Tesla Supports Bill To Raise 150/Year Vehicle Sales Cap In Georgia

FEB 7 2014 BY JAY COLE 26

Don't You Hate Stock Pics?  We Do.  Here Is A Shot We Took Of The Panasonic-Tesla Both At The Tokyo Motor Show This Year That Is In No Way Related To This Article

Don’t You Hate Stock Pics? We Do. So here Is A Shot We Took Of The Panasonic-Tesla Both At The Tokyo Motor Show This Year – That Is In No Way Related To This Article

Unlike Nissan with the LEAF, Tesla is not free to just go out and sell 1,000 electric vehicles in a month (as Nissan almost did in December) in Georgia – they can only sell about 12 in any given month on average.

Tesla's "No Franchised Dealership" Model Work Well In Places Like Toronto (pictured above), But Not So Well In Atlanta Thanks To Selling Caps

Tesla’s “No Franchised Dealership” Model Works Well In Places Like Toronto (pictured above), But Not So Well In Atlanta Thanks To Selling Caps

Due to state laws, and Tesla’s determination to not follow the classic franchised dealership model, the company can only sell up to 150 Model S sedans in per year – as they operate under a special “zero emission” exemption that allows them to sell only a limited amount of cars directly to the public.

Now a Tesla-backed proposal introduced February 6th by Republican House Reps. Chuck Martin, Earl Ehrhart and Buzz Brockway, would see that number increased 10-fold, up to 1,500 per year; or 125 per month if you will.

And still while not the most ideal situation for Tesla long-term, it would allow them to avoid “the dance” the company is currently doing to move product in Georgia – as reports have the company having sold more than 500 out of Atlanta alone in just the last year.

According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Georgia customers can check out the Model S at a Tesla boutique, then are directed to the Tesla website to learn more; and to ultimately place their order online.

Oh No, Stock Footage Of Atlanta Did Find Its Way Into The Story!

Oh No, Stock Footage Of Atlanta Did Find Its Way Into The Article!

At that point the car is both manufactured AND delivered in California before arriving later in Georgia.  At this point the customer is then required to self-register the Model S with the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles.

Clearly this is a hoop Tesla doesn’t want to have clients be forced to jump through, and this relief on the legislation would go a long way to achieving that end- at least in the short term.

Naturally, we expect the Georgia Automotive Dealers Association to be none-too-pleased with this bill.

Thanks to a generous additional incentive of up to $5,000 by the state, which can be combined with the $7,500 credit offered nationally by the Feds, Georgia now ranks as the 4th more receptive state to electric vehicles according to a recent study by Edmunds – approximately 1 out of every 90 new vehicles sold in the state plugs in.

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Is there State Sales Tax on a vehicle purchased in Georgia?
If there is, does the State lose tax revenue when residents go through the “hoop” to buy a Model S outside of Georgia?
If their losing Sales Tax revenue because of the 1,500/year sales limit, it shows they lack brain cells.


I Michigan, it doesn’t matter where you buy something. If you are a resident of the state and bring the product in, you have to pay sales tax on it.

No, they collect it when you register. Interestingly enough, if you buy in California, you have to pay the tax there too, even if you end up registering it in another state. So folks taking delivery in California, and then register in Georgia will get double taxed.

California has an exemption if you are taking it out of state right away. At least they did a couple of years ago when I checked.

Why does the car have to be delivered to Georgia first before registering it? Seems like once its off the line in CA, a title would exist and all of the paperwork could be done before the car even arrives in GA.

Unnessessary red tape designed to discourage the sales model.

There is no free market. Capitalism is a hoax.

Land of the “free”. Not even able to buy cars online.

That’s the problem with Republicans – they want to control your life.

Liberals don’t give a damn what you do. In fact, they try to protect our rights that the Right Wing keeps trying to take away!

They want to tell you who you cannot marry.

They want to control women and reproduction (abortion).

They want to steal your money and pass it on to the rich (Talk about “theftonomics” – sales taxes go up while income taxes and real estate taxes go down).

They want to take away your right to affordable healthcare (trying to get rid of Medicare/Medicaid, Affordable Care Act, etc., etc., etc.).

They want to tell you what to think (all this belligerent patriotism has been really getting on my nerves, and it was really bad during the Afgan and Iraq wars).

They want to tell you which lane to drive in (ever been in Pennsylvania lately? Talk about Big Brother, the GOP has gone f-ing nuts…they are pushing for the same signs in Maryland now).

The most vicious Nazi-types on HOA committees always end up being the ones who are self-described as conservative.

The list goes on…and on…and on…

Did you read the article Tom? The Repliublicans introduced the bill to increase the number of cars Tesla could sell.

There are always the rare occasions were people end up on the same side of an issue…it doesn’t change the facts. Besides, the one guy that is for the bill is also against the EV incentives.

Same guy who sponsored the bill wants to kill offf the 5k tax credit. Talk about being double faced

Tesla buyers have very little trouble with that. Many will pay extra for the various options on the car which are obviously overpriced.

Wow, I totally agree with the “Land of the Free” comment. More like land of the special interests. How did Atlanta get to be so big a Tesla city with this crap going on???

The climate and the Interwebs.

Global problems and global communication are two massive catalysts for a magnitude of change that hasn’t been seen in recorded history. We’re on the verge of a nearly incomprehensible paradigm shift.

Wow, for me the most surprising element of this bill is that it is initiated by Republicans.

I thought that being anti-EV in general, and anti-Tesla in particular, has been a GOP party dogma since 2009, except perhaps for the odd libertarian or two (there’s one libertarian GOP congress member from TN, I think, who actually owns a Model S). These 3 seem to be run-of-the-mill Republicans.

Can anyone from Georgia explain that state’s miraculous pro-EV bent compared to the rest of the South?


This feels very republican to me. So much so that I don’t understand your question. Unless you look at it from strictly a “republicans are haters of the environment” point of view. Besides not caring about the ozone layer, republicans have other characteristics that fit well with this proposal.

The fact that they are wanting to to cancel the incentive is to reduce redistribution of wealth (borrowed money, rather) to people who don’t need it, and to stop meddling with the gods of capitalism… which is what the dealer’s union/PAC is trying to do by trying to keep Tesla out in the first place.

I wonder, is planet salvation the reason people buy EV’s? Is it even in the top 5 reasons? I’m sure there are some polling data out there. Anyway, it had absolutely nothing to do with my purchase(s).

Good points…the bill is more “libertarian” than “conservative”.

Atlanta is a big city, and fairly progressive, as far as I am aware…you also have Huntsville, where NASA has a facility…some major research universities (UGA, GT, etc.).

But over 65% of GT engineering graduates leave the state of GA after graduation….

Many of them lands in the Si valley, Texas, Boston and Chicago area…

Very few engineering jobs in Atlanta. It is a “service hub”. Headquarters of Coca-Cola, UPS, Delta, AT&T (formerlly Cingular, BellSouth), Home Depot, CNN, TBS…etc.

Huh…very interesting. Still, you find university communities to be fairly progressive even if the graduates don’t hang around.

Trickle down freedom to purchase what you want…. brought to you by the trickle down party… , three years later the limit might be raise to 3,000, a few more years to 5,000… The limit should be lifted once and for all. The bill is in the first place was the worst hit to free competition and the consumer, we can only buy a flip phone like car from their basket.


Atlanta lungs deserve clean air. The more EV’s on the road the more breathable the air. This non-sense bill cutting off the tax credit is an abomination when the city air is still toxic. It is cheaper to do the tax credit than to pay for the health issues.