Tesla Teams With Ruby Tuesday For Supercharger Installs


Ruby Tuesday and Tesla partner up to provide more Supercharging stations in US

Ruby Tuesday and Tesla partner up to provide more Supercharging stations in US

Tesla has made a deal with popular U.S. restaurant chain, Ruby Tuesday, to install Tesla Superchargers in the restaurant parking lots. The number of locations has not yet been announced, but the potential is huge as RT has 729 restaurants in 44 states, 13 foreign countries, and Guam (as of March 2016).

It was said that a “series of” Tesla Supercharger stations will be built at various locations, with the first Ruby Tuesday restaurant in Miner, Missouri getting the first operational Supercharger installation last month (location details here).  Other stations are currently  “in the planning stages or under construction”.

Tesla Supercharger Map

Tesla Supercharger Map

Business Wire reports Chief marketing officer of Ruby Tuesday, David Skena, said :

“We’re thrilled to partner with Tesla Motors to offer our guests a place where they can charge their Tesla vehicle while enjoying a delicious meal,” stated David Skena, chief marketing officer of Ruby Tuesday. 

The goal is to chose prime locations throughout the country’s roadways that will allow travelers to “fuel up” conveniently.

“Expanding the Supercharger network to include Ruby Tuesday is good for both Tesla owners and our restaurants alike. We look forward to deepening our relationship with Tesla and opening additional Supercharger Stations in Ruby Tuesday markets around the country in the near future.”

The Ruby Tuesday/Tesla joint statement also touched on the thinking behind the EV maker’s high power charging infrastructure.

Superchargers are strategically placed to allow owners to drive from station to station with minimal stops. Superchargers allow Tesla drivers to travel up to 270 miles, take a dining break at Ruby Tuesday and get back on the road at full charge. The Tesla Supercharger is substantially more powerful than any existing charging technology, providing up to 120 kilowatts of power and replenishing up to 170 miles of range in 30 minutes.

Currently, most all Tesla owners can use Superchargers free of charge. However, after the huge reservations for the upcoming Model 3, it seems that in the future, some owners of the new, affordable Tesla will have to pay to have the service activated (or possibly via a charging package/pay-per-use program of some sort).

Source: The Verge, Business Wire (via Tesla Motors forum/SamO)

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Good thing other OEMs are not that smart. This makes waiting for a model 3 just more sensible. Really loved my Leaf but they are not smart enough to develope a network along interstates. Many of their dealer chargers are down regularly. Does not do much good to make a great car and not support it.

Tesla has really done an amazing job with their Supercharger network. It’s an amazing exemplary show of the possibilities that exist.

Dealer DCFCs are soon going to be a thing of the past.. relegated to history as part of the jump start for EVs, and mostly a poor experience.

But, in the next few years… next gen infrastructure for CCS and CHAdeMO equipped EVs will come to fruition, and I predict that nationwide coverage similar to Tesla’s now (at 280 locations) will happen by 2023 or 2024, although maybe not 4-12 charge points per location like Tesla, but with at least two 100 or 150 kW DCFCs per location.

I think some dealers intentionally leave the DCFC inoperative one it has an issue. Just to much of pita to keep it unblocked.

They shut it off, or lock the gate, or leave an ICE or even an EV or other vehicle in the way, that you just can’t plug it anyway.
Those are low power EVSE, but I still haven’t seen any DCFC in Nissan Dealer around Québec.
They just don’t care, one way or another and make you feel like unwelcome.

I speak about Nissan dealers of course.
I don’t know if BMW or Kia is any better.

Over 4000 supercharger stalls in place now around the world, pretty good.

Word on Teslamotorsclub is that there’s going to be one at the Ruby Tuesday in Brewer, Maine. Don’t know if it’ll be the first one under this program.

More charging is always great, but I wish this deal was with somewhere faster, like Five Guys or some other “fast casual” chains. Worrying being that if you only need 30-45 minutes to charge, but are sitting at your table for 2 hours, you’re blocking others from using that stall. Most people aren’t going to want to get up halfway through dinner to move their car.

So, is your suggestion to charge slower, or eat faster?

If I fill up gas at a gas station, go in to pay, and decide to stop for something to buy, or hit the restroom, it might be a while before I clear the pumps, and such could happen even on days when there are lineups for pumps!

I know, everyone is #1, and patience is a thing of the past, but expecting everything needs to go your way, is one of the big problems today, often all the more so, the more ‘sucessfull’ one thinks of themselves!

Maybe, impatient Tesla owners could throw in for an extra bunch of Supercharger stations?

