Tesla To Install 50,000 Solar Panels And Powerwalls On Homes In Australia



Tesla gained a reputation for getting things done in South Australia (launching 100 MW/129 MWh ESS on time) and now is expected to deliver at least 50,000 home solar and Powerwalls.

Tesla Model X & Powerwall

The latest project is kind of a Virtual Power Plant that combines local electricity generation with energy storage.

The first stage will be a trial with public housing properties:

  • 1,100 places
  • 5 kW solar (5.5 MW total)
  • 13.5 kWh Powerwall (nearly 15 MWh total)

According to the state government, hardware will be installed free of charge and financed through electricity sales savings from generation.

The project will be then expanded to another 24,000 public housing properties and then after by introducing the offer to all South Australian households. 50,000 properties will be included within four years.

Using 5 kW solar and 13.5 kWh ESS as a base, it would work out like this:

  • 250 MW of power
  • 675 MWh of energy

Not bad compared to the 100 MW/129 MWh single unit project.

State Premier Jay Weatherill said:

“What we’re doing is effectively putting an extra power plant into the South Australian energy market, and the extra competition drives down prices for everyone. So we’re teaming up with one of the world’s great technology companies, Tesla. We have demonstrated that we lead the world in renewable energy: the world’s largest battery, the world’s largest solar thermal plant, now the world’s largest virtual power plant.”

This year it is expected that up to 600 solar/Powerwall installations will be completed under the plan.

Source: SBS, Bloomberg

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Welcome to the future.

Mark my words, Tesla Energy will be larger/more valuable then Tesla Motors.


This is the answer for Puerto Rico along with wind. Unfortunately Trump will never allow this to happen.

Unfortunately Trump will never allow this to happen.

Correction. Putin + Koch will not allow this to happen.


Same thing.

Correction: Putin+Koch Heads+Trump will never allow this to happen as long as they are in power.

I agree with Get Real,both Tesla & probably Nissan will sell more home power than cars, thankfully we haven’t got the Trump factor in Oz, so solar is marching along, if only we could get some subsidies going on EV sales maybe that market would move,around.1% of total vehicle sales is not something to be proud of.