Tesla To Discontinue Model S, X 90 kWh On June 8


Soon only two battery choices will be offered on the Tesla Model S and X.

90 kWh Version To Disappear June 8

Effective June 8, Tesla will discontinue the 90 kWh battery option on the Model S and X. This was expected to happen for some time now after the introduction of the 100 kWh version of both electric vehicles.

Deletion of the 90 kWh version will limit your choices to the 75 kWh or 100 kWh battery packs.

The deletion of the mid-sized battery will simplify ordering. The online configurator will be set up to allow you to select “standard,” which is the 75 kWh version, or “premium,” which gets you the 100 kWh battery. Buyers can add “performance” to the high-level battery to get the P version of either the S or X.

Range goes from 249 to 335 miles depending on which model and battery pack you choose.

If you’re hoping to score a 90 kWh, your days are limited so order now.

Source: Tesla Model 3 Owners Club

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It’s highly unlikely.

Tesla tried that with software-limited 60’s that had 75 batteries….that experiment failed, so pretty sure a 75 will be a 75 forever, and same with an 100.

That “failure” was quite a marketing success in increasing demand for the Model S and X. Likely the lower-priced version wouldn’t have been discontinued if Tesla didn’t need room in the Fremont factory to set up the Model 3 production line(s).

I presume you copied that “failure” comment from a fellow serial Tesla FUDster, because it certainly has no basis in reality.

Tesla will eagerly want to part with the 90’s, as June ends and Model 3 requires full attention.

According to the question above, I wouldn’t be surprised if they changed the line over to strict 75/100 batteries, before the last 90’s roll off. If so, good luck getting them unlocked.

Yeah, Tesla is busily simplifying Model S/X production, reducing the options, no doubt to make more room in the assembly plant for Model 3 production.

Go Tesla!

The arrangement of cells in the 75kWh pack is completely different than the 100kWh pack. Even the modules that make up the pack are different. So, there is absolutely no possibility of OTA upgrade.

You know that only works, if they already build them as 90s and 115s right now? Tesla can’t send capacity OTA.

I’m waiting for Ford to send me some gasoline OTA.

I guess that if I want 2wd I’m stuck with the 75 kwh battery….

The other thing I’m confused about is I THOUGHT the 72 kw charging option still existed, but I can’t see how to order it from the website or the ‘shop’ and the ‘chat line’ is unavailable.

They specifically mention the $2,000 80 kw charging option is only for retrofitted ‘Catfish Grille’ Teslas

Both the Smart Air Suspension and the High Amperage Charger are standard on the 100kWh configurations and unavailable on the 75kWh configurations. The SAS is available as an option on the 90D, but not the charger.

Bill you are correct that when the refreshed Model S came out, you got a 48A charger that was (OTA) up-gradable to the 72A rate. It seems that Telsa decided to have two charger hardware configurations and they are not upgradable.

As for RWD, you can only get that in the 75. My opinion is that a luxury vehicle like the Model S should come standard with AWD.

The big question in my mind is whether they will have a price reduction on the 100D after the 90D is discontinued.

Will the Model-S Standard(75KWh) be available in AWD(Dual Motor) in addition to the RWD. Right now, it is. A maturing product from a maturing company.

Any idea of the battery size of Model-3.

No official word on battery size for the Model 3. Elon originally said the base size was less than 60 kWh, but that was before the 60 kWh Chevy Bolt EV came in at a surprising 238 miles of EPA rated range, so it could be that Tesla tweaked the battery size upward to match or exceed the Bolt’s range.

Elon (or someone at Tesla) did say that space limitations would limit the larger battery pack size to no more than 75 kWh. A recent rumor puts the sizes at 60 & 74 kWh, but that has not been confirmed.

They seem to have gone overboard on reducing the number of options. Should be able to get AWD on 75kWh version, especially as that appears to increase range sightly over RWD.
If this is an indicator for Model 3 then you will be able to get a base model with no options or a higher spec model and a host of options. A bit sad, really.

No options at all for the base trim level?

That’s more than a bit unlikely, innit?

An earlier article on this change said that you’ll still be able to order a 75D using a “custom build’ option on the site.