Have you never been told ‘We will have a seat for you in 20 minutes, sir’, at your favorite restaurant, only to wait over 30 minutes? “Patience, Grasshopper!”

My suggestion is eat faster, or more accurately for Tesla to partner with chains where the average amount of time spent in the building lines up better with the amount of time required to charge. If you need to use one of these superchargers because you need the range and its on your route, you (and your family members) not going to be pleased with having to sit and wait for other people to finish their dinners to be able to charge.

Well, since I am not travelling with Kids, I can’t speak for how long that might take to eat a meal, since I am usually only about 45 Minutes to an Hour Fifteen, at a Cracker Barrel – including Post Dinner Shopping, but an easy mix or compromise, is everyone goes in, and once the meal is ordered, Driver goes out and moves the car off Supercharger (ideally – to an Onsite Clipper Creek 60 Amp or 80 Amp L2, or a similarly Powered Tesla HPWC/Destination Charger, if more of a top up is needed), and then returns to join the family! Then – the Supercharger spot is left open, and – the car will continue to charge!

Well Done Tesla!

Ruby Tuesday is a great choice for a charging restaurant. Nice place to spend an hour charging, eating, etc and back on the road.

Chargers will be everywhere. Tens of thousands of them. Far more than the current 128,000 U.S. gas stations. When inductive charging takes off many unlikely places will become mini gas stations and box stores like Walmart, Costco, the Local Mall will suddenly find themselves in the electrons business. Even the football stadium and the parking spaces at work will all become little electric gas stations.

It’s certainly easier/cheaper to install a fast charger than a gas station. But with 98% of charging taking place at home I’m not so sure. And the bigger the packs become, the less we will need to charge away from home.

I reckon there will be chargers “everywhere” so that you don’t need to plan where to charge, but instead just drive like you would a gasmobile until it’s getting a bit low and only then start to be on the lookout for somewhere to fill up. I reckon that won’t take nearly as many gas stations as currently exist, because a lot of the existing ones in densely populated areas can be closed.

If however you include slow charging, “destination charging”, it might become very widespread simply because it’s a *tiny* investment to get 240 V as soon as you need more than two or three charging points. To the extent it will draw customers at all, it will be worthwhile.

(The choice of 240 V however is an odd one; 400 V would be a much more natural choice!)

I doubt this is a typical dining option for many Tesla owners in the US today. After all, the buyers are the kind of folks who buy Merc S-class, BMW 7-Series and Porsche Panamera… folks who don’t usually enjoy $20 plates.

But with Model 3 coming out the “upscale causal” Ruby Tuesday should be a perfect match. Yummy!

I don’t know about the whole country but in the Southeast I rarely see a Ruby Tuesday near Interstate exits. Cracker Barrel, on the other hand, is near many exits. Seems like a perfect partner for Tesla.

Steven, it would be very interesting to learn any details of this agreement. Who pays for equipment, install, electricity, and maintenance? Tesla or Ruby Tuesday or a combination of both. Do they have a mechanism for usage billing? Per charge or per kWh?

AFAIK in those arrangements Tesla usually pays for the hardware and having it installed, the local partner provides the space and the electricity for free.

Interesting point about the highways with Cracker Barrel…There’s two topics when it comes to restaurants and everyone would have a different opinion…
1. Would most people using Ruby Tuesday Superchargers be by themselves or with friends/family? Bring your kids and spouse and you’re sitting at a table and not buying alcohol which Cracker Barrel doesn’t sell and brings up #2
2. There will be some folks showing up by themselves who will sit at the bar at Ruby Tuesdays…Most people can have between 2-4 drinks (liquor or beer makes a difference) and remain under the legal limit…I do fear that people will drink more and autopilot home…

Best locations for a charging station is…

The gym! Most people are there for an hour, you can even shower and change there for a total of 60-90mins of time spent there…Weights don’t use any energy, most modern cardio equipment (excluding treadmills) doesn’t plug in and gets its power from kinetic energy…Other indirect benefits as well, lose weight and get more EV range…Heck, if you have a heart attack it’s quite an “un-green” situation you’re putting on the hospitals…Exercising won’t guarantee you won’t have one but is proven to lower your odds…Destination charge at a gym…

Smart move by RT. We have not been to a RT in a long time but we will eat there if they put in SCs. Same with Applebees – we only go to them if they have SCs.

did they clarify if it will be super chargers or destination chargers?

Yup! “Tesla has made a deal with popular U.S. restaurant chain, Ruby Tuesday, to install Tesla Superchargers in the restaurant parking lots.”