Supercharger Stations in Arizona; First One to Be Operational By Year’s End in Yuma

Tesla Model s Supercharger


It seems as though Yuma, Arizona is a perfect site to put Arizona’s first Tesla Supercharger charging station.

A recent article in the Yuma Sun interviewed city officials who excitedly announced that “The Tesla Supercharger station in Yuma is on the fast track!” 

A quick look at Tesla’s notoriously out-of-date Supercharger map contradicts that, showing three red dots (complete stations) in other locations for AZ by year’s end, and two more (one of which is in Yuma) by 2014. However, in a Tesla blog post dated June 01, 2013, Tesla does indeed mention the Yuma station and only the Yuma station.

The article goes on to mention five other stations in Arizona, quoting Alexis Georgeson of Tesla boasting that “Many of these Arizona Supercharger stations, including Yuma, will support the cross-country route from Los Angeles to New York which will be completed by the end of 2013. “ Really?

So, what other stations does she speak of? Well that is not exactly clear. It looks like they are eying three interstate locations on the I-10 corridor (Quartzite, Los Colinas and Avondale) and two on the I-8 route (Gila Bend and Dateland).

As for the station in Yuma, it looks like it will be located at the Hilton Garden Inn and Conference Center.  The station will feature four Superchargers and 4 “regular chargers.”

There's No Way Musk Will Be Able to Pull Off This Trip By Fall

There’s No Way Musk Would Have Been Able to Pull Off His Cross-Country Trip By The End Of This Fall

Source: Yuma Sun

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5 Comments on "Tesla to Open 6 Supercharger Stations in Arizona; First One to Be Operational By Year’s End in Yuma"

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George Bower

I can’t see ELON using the Yuma charger on his trip cross country. Seems like he would head up to Las Vegas. You can see this on the interactive map for 2014.

Jay/ Cody just a suggestion: When you do one of these supercharger articles please include a link the the Tesla interactive map.

Eric Cote

Nice. Yuma seems like a great choice, right on I-8 among other things.

I’ve traveled out there a lot for work. Maybe one day I’ll be able to rent a Model S while I’m there. 😉

Bill Howland

Seeing as these supercharers work on a 277Y/480 volt service in the states, and supposedly the supercharger is merely 9 or 12 ‘in the car’ chargers, does anyone know it both the silver and red “High Power Connector” for the home or office AND the dual charges in Stateside based cars will both satisfactorily run on 277 ( 0 to +5%) volts?

Ryan L

Only 4 Superchargers in Yuma? Does Tesla not realize how BUSY this location will be for PHX -> San Diego (and vice versa) travelers?

They were smart to place a larger number of units in Quartzite, why not also in Yuma?

I hope they have ample capacity to add more stalls when they realize the mistake, or they will probably see a large line of cars waiting to charge!


Ryan, Tesla monitors use and seems to add more Super Chargers as needed. This will be very busy in Yuma. How will they ever have enough with the X coming later this year and if the Model E also has a Super Charger option in late 2015 ?

Quartzsite is still the only location up and working in Jan as of the 9th.