Tesla Targeting Same-Day Body Repairs

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Are independent shops to blame for long wait times, though?

No one can claim Tesla is not ambitious. Not only on the automaking front, but also with regard to various services surrounding its core business. Take its sales and service, for instance. Instead of outsourcing this key component of the business to third-party dealers like the established automakers do, it has built up its own network, despite numerous attempts to stop them. Now, it seems the California company will apply that same vertical integration approach to the business of body repair.

Currently, if you get into an accident with your Model S or other Tesla vehicle, you can take it to a certified body shop and they will replace fenders, or do whatever other work might be needed to get your baby back on the road. Because this mature industry has thousands of businesses located across the country, this sounds like a pretty good solution. But for Tesla CEO Elon Musk, it doesn’t seem to be good enough. Apparently unsatisfied with the length of time repairs have been taking, he recently tweeted (embedded below) that the company hopes to take body repair times from more than 30 days down to same-day service by opening up their own shops pre-stocked with parts.

Good news, right? Well, maybe. While there is potential for a lot of good to come out of this approach, there are likely equally as many potential drawbacks. On the plus side, if Tesla can take a lot of cost out of the process, it could trickle down to the insurance rates, lowering premiums for all owners. On the other hand, this is another expense for a company, and it’s not clear that the body shops being used now are the primary reason for the long wait times.  There are more than a few anecdotes on forums and Twitter that make the case that the weak link is the Silicon Valley outfit and its inability to ship out needed parts in a timely fashion.

Whatever the reason for the delays in the past, after Tesla assumes the responsibility for repairs it will also be on the receiving end of blame if it can not live up to the same-day target made by its billionaire co-founder.

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Next day delivery of ordered Tesla car parts to local Tesla certified body repair shops would be a huge improvement.

Waiting weeks or in some cases months for car parts to arrive is not good and can turn an otherwise loyal Tesla owner into an unhappy customer.

To compound the situation often while the the Tesla car is being repaired one is having to drive a rented old-school ICE which hurts. Perhaps if Tesla cars were not so great the long repair wait would be less irritating.

Next-day delivery for body parts? Not sure that’s realistic…

Why not realistic?

I can get just about anything on Amazon next day… perhaps Tesla should partner up with Amazon for repair parts delivery.

You crash, you call Tesla to schedule an appointment, how long would that take?


Opening up proprietary body shops is a step backwards. Tesla has a monopoly on service; giving them a monopoly on body work will only exacerbate issues owners have.

The fact is that, with an open model, there is healthy competition for repair and bodywork business, which keeps everyone honest and matches supply to demand.

With Tesla, you’re locked-in after the purchase, and by then it’s too late to change your mind without incurring thousands in losses on the used car market. You’re at the mercy of Big Tesla.

Insideev’s own Alec Jones of disinformation strikes again!

Is there some major car maker that doesn’t have branded body repair network?

Is there some car where purchases are reversible from the manufacturer (beyond some tease period)?


The Apple model. Apple is over a trillion now. Just shut up already. Tesla is the best thing to happen to the automotive industry.

I see the biggest advantage being the Tesla shops will only be working on the Roadster, x, s and 3. The Techs will get very good and very fast only needing to master a few vehicles. Most bodyshops work on 100s of models of vehicles. I have worked in bodyshops for the last 27 years. This will improve the quality and increase the production speed.

Shipping replacement parts being the weak link, is precisely why Tesla body shops with pre-stocked parts should help.

They would be better off to have a few service centers stock a large number of parts to provide to the existing body shops. Just enough of them to cover all shops with single day ground shipping.

Tesla should team up with Amazon for the logistics. How difficukt and time consuming can it be to ship from a central warehouse to a specialized workshop?

Though this helps to almost get them to parity with any dealership. The problem or downside is the only way you get parts is through an “approved “ shop.

It’s just a car, any other car you just get repaired by your choice of a quality shop. Parts are never an issue.

How do you groupies respond to such mundane details as the speed at which paint dries? It does require critical thinking skills and not being bliinded by cult worship.

Thank you for taking the time to provide such an informative and helpful post.