Tesla Supercharging Plan For Europe Grows Deeper – 200 Stations Total

AUG 30 2014 BY JAY COLE 64

Tesla Supercharging Rollout For Europe In 2015 Updated...And Getting Pretty Dense

Tesla Supercharging Rollout For Europe In 2015 Updated…And Getting Pretty Dense

Tesla has not only been following through on plans to build out their Supercharging network in Europe, but they are also expanding on those plans.

Tesla "Active" Supercharging Map Today - 59 Stations

Tesla “Active” Supercharging Map Today – 59 Stations

Today there is 59 active stations in Europe (115 in North America and 13 in Asia), but more significant than that is what they have planned by the end of next year.

One of our community members Micke recently noted the addition of about 10 new locations for Tesla charging stations next year:

Most of the addition we have heard about (Spain, Italy, the rest of the UK and Ireland, a few in Finland). The most interesting addition though is the tentacle through Croatia and Serbia all the way down to Bulgaria, which will include Belgrad where the Tesla museum is situated.

It might be strategical to have that route, but my though is that Elon Musk listened to the wishes of a tribute to Tesla, his home country and the real Tesla museum.

In total, Tesla now has a plans for an even 200 stations by the end of 2015 in Europe.

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I’m kinda afraid they won’t manage to monitor all those locations in a good way. I mean defects, iced parking spots, restaurations all this stuff.

Even if the company was only about this whole network it would already be crazy but other than that they have to manufacture some cars and other stuff 🙂

While I am critical of Tesla’s over promising on SC delivery (see below), they seem to be managing the existing network pretty well. It looks to be fairly scalable. Broken SCs seem to get promptly fixed. They now have one year of managing winter operations and I am certain that experience has helped them improve their designs and plans. They have learned a few things about placement that will improve availability.

I expect them to only get better at it.

Well the activity & operation of the chargers can be monitored remotely. If one isn’t working when people try to use it, they can dispatch someone to repair it. If a spot is ICEd then the person discovering that should just call the local police and have the car towed.

Seems pretty simple to me. Well designed chargers should operate pretty well without much need of support. But there do seem to be some problems with vandalism and malfunctioning Chademo chargers. Perhaps they should try to put cameras on the stations.

So, what happens to your trip when you reach the SC and find that it’s not working? Will you wait few hours till ti gets fixed and charged up? Seems a bit of risk in this.

They have almost allways more than one charger on site, and each supercharger have 12 induvidual chargers inside, it can work with broken ones, just slower. So unless all brake at once you dont need to wait at all

See, Tesla does not put up just one charging station at each point. The usual minimum is 4 and 6 is also a common number of Supercharging points at one station. Toronto has 8, and some in California have 10 – 12!

This means that the 200 European stations can charge up not less than 800 Tesla’s at any given time, and rotate in another 800 in 30 – 45 minutes! A single failed unit won’t put a big delay in you Supercharge experience.


yep, smile, you’re on candid camera, automatically turned of from ‘personal settings’ choice of the Tesla when driven up to the SC, LOL.

I think it’s great that Tesla is giving Europe more supercharger love. But, people shouldn’t take this new European plan as anything other than vague intent. Tesla has a bad habit of over promising.

It’s instructive to look at North American progress vs the promise. SC installations have slowed to a crawl in North America since Feb 2014. Basically, they have been completing a bit more than 5 a month. They need to be lighting up more than 23 a month from now to the end of December to make their 2014 goal of 208 (as defined by the 2014 supercharger map on the Tesla Site). I think it’s unrealistic to expect them to even get close to their promise. If I were a betting man, I’d put money on 160 (basically a bit more than double their current rate).

A word of hope…
Though the situation for NA is exactly as you describe it, in Europe we are (for some reason) experiencing something completely different: in July 22 SCs went online, and in August 14 (just in Europe).
(Supercharge.info, “Changes” section)

On that basis, I somehow feel completely confident they’ll respect their plans for Europe.
For NA, it’s still possible (you said 23 a month are needed). We’ll see.
In any case, it’s just a matter of a few months’ difference. From the “historic” point of view doesn’t change much… 🙂

Yes, but NA saw a similar surge in the Fall of 2013. It would be good if you are right but history says you aren’t.

Elon makes “shoot from the hip” promises in public and the company works to make them a reality. Elon is ALWAYS making promises so the team gets pulled in multiple directions. Where’s my chademo adapter?

The sad part of all this is the company has actually made amazing progress but, by over promising, they diminish the impact of it all.

I think this might be the exception. They are basically working in 7 countries (Germany, France, UK, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Austria) and most of those are pretty EV friendly, green or aspiring to be green, pretty efficient and fairly easy bureaucracy (well, not all of them :P).

I think all of them will be built this year except maybe a few in France and Italy (for fairly obvious reasons 😉 not being the best countries at all the things above)

No, Germany is not EV friendly. The autobahn speeds kill Tesla range. There are no govt. incentives for EVs. Electric rates are also high.

Friendly in that way that they know the importance of green solutions and that they would not stand in the way of a company wanting to build EV chargers.
Rather help them in any way possible to make it happen, finding solutions and getting the permits needed easily.

most people drive no faster than 130 km/h on German Autobahn. That is also officially recommended driving speed.

‘open road, little traffic’? Jouni? I’ve not had the opportunity to Autobahn long distance in a decade, but that was Not my experience, and I’ve not heard conversation about it.

I was told “150km/h passes a few, get passed a few.. fingertip manage speed limits at that speed.” Quite a difference.
When stationed there, I drove 200km/h all day every day, and certainly passed but was passed as well – this in the prehistoric mid/late-eighties, LOL.

In February 2014 Elon said the Tesla battery-swapping stations were “a little late,” but they would be coming “in the next few months.” The next few months came and went with no battery-swapping stations opening. Instead Tesla pushed back the opening stating they’d “like to have something in place by the end of the third quarter,” but the “first site will be a demonstration – a prototype –” possibly for a fleet operator and probably not available to individual Model S owners.

Battery swap makes no sense. Yet another reason why the CARB is out of touch with reality. I would happily see that whole idea go away.

For the cost of one BS station, you could install tens of superchargers.

The only sense I see for battery swapping is if a large taxi company in a big city wanted to change their fleet to Teslas and have private swapping stations to “refill” at.

Battery swapping is not needed and it it too expensive in private use. Taxi driver can supercharge Tesla while having a lunch break.

Well no one is forcing you to use the swapping stations.

And what does CARB have to do with anything, I don’t think they get any credit for them under CARB.

Some people just might want to do a quick swap instead of a charge . . . let them.

yes they do. It part of “fast fueling”. It’s the same reason that H2 gets so many CARB credits.

I believe Tesla already received extra “Fast Fueling” CARB credits on the Model S’s its sold, even though it hasn’t yet built any battery-swap stations.

But CARB can turn credits into debits if people don’t actually use “fast fueling” options.

It has to be more than available. Fast fueling credits depends on real world use.

Correct. The blanket “fast fueling” CARB credit for cars that are technically capable to swap batteries has been recently changed to clarify that those cars need to actually be physically possible and available of such a feet. This isn’t the only car company getting CARB credits for BS stuff. Toyota got credits for their “fleet” Scion iQ EV of 92 units. Notice the “fleet” part… sound familiar? That’s really code for regulatory compliance with a middle finger to the regulators, Here is the old rules: For 2012-2014 “Phase 3”, 12% of production must meet Yearly ZEV requirements (including ZEV’s, Enhanced AT PZEVs, ATPZEVs and PZEVs). Of that 12%, 0.79% must be ZEV. Any type of ZEV may be used Type V – 300+ miles range “hydrogen” – Credit per vehicle: 9 (2015-2017 only) Type V – 300+ miles range “fast refueling” – Credit per vehicle: 7 Type IV – 200+ miles range “fast refueling” – Credit per vehicle: 5 Type III – 100+ miles range “fast refueling” – Credit per vehicle: 4 Type III – 200+ miles range ————– Credit per vehicle: 4 Type II – 100+ miles range ————— Credit per vehicle: 3 Type I.5 – 75-100 miles range… Read more »

Always expect a delay of about 3 months.

The deployments in the USA have slowed . . . but honestly, they’ve covered most of what they need to cover. They’ve got them up and down the two coasts, clusters in Texas, and (not great) path across the USA.

They need a few more on the path across the USA such as some in Nevada and along 80. But most of the missing areas are pretty niche markets.

“but honestly, they’ve covered most of what they need to cover. ”

Uh, wrong. Flat out wrong. Stunningly wrong. Based on the “coming soon” map, there are huge parts of the US that have barely been touched. Canadians are feeling pretty unloved these days. Texas remains an island. Look over at at the Tesla Club forum to find a lot of anger over missed promises and changed plans.

Once Tesla completes the 2014 map it’s better but still lots of gaps. I doubt Tesla will complete the North American 2014 map before May of 2015.

Tesla showed Canada some love this past week by opening superchargers in Toronto, ON, and Cornwall, ON (near Montreal). 😀

Isn’t the goal to enable travel between cities? Tons of places you cannot travel between in the US. Tons more when you factor in the fact you cannot charge at your destination so there is no hope of making to the SuperCharger miles away…those little bubbles of how far you can travel are pretty optimistic.

Also in 100 cities in China at Unicom stores, a Chinese phone company, they inked a deal to install sc at those locations.

In 20 cities.

Correct, superchargers in 20 Chinese cities and charging posts (L1 or L2???) at 400 China Unicom stores in 120 Chinese cities.

“The companies have signed a deal to build charging posts at 400 China Unicom stores in 120 cities, and will also set up super-charging outlets in 20 Chinese cities, Tesla’s China spokeswoman Peggy Yang said.”

The link says “400 charging outlets”. These are most likely just L2 chargers.
Only 2 SC is mentioned. God knows when. No timeline is mentioned.

With this trouble in Ukraine I would save my money a put it in super chargers in China or the US instead. I don’t think that the EU will be able solve this Ukraine problem with aiding the Ukrainians with either arms or money. After all the other side is Russia; so I don’t expect that Ukraine and Russia is an even war. I would say that the Ukrainians have ZERO chance of wining. If the EU together with NATO, all of NATO then maybe it will be an even fight. Other than that I think a lot of blood will be spelled and no money or diplomacy will solve the problem. Thus I wish that Tesla stops spending money in the EU and divert its efforts to China.

Very unrealistic message.

Benz, Tell me why?

If Tesla is an ethical company, it should not do any business in Russia until Russia withdraws its troops and mercenaries from Ukraine. Tesla should not open any Tesla stores in Russia, deliver any Tesla vehicles to Russia, build any Superchargers in Russia, or build any factories in Russia.

Let Putin and his ilk drive Russian-made Ladas. Here’s a video of what the Russians under Putin can look forward to. That’s a Lada smoke!

The NATO war aggressors must be wiped out of Europe.



Haha… if Tesla would not be doing business in Russia for a relatively small thing like that then how on earth could they do business with USA and even have a factory and headquarter there? 😛

And what about doing business in China, the communist country?

Last month, more Ladas were sold in Germany than Model S.

Ehumm… what have you been smoking? I don’t think you have understood anything about the situation.
You know that Ukraine is not a part of EU or NATO and that if the russians would take over Ukraine very little would be done about it, except for political end economical sanctions.

Tesla had no plans to build super chargers in Ukraine before the crisis since europeans don’t drive to Ukraine and Ukraine don’t buy enough Teslas.

But they will build super chargers in the EU since it has nothing to do with or is affected in any way by the Ukraine crisis.

Putin will screw EU like he screws Ukraine very soon, this is the new Hitler the world is failing to stop yet again.

But installing a few superchargers in