Tesla Releases ‘Swap Your Car For A Model S’ Videos



Tesla Drive to Believe Germany from Tesla, Inc on Vimeo.


Tesla Drive to Believe

To increase its footprint in Europe, Tesla conducted a Drive to Believe Challenge last year. The program was kind of an extended week-long test drive of a Model S, and now anyone can see what those miles were like. Recently, Tesla released two new videos showcasing Drive to Believe.

“Over 40 winners from across Europe were selected to exchange their current vehicle for a Model S for one week. Check out some of their experiences, below. Stay updated on future Tesla updates below or experience the safest, most exhilarating sedan on the road for yourself and arrange a test drive.”

The winner from Germany swapped its Mini One and was so much happy with Tesla Model S that he hoped to convince his wife to buy one. We are not sure whether or not he succeeded. The second winner, from the Netherlands, was especially interested in Tesla’s safety features. This should not surprise us, since the winner’s previous car was a Volvo C30 and Volvo is recognized as a manufacturer of some of the safest cars around. It’s expected that Tesla will release more videos from other European countries down the road.

You can try to catch on the next batch of Drive to Believe Challenge if there will be one (stay updated or apply here).

Tesla Drive to Believe – The Netherlands from Tesla, Inc on Vimeo.

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10 responses to "Tesla Releases ‘Swap Your Car For A Model S’ Videos"
  1. Gouldness says:

    Wish you could pay them $1,000 for a week test drive/live. I’d be willing.

    1. David Murray says:

      Try Turo. At that price, it shouldn’t be hard to find one.

  2. Marciemarc says:

    @ Gouldness

    Try it at TURO

  3. Another (Euro) industrial point of view says:

    A looked at the first vid.
    “I very much look forward for a guilt free driving experience” says the guy.

    Because of shorter distances the European way of doing this in many northern cities is just cycling to work and keep a compact car when needed for longer distances. Its much cheaper and has overall a much lower environmental footprint than driving around a 4000 lbs car. Moreover it is a lot healthier. No problem to enjoy a nice car but no need of environmental Bravo Sierra import.

    1. Get Real says:

      Well, I doubt that Tesla Model S or X cars are replacing bicycles or even compact cars if that’s your worry.

      They are instead mainly replacing large luxury cars like S class, 7 series, etc and as such the Tesla’s are definitely far more sustainable then those gas hogs.

    2. ffbj says:

      Conclusions based on partial data, and an invalid comparison.

  4. My mom is the winner in the Netherlands! Awesome experience in a beautiful red Model S 90D. Thank you Tesla!

    1. ffbj says:

      Cool! She probably deserves it. Something nice that is. Mom’s don’t get nearly as much credit as they should get.

  5. Jim Whitehead says:

    They should expand “Drive to believe” worlwide! They could have monthly drawings at every Tesla showroom, of 2 drawn randomly from owners of older Teslas and have come in for repairs. It would be a cool party too for other owners.

    1. David Tan says:

      TESLA’s “Drive to Believe” program is aimed at convincing owners of other competitive luxury cars
      of a high-tech, smooth, awesomely stealth accelerating, safe sport automobile, that can accommodate 5 adults and two children comfortably,
      to switch to a TESLA.
      Therefore it is highly unlikely that it will be offered to current TESLA owners.