Tesla T1 Rendered Concept Is Wild, But Unrealistic


Tesla T1 Concept Imagines An Electric Le Mans Racer

Using airfoils in the wheels and another at the rear of the vehicle let the concept harvest the airflow for charging the batteries.

Tesla will win the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2030, according to designer Omar Alfarra Zendah. He, along with four other students at IED Barcelona, came up with the T1 – a completely different take on the concept for an electric race car.

The students imagine that the T1 would have a pair of tires at each corner of the vehicle, and an airfoil would be between these sets. When speeding down the track, the air moving over the car would turn these devices and generate electricity. In addition, a high-tech airfoil called a Gorlov Helical Turbine sits behind the driver and harvests even more energy. This design can generate power while rotating in either direction and generates less noise and vibration than competing designs.

Tesla T1 Concept

The T1 Concept would use an electric motor with 335 horsepower (250 kilowatts) at each corner, and the complete system would produce 1,770 pound-feet (2,400 Newton-meters) of torque. A 70 kilowatt-hour battery would store the energy. The students estimate the racer could reach 255 miles per hour (410 kilometers per hour).

In addition to the high-tech power generation system, the T1 Concept would be able to speed through the corners by actively steering the wheels at the front and rear axle.

Omar Alfarra Zendah and the four other students came up with the original design for the T1 Concept last year. For his personal portfolio as his final year at the design school, Zendah created new renders and sketches of the car (pictured here).

Tesla T1 Concept

While not running at Le Mans, the Tesla Model S will be hitting the track soon in the inaugural 10-race season of the Electric GT Championship. The vehicles have 778 hp (585 kW) and 734 lb-ft (995 Nm) of torque, and they can reach 60 mph (96 kph) in 2.1 seconds.

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Airfoils that generate electricity seem like perpetual motion machines. They would create additional drag that would force the electric motors to use more power to maintain speed than would be gained in power generated by the airfoils. They’d be better off reducing drag and forgetting about the airfoils and electricity generation.


There is no reason for this concept to be a Tesla, except that if it wasn’t labelled as such it probably wouldn’t have been published here, so kudos to whoever teaches marketing at IED Barcelona.

Of course, whoever teaches scientific literacy at IED Barcelona (if anyone does at all) could do a better job.


A race car that restricts the driver’s vision to a couple of wedge-shaped side windows?

Unless they plan to put a VR helmet on the driver, I don’t see this ever happening. What race car driver would agree to drive a car in which you can’t look straight ahead? And what point to designing a car that way?

I realize that concept cars are about the concept triumphing over practical concerns, but still this seems rather pointless to me.