Tesla To Surpass Q2 Sales Expectations, Exports 585 Model S EVs To China Through May

JUL 1 2014 BY JAY COLE 48

Tesla Model S Meets The Great Wall

Tesla Model S Meets The Great Wall

Heading into the 2nd quarter of the year, Tesla said it expected to sell 7,500 cars in a shareholder letter to investors.

“We expect to deliver about 7,500 Model S vehicles in Q2 as we move toward our goal of more than 35,000 Model S deliveries for the year.  We also plan to produce 8,500to 9,000 cars in the quarter, representing a 13% to 19% increase over Q1.”

RHD Tesla Model S Does Some Promo Work In The UK...Of Course It Was Raining At The Time

RHD Tesla Model S Does Some Promo Work In The UK…Of Course It Was Raining At The Time

We can now put the virtual checkmark beside that outlook statement as a surge of imports into China plus a strong last month of US sales looks to have put the US electric vehicle maker over the top.

Tesla made its first deliveries into China in late April after reportedly importing 53 cars during the month.  May was followed up by a further 532 Model S sedans arriving in the country…including one car that was smashed by its disgruntled owner after just receiving the keys.

And while June numbers have yet to be tallied in China, first hand accounts from the ground say that June was an even busier month for deliveries.  We’ll pencil in at least 1,200 deliveries for China during the quarter.

Of course exact numbers won’t be known until Tesla reports in August, but we are confident in our own projections tracking North American sales for the 2nd quarter at around 4,250 (3,900 US/350 Canada) is accurate within a couple hundred units (historical accuracy has ranged from +/- 75 to 350 units as a matter of disclosure).

Advanced numbers (via registrations) from Europe have Tesla delivering approximately 1,200 cars in the first two months of the quarter.

Our Early Projections For Tesla Model S Sales For Q2 2014

Our Early Projections For Tesla Model S Sales For Q2 2014

Additionally, this month Tesla finally started much delayed deliveries of RHD (right hand drive) cars into the UK on June 7th, we expect at least a 1,200 more units found there way into Europe proper (+ other misc deliveries worldwide) for June.  Further RHD sales into Hong Kong, Japan and Australia are expected in volume during the third quarter.

Happy total?  An estimated 7,850 Model S sedans sold.

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Somewhere there is a Gas Station missing 7500 gas guzzlers.

As of now the Tesla sightings in my area out number the Volt and the Ford Plug in Cars three to one.

And it’s about time. The oil industry has had us all by the gonads for way, WAY too long.

I hope you are right….They have so much money they’ll probably buy up all the electricity generating in the world and jack the rates,of course minus all the bribes they will have to payout….they don’t care how they make their money(or take ours)oil or electricity ,either makes them filthy rich…..

Ya!!!! Go Tesla!!!!! The sad thing about the gas issue is the gas companies are allowed to extort all the billions of dollars from us and get a hand slap for screwing up and destroying the environment. Shame – shame!!!

You know, other companies besides Tesla also sold a bunch of EVs too. Gotta count them also in your guzzler statement.

Doesn’t look like we will beat last month’s total plug-in sales though.

you must live in a “high rent” district because i rarely see the Model S and the one i tend to see is the same car when i see one. from what i can tell, the biggest selling plug-in car in the chicago area is the Volt.

I wonder what percentage of EU sales actually goes to non-core markets..10 or 40%?

Which would you consider core markets? And which would you consider non-core markets?

What explains such volatility in sales month after month, with June seeing numbers 2.5x as high as April… worldwide. Shouldn’t global deliveries follow roughly the production rhythm?

It probably does. They will batch production of different market cars (all RHD in one batch, china cars in another, and so on).

@sad. US deliveries have been slowed down to support intl deliveries. Thus both can’t go up at same time, one or the other.

I understand volatility in US (or any other region’s numbers), but what justifies *total* deliveries going from 1640 in April to 3860 in June?

It takes a little while to ship cars over the ocean.

Tesla seems to start each quarter slow and ends on a higher number. it may be part of logistics related to batching and shipping, not to mention parts supply deliveries. Expect a slowdown in July deliveries as the Fremont plant retools to start multi- production lines.

Why would it retool in July? Seems far too early given the delays of the Model X.

Tesla is adding a second production line that is more efficient and flexible than the original one being able to produce Model S and/or Model X.

Panasonic should be able to increase cell deliveries after upgrade completed so Tesla should be able to increase output of Model S.

The original line will also see upgrades but they have not said if it will match the capabilities of the new production line.

The sentence that confused me was the one where the disgruntled customer smashed their Tesla after just receiving the keys.
Now should that not have read: just after receiving the keys one disgruntled owner smashed their Tesla?
It’s a conundrum. If he only received his keys, which is the meaning of after just, then how could he smash his Tesla, since he only received keys?
After just, is exclusionary conditional while just after, is temporal/event conditional. While they can be interchangeable and lead to the same thing for instance: I quit just after I got a 15 cent raise or I quit after just getting a 15 cent raise, they have different functions and meanings. And why was the person disgruntled?
Because the delivery took so long?

I bet you’re a lot of fun at parties.

You should have typed “your” just to get a reaction.

Eye think you guise are two much.

I think if he really had just (in the sense of “only”…) received the keys he would have smashed the keys. Apparently it is a cultural thing.

Heh heh. I had a friend like you once

I see artificial intelligence has arrived sooner than we thought.

This, boys and girls, is why we don’t use leaded paint anymore.

Have to disagree with the others; this comment is awesome, albeit totally off-topic. Don’t get me wrong Jay, we all love ya’ dearly. In the trade-off between endless editorial reviews and getting the news out quickly, you’ve picked the right mix, but a healthy dose of nit picking is always good to help keep the bar high!

What is the basis of these numbers? If the first few customers ( like the disgruntled one) just got his keys, do we expect that 1200 customers in China who ordered later already received their cars before him?
Is it not true that the cars that were imported in June are for July delivery?

What is the basis of the US sales numbers in June?

It’s all made up, you know it, I know it, we all know it. Real numbers of sold Model S’s are: NA: 345, EU: 121 and China: 8 now watch that stock come down to $11

Do you work for Tesla? Then, I will believe you!
My question is, are the just guesses or based on some data? If you can’t answer or don’t know, just keep your mouth shut.

Go cry in your beer See Through!

Come on See Through, I was teasing you 🙂 hope you have a good day today.

Sorry Boris!
I see widely different numbers at different sites, so no clue what the actual numbers are, and if anything is based on reality.

as an aside (somewhat) to those who are interested: illinois solar is having a raffle with the prize being a Model S. tickets are $100 each.

After looking at this a bit I see that there is a cash pay-out of $60,000 and the association will assign a cash value of $72,000 to the IRS. It also state the car will be “Transferred” so it looks like the association already took the tax credit. Looks like the $72,000 value assigned equates to a base Model S60. no information is available, that I saw, that shows any details colors, options ect. I want a Model S but I’m thinking I will pass on this one.


i did not expect that they would be offering a top of the line Model S in a raffle.

the $72,000 is based on the fair market value of the car – that establishes the value of the goods being transferred and that, therefore, becomes the amount of income realized by the winner. you have no right to make color or option choices; you basically take what they give you. the car is “transferred” because illinois solar is not “selling” the car: in other words, the purchase of the raffle ticket gives the buyer no property ownership rights in the underlying vehicle. the cash payout is only $60,000 because if you don’t take the vehicle, then illinois solar is going to have to come up with the cash to make the payout. they would undoubtedly dispose of the vehicle to cover for the cash payout.

“no comment” I agree 100% with what you are saying. my only comments are that the raffle organizers are not providing any information about the car they probably already ordered. At 2000 tickets at $100 each they stand to collect $200,000. a Model S60 stripped is not that good a prize compared to the amount of money they stand to collect.
I have seen charitable originations raffle Teslas in the past. same deal 2000 tickets at $100 each but they always place the order for the car after the winner has been selected. They order the car and place the money on the account. This allows the raffle winner to select color and option at his/he expense and claim the $7500 tax credit to help off set other tax liabilities.
If this raffle was set up like that it might be a good opportunity to pick up a Model S on the cheap.

you may want to direct your questions to illinois solar for details about how the transfer is actually implemented. since they will only raffle the car if a minimum number of tickets is sold, it sounds to me as though they will wait at least that long before they obtain the vehicle. the only thing that is clear to me is that illinois solar does not want to take on any liabilities with respect to warranties or winner’s expectations.

that said, your comments about the raffle don’t seem reasonable to me. first, there is no guarantee that they will actually sell 2,000 tickets; but even if they did, it is still a good deal to the winner notwithstanding the prize being a basic Model S and regardless of the tax consequences. if your’s is a “tax” strategy, then it seems to me that you would be better off taking the cash and then buying what you want directly; then you get not only the tax credit but you also get the sales rebate. if that’s still not a good enough deal, then just take the cash outright and you’ll still come out ahead after taxes.

“No Comment” I have sent an e-mail to Ill. solar asking for clarification on the installed options, color and tax status relating to the “Transfer” of the grand prize. If/when they reply I will post their response here for all to see.

They are also selling raffle tickets for a Chevy Volt if anybody is interested.


Tesla sold 1078 cars in Norway in Q2.

I guess it will take some time to tally the entire Europe numbers. Then we will see if the table in the article is any good.
In June, that means (1200-536) cars need to be sold in the rest of Europe.

We know 45 were sold in Sweden.

182 in the Netherlands.

Hello – Wondering what is the source for April and May Chinese sales.

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