Tesla Teaching Kindergartners About Electric Cars In China


Children In China Educated About EVs By Tesla

Children In China Educated About EVs By Tesla

As the Chinese electric car market begins to grow more quickly, people are still not educated about electric vehicles. Government incentives are pushing EVs forward in China. However, Tesla feels that many people are still apprehensive about purchasing EVs due to misinformation. The company is going to work to solve this problem by educating young children about EVs.

Educating children should have long term impacts. Kindergarten-age kids are like sponges and most want to learn. This becomes especially more fun and exciting when the subject matter is a car or gadget, or a car with gadgets. On top of this, bringing presenters into the classroom or taking children out on field trips surely generates additional enthusiasm.

Kindergarten Level Children In China Experiencing A Tesla Presentation

Kindergarten Level Children In China Experiencing A Tesla Presentation

Tesla China has decided to open its doors so that students can visit local service centers. Events are held for the classes at the centers, with the primary focus being green transportation, and the differences between electric and gas power.

Tesla recently posted a blog about one such event. It reads:

“To accelerate changes towards sustainable energy, Tesla is committed to promote the development of electric vehicle technology and, more importantly, to create a green way for people to travel. ‘Tesla experience centers’ throughout the country will carry the functions of promoting public science and electric vehicle technology by often hosting public open day activities.”

Obviously, these type of programs will benefit Tesla as a company. But even greater should be the impact on young students’ minds regarding environmental concerns, green consciousness, and sustainable transportation. Hopefully these programs, or similar programs will catch on in other parts of the world.

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It’s hard to change the mind of old curmudgeon, but the young mind is fresh to start anew with rEVolutionary ideas. Good job, Tesla. I hope they spread it to other countries as well.

Suffice it to say Tesla outputs no money for marketing,, youtube, kindergarners, accessories, livestream and twitter are Teslas marketing instruments.

The kids in the top picture look like they’re at a costume party, not a field trip to an automotive garage.

And both the instructors have bottles of unsustainable plastic water bottles in their hands. Nice.

They seem a little young for deep discussion about the unsurpassed efficiency of BEVs over hydrogen, and clean air.

Another reason why the Tesla Electric Scool Bus should be here brfore their next Roadster: to reach the minds of the young, and reduce/eliminate exhaust gases poluting the air as the kids walk past the bus to the front to get on!

Such a chassis would also be good to make Tesla Limousines, for those old jaded curmudgeons! The Limo’s could showcase the first 500 mile range Tesla’s! And I am sure Tesla could build a more Aerodynamic School Bus, that could get 350 to 450 miles range with 140 kWh to 180 kWh onboard! It would seem a 180 kWh Limo should be able to reach a 500 mile per charge range!

These two vehicles, even built in small numbers of 1,000 Buses per Month and even just 500 Limo’s per month, would have a far reaching effect in the Education and Corporate Worlds!

Yeah, Tesla should cooperate with Bentley or Rolls-Royce to create a truly luxurious EV.

Also, it would be great to see a school bus beat a Lamborghini on a drag strip.

Cool idea. Those kids are unbelievably cute.

When I was a kid we used to take old lawnmower engines and make go-carts with them. The kids today are building their own e- bikes and electric scooters.

If we don’t teach these kids early, they may turn to the Dark Side and end up as petrol-heads.

“Give me a child when he’s 7 and he’s mine forever” – Adolf Hitler

(not saying this is a bad thing, just pointing out that this is understood as the best way to indoctrinate!).

It’s why the Churches do Sunday School!

Just indoctrinating the youth is not going far enough. The purification will take too long. For the common good, all gassers must be eliminated. It’s the final solution. Hail victory!

(Above is sarcasm. Public brainwashing of children is creepy and wrong. Period.)

Right, he never got anything wrong. Like estimating his enemies.

Nice to see the atheist is ever the cynic.

“Right, he never got anything wrong.”

Actually, Hitler was very clever, and he strategically tried to keep the USA out of “Europe’s war” as long as possible. Germany didn’t know about Japan’s plan to attack Pearl Harbor. That’s actually what wrecked Hitler’s plan, as it drew the USA into the war sooner than expected. If the USA had stayed out another year, it’s likely the axis powers would have conquered the world, including the USA.

“Nice to see the atheist is ever the cynic.”

I see no moral equivalency between “Sunday school” and the indoctrination of children by governments. The former is the choice of free individuals as parents. The latter is wrong and usually evil.

Sunday school is pernicious.

No more or less evil than any other brain washing.

What’s clever in taking over Europe, and having to devote so many resources to occupying that territory? A smart man values his people, and realizes that is his greatest resource. Sound economic policies, trade with other nations, and preserving it’s boundaries at the time, should have been his goal. All that death, and destruction, is the work of a clever man.

> “All that death, and destruction, is the work of a clever man.”

edit: is of course not the work of a clever man.

Clever doesn’t mean wise or rational. Of course Hitler was an evil sadistic genocidal monster. He wanted to rule the entire planet, and he almost succeeded because he was clever.

clev·er (adjective)
quick to understand, learn, and devise or apply ideas;
skilled at doing or achieving something;

Hitler was not clever. He’s a product of circumstance, nothing more. He’s like some idiot who won the lottery only to squander it in few years.

Truly clever would foresee the outcome of his actions and provide lasting effects. I think of engineers behind SparkEV; its revolutionary innovation will live on long after it’s gone and maybe one day, there will be EV like it again (ie best bang for buck).

Wow! The FUDsters are out in full force on this one, playing this up as some kind of brainwashing. You’ve got to be kidding…

So, for all you whackos out there, it’s very simple. Tesla is just informing the kids that there is a big car that runs on batteries just like their toy cars do at home.


Besides, if there’s any electric car brainwashing to be done, China’s autocracy will see to it.

“Wow! The FUDsters are out in full force on this one, playing this up as some kind of brainwashing. ”

… said the guy who also said…

“If we don’t teach these kids early, they may turn to the Dark Side and end up as petrol-heads.”

… translation ….

“It’s not brainwashing if I like the message.”

Oy veh.

We have listened to over 100 years of lying oil company BS, misinformation, lies, collusion, conspiracies, corruption, mismanagement, oil spills, environmental damage, smog, cancer causing particulates, outrageous oil subsidies, the omnipresent oil lobby, bought off politicians, OPEC, embargoes and contrived shortages.

So, hell yes, I think our children need to be led away from “TheDarkSide”, a.k.a. Big Oil.

It sounds like we live on different planets. Where I live (MidWest, USA) the air is clean, the weather is beautiful, and there is plenty of gasoline/electricity for my Volt.

That’s why I disagree with most of your statement. Historically, the unlimited energy provided by fossil fuels enabled the industrial revolution, and it is now essential to most modern life. Fossil fuels have benefited mankind far more than they have detracted. Without fossil fuels, we would still be living like the Pilgrims, and nearly all modern things (like EVs) would still be a fantasy.

That being said, of course EVs are fundamentally better than ICE vehicles, and Tesla obviously has the best EV designs right now. That’s a wonderful message for potential customers, but not a good message to be forced on children.

And here, I thought that kind of corporatist propaganda aimed at children was only an American thing!


So, by extension every field trip that school kids take to a business/factory to see and learn something new is “brainwashing”?

If you want to see active and systemic brainwashing just look at corporate advertising on the TV or web.

If you want to see truly evil brainwashers just look at the former efforts of big tobacco (and many of the people involved went on to found FOX news and run climate denial) to influence children:


Maybe it’s not “indoctrination/brain washing” if it’s the truth supported by scientific evidence and common sense? 😉

Ie, Indoctrination Inoculation!

Great initiative. Unfortunately many people in the World are ignorant of electric vehicles.

Hope these kids will buy electric vehicles and free themselves from pollution and OPEC.