Tesla To Make Its Ireland Debut


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Motors CEO, Elon Musk, made it official on Twitter that Tesla will make its debut in Ireland in 2016.

Musk on Twitter

Musk on Twitter

The company will begin selling its cars in Ireland. But the premium, electric vehicles that boast acceleration times as low as 0-60 MPH in 2.8 seconds will surely not come cheap. It is estimated that they will ring in over €73,500 ($102,268).

Tesla has no plans to open a dealership with a service center in Ireland. When asked about servicing concerns, Roberto Toro explained:

“Consider that 90 per cent of the problems or issues that would arise relating to this car can be sorted remotely through software updates or upgrades. In the other cases we provide a service cover everywhere in the world, so for example if you buy a car in Ireland and you have a problem we can’t manage to fix remotely, then we will come directly to the customer with all the parts needed to carry out any repairs.”

With Tesla’s typical range of 400 km (249 miles) per charge, the company doubles the range of any electric cars currently available in Ireland. The Nissan Leaf and Volkswagen’s eGolf are currently sold in Ireland.

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Seems odd to sell Tesla cars in Ireland without having plans to install a service center there, but given the large number of car ferries which cross to and from England and Wales every day, I guess Tesla figures any car that needs a major fix can simply be ferried over to the larger island.

I thought the lack of service centres was odd. Yet given the size of our market and unproven potential of Tesla in Ireland, I guess they made the most clever choice. At least for now.

I was just on a ferry from Holyhead last week, it takes 4 to 5 hours. That might be a bit too impractical for Tesla. Also, I fear of bringing a car on the ferry, at least during Winter, Autumn and Spring. Recent storms have left cars and vans crushed in the hull.

They are very money cash constraint so it’s understandable that they can’t put a service centre there for the time being. But, if they want to go mainstream with the Model III, they will have to have a service centre there…and in other markets even if they are not so promising than other. Here in Portugal I already heard (and read in Portuguese forums) from some persons interested in buying Tesla cars, that they are waiting for a service centre here to make their order. For me, it’s the same when the Model III will be available in Europe, because for now the closest service centre is in…Bordeaux, France, 1000 miles from here!

offib said:

“I was just on a ferry from Holyhead last week, it takes 4 to 5 hours. That might be a bit too impractical for Tesla.”

What’s the situation with Ireland being a separate country from the UK? Would that make it harder to get your Model S ferried over to the UK for service? Would there be some sort of import/export fee or some such… or some red tape barrier?

I only went on the ferry as a foot passenger. For a car, I think it would be €80 one way. If they pretend they’re travelling normally.

It shouldn’t be too bad, by road, rail and ferry, there’s a simple Sengen style relationship between us too.

If it’s registering. That’s VRT, I know second hand cars from the UK can cost thousands to register in Ireland. Not sure about new cars, think it would be ~€6,000.

Following a recent visit to the state (and island) of Tasmania, Australia, I can advise that the best part of 2 dozen Models S’ that live there don’t have a local service centre either, the nearest one being 500 miles away in Melbourne (including 200 miles of sea). So, comparatively speaking, Ireland is lucky! MW

You can already buy a Tesla in Ireland by purchasing it through Tesla’s generic EU website and have it delivered to your home or workplace.

Does this mean Tesla will open a store but not a service center until there is a critical mass of Teslas?

“Does this mean…”

That’s what it looks like to me, too.

No, not really. It’s like buying an Aston Martin. They don’t sell them here. They’re imported specially.

I guess a big hurdle is that there’s no store. Since 2014, just less than 10 Model S owners took the plunge. I wouldn’t buy a car off the net without knowing how big it is, how well I can get in and out, or how well does it take the broken roads.

Aside from some presence like chargers, a new store is what I think they’re saying here. Besides, the closest store is in Manchester. Not something we can walk past everyday.

Fecking Finally!

New Zealand should be next.

I wonder if they will bother to put up a Supercharger station anywhere.

Well, the 2016 superchargers map for Europe shows three supercharger stations for Ireland and one more for Northern Ireland. But it’s not sure that Tesla will be able to concretize all of them this year, you know, they have not so deep pockets…

Wow, they updated their map. I hadn’t checked in a few months, but in the past, there was never anything in Ireland.

All in good time. First the Model 3.

Hopefully, expansion to other countries will also happen soon – there is plenty of stores and service centers in Germany, but not even one if Poland or Czechia.

Good news for Ireland. I would guess that Tesla my hire a local Ranger to service Irish cars.

Tesla now needs to look toward South Korea. The market size is quite promising, but they need a local presence to communicate in the Korean language.