Tesla To Install Free Chargers At Residences Of Model S Buyers In China


Tesla Model S In China

Tesla Model S In China

In an effort to increase lower-than-expected Model S sales in China, the automaker has officially announced that it’ll offer Model S buyers a free home charger (install included).

This announcement comes via Tesla’s newly appointed China President Zhu Xiatong, who hopes to turn around Tesla’s unsuccessful entry into the Chinese market.

It appears as though Tesla will install these free home chargers for all current Model S owners and for those who purchase a Model S between now and the end of 2015.

Tesla believes that low sales in China can be linked to a few things:

  • Lack of a charging infrastructure
  • Concerns over vehicle range
  • Tesla is not a known name

Tesla says that it’s working to address all three of these issue, starting with infrastructure, which in China can be tricky due to the fact that there’s a lot of shared parking since the majority of the Chinese who reside in or near major cities often live in multi-unit dwellings.

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Sounds like a great idea to reassure potential customers of having a fully powered car whenever they go to use it.

And yet Tesla still refuses to set up shop in countries that want to buy Tesla cars, like New Zealand.

Isn’t “refuses” a strong word? Tesla is a small company with limited resources. It cannot be everywhere at once. It had nothing to offer in NZ till last year anyway, when the left-hand drive version of the Model S first came out.

Give them time. They will get there.

China at its worst sells a lot more Teslas than New Zealand could ever sell at its best.

You need a lot more than the 20 total EV sales per month that you are at now. ๐Ÿ˜›

If only there were a company selling EV skates for sheeps though… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yes NZ’s EV market is too small for Tesla to worry about, but we do love our cars and love Tesla, we currently have 5 Model S in NZ that were imported privately.
China’s market is huge with 60,000 sales for 2014 which 3831 were Tesla.
China’s Jan 2015 EV sales were 5,200 with 120 Tesla.


Hopefully by the time the Model 3 is out the New Zealand EV market has grown a lot. Then they might drop some cars off on their way Australia/Hong Kong/Japan.

This is somewhat older news. They’re doing it because basically, everyone else selling EV’s in China, has already been doing the same thing.

what if you live in an apartment?

Yes Alex, that is the crux of the matter.

So this is a smart move on Tesla’s part

The last sales figures I saw had Model S sales in China at a consistent 500/ mo.

You’re saying they sold 6K cars in China last year? Sound too much given the global numbers.

Europeans and Chinese are not as open to new things (especially cars) as Americans are. Prestige of German brands is hard to beat. Tesla will have a tough time in these 2 markets.

It took them one year in China to figure this improvement out?

I wonder if Tesla is going to install one of its free chargers on this Model S owner’s utility pole?


By what I understand, a big problem that Tesla has in China is that all the rich people there don’t drive their cars, they have drivers to drive for them such that you need to have a cary with a luxurious and well-equipped back seats. Tesla lacked that although they have been working on it . . . for example, they now offer a 2-seat backseat version and that little console thing to add to 3 seat versions. But they have to do better than that.

Long wheelbase is that the other luxury brands do (exclusively too in many cases). However, I don’t think Tesla has any plans for a long wheelbase option.

Maybe they can bring out a Longer Wheelbase version of the Model X, as a Mini-Limo, for the Chauffeur Driven Set, with a 120-130 kWh Battery – for even less Range Anxiety, and Charging Flexibility! Something – that might be OK with the Model S, as well – Another Extension of the Model S Lineup: 1 Motors or 2, Standard body or long! Then – After they get the Model 3 production cruising along, they could do a longer Stretch of the Model X – for a regular Limo Version with a 160 – 170+ kWh Battery Pack, Dual Motors of Course – (A Base Model with 380 + 221 Hp {a bit more than the Model S85D, which is 188 x 2}}, and a Performance Model with 470 Rear + 370 Front)! Of course it is a longer car and a heavier Battery – so more power would be needed than in the current Model S choices, to maintain their reputation as quick accelerating Limo’s! As to the Charger Problem – Maybe they could work with the Chinese Governments to install numerous simple Chinese Variant 240 Volt/50 Amp Capable plugs (like our NEMA 14-50 Stove/Campsite, etc., and Common Tesla… Read more »

Will this result in significant improvement in Tesla’s attempts to sell the Model S in China? Or is this just a Band-Aid over a gaping wound?

The problem isn’t just the difficulty of getting an EV charger installed in China, where most people live in apartments, and thus don’t have a garage. The problem is that apartments in China rarely if ever have reserved parking spots in nearby parking lots. If the EV owner can’t reserve a parking spot, how can he/she be guaranteed access to a charger even if it’s installed?

But this problem should affect -all- plug-in EV sales in China, not just Tesla’s. So why is Tesla missing out on the boom in EV sales there? One (off-site) post on the subject claims that most purchases are being made by the government. If so, it’s not surprising they’re not buying foreign-made (that is, non-Chinese) luxury cars for government fleets!

So – Really, compared to USA/Canada/Europe/England/Australia, etc. – What is the Percentage of Private Homes with Garages and their own parking spot, to the Population in China?

Is it more like 1/3rd of these other places? 1/2? 1/4th? Or smaller?

Is there not some formula that can work – in Terms of Income Levels{Personal/Family Income $150,000+}, Living Style (Detached Home With Garage, own Parking Spot, etc), and more (Upscale Buyer of Vehicles interested in EV’s in general, as observed by zones with % of searches on Electric Vehicles as based on IP Address), that can be gathered (Data Wise) to forecast a bit better on these kinds of things before entering a market/Country/etc.?

And – that can be maintained and upgraded consistently based on new data, and buyer data after entering said market!

Tesla has multiple problems in China.

*sigh*, they just don’t get it.

1. It needs charging infrastructure at buyer’s home. Now, they are finally addressing it.
2. They need reputation which will takes time in China. The rich Chinese buyers want prestige and brand names. sometimes, the more expensive it is, the better.
3. Tesla needs more luxury interiors to go against high end European market… American brands just don’t have the same prestige as those European cars do. Tesla Model S interior are NOT up to par as far as the price is concerned ($130K)