Tesla Takeover Floods U.S.’ Largest Supercharger – Video Interviews


Check out the recent Tesla Takeover event at the brand-new, 40-stall Kettleman City Supercharger location.

The recent event was organized by My Tesla Adventure. The group hopes that this will become an annual event to bring like-minded Tesla owners together in style. The festivities included food, games, professional photography, and some unique interviews, which you can see in the videos below.

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Above: Our good friend Alex Guberman of E for Electric interviews event organizer Eli, who runs the My Tesla Adventure YouTube channel and organizes events such as this. Alex also interviews a few other Tesla enthusiasts at the party.

According to Teslarati, after the initial event came to a close, the road trip party attendees traveled en masse to Avila Beach, California.

The location, about 90 miles from the Kettleman Supercharger, served as an area for more socializing, pictures, and videos. About 40 Tesla vehicles followed to the beach and then had dinner and spent the night in the area. Eli told Teslarati:

The first annual Tesla Takeover brought together owners and friends from all walks of life who connected over a shared passion for Tesla. We had college students, home builders, techies, retirees, and even a cat, who became the official Tesla Takeover mascot.

Below is My Tesla Adventure’s interview with┬áModel X owner Larry Goldstein. Larry made the long trip all the from Las Vegas to participate in the first Tesla Takeover event.

Source: Teslarati

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The group should consider holding a raffle for a Model 3. For many the price of a Model 3 is cost prohibiting. A raffle would be a great way to give those folks an opportunity to be the lucky owner of a new Model 3. Sell tickets for $10, sell 5,500 tickets, and get someone famous to pick the winner. Maybe Elon Musk would be interested.

Volt#671 + BoltEV + Model 3 (soon)