Tesla To Hand Over Model 3s On Friday Starting At 8:45 PM Pacific Time


Tesla is now providing us with a few more details on Friday’s big Model 3 event.

According to the automaker, the handover will begin at 8:45 PM Pacific time on July 28.

Tesla will hand over the keys to an unannounced number of Model 3s. The previously stated figures was 30, but we’re not certain Tesla is sticking with that number now.

Most of the initial handovers will likely go to Tesla employees or major shareholders.

The event itself officially starts at 7 PM Pacific time (10 ET) for those lucky enough to be invited (details from the invite here), so there will be nearly a two-hour window between the start of the event and the actual handing over of Model 3s.

During that timeframe, we expect Tesla execs to take to the stage, leading up to the appearance of Tesla CEO Elon Musk and eventually to full reveal of the Model 3.  Officially on the invite it states “remarks will beginning at 9pm”

We’ll be on the scene for the event tomorrow night from when the doors open at 7PM, as well as livestreaming the event here around 8:45PM, so check in with us as the action unfolds in real time.

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30 handovers is a great start!!
I sure hope these much anticipated Model 3s are ready to go out into the wild!
At long last we will get some hard specs!

“At long last we will get some hard specs!”

Maybe a few but I wouldn’t count on it.

Maybe you should clarify that it will start 7:00 PM Elon Pacific time.

And in europe?

Early wake-up for you. +9 hour time difference.

Or, be an intelligent life form and watch it after you’ve got up.

As long as you remember this is the day and make sure you avoid any accidental spoilers there are really only advantages to watching it after the fact. Like, you can fast forward over the hours of tedious waiting that will precede anything interesting at all, and likewise skip quickly past bits and pieces that you’ve heard many times before and that are of little interest. But perhaps best of all you can go back and see again the bits that make you go “did he say..?” or where especially interesting shots are being presented. 🙂

Also at 7 PM Pacific time. Seriously, how lazy can you be?

Besides, Europe doesn’t use a single time zone. Pacific time is GMT, so perhaps you can work it out from that.

Or, if addition is still too much work for you, try https://time.is/no/PT

I’m pretty sure I wrote GMT-8. It certainy is not equal to GMT.

West coast is currently on daylight savings time.


I live there – er . . . here.
(I’m presuming Pacific Time = PDT)

Doing the metric conversion, I come up with eleventeen:30

Goodness, Tesla is not in Hawaii, which is 6 hours behind EST.

Hope it will be a great start. It does not matter whether the # of customers who are getting the keys are 30 or just 10.
Good start.

-8 Hrs here in the UK,

Perfect for me as normally making the coffee around 5.30am so should all be done by then !

“The previously stated figures was 30, but we’re not certain Tesla is sticking with that number now.”

Do you expect less or more handovers?

More. Maybe 60.

No way it is going to be less than 30. If they did that, they would be basically telegraphing that they are not meeting schedule. The stock would sink like a rock on monday.

Any one have a link or were I can get a link for the show


We will have it live-streamed here once Tesla is ready to go. We also have a couple people at the event giving the ‘play-by-play’, early looks from about ~7PM, well before the ‘show’ gets going.

Thanks Jay!

Will “play by play” be posted in comments like this, or will it be a Tweet storm, or what?

The plan tentatively is to have a “First Tesla Model 3 Deliveries – Watch” story that will go up a couple hours before – maybe from 5pm PT(8PM ET)- ish.

That story will have the event streamed when it goes live at the top for people to watch at ~8:40 PT, with a some commentary/pictures direct from the event in the ~2 hours before the actual stage show kicks off.

Hopefully (if every goes as planned), we’ll keep bringing new content/updates every 10 minutes or so from about 7pm to 8:45..then right into the live show, and recap/more photos, exclusive stuff, etc from there.

It will be a “refresh”ing thread, (=

I wouldn’t be surprised to see more than 30 handed over. Not a lot of reason to distribute fewer cars than you’ve made so far.

They could have made many more than they expected, perhaps even 100 of them.

Presumably they would hand over more than one at once, unlike the S rollout for example.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see more than 30 handed over.”

Me either. Supposedly they have made over 1500 model 3 battery packs already


Handover on a Friday night? What are they trying to hide?

normally I would assume /sarc on a post like this.

But then again this is coming from Four Electrics…

They try to make shorts like you cry that’s why it’s done after market close. Put your diaper on!


There has to be some kind of surprise – but what could it be?

250 Mile range?

Free supercharging for current reservation holders who follow through?

Ok, I’ll enter the pool.

I say they turn over 60 cars.

Why? Because they can say they exceeded expectations by double.

Nobody said they have to be real cars…

What do you mean not real cars? They are handing out keys to paying customers…they have to be “real” cars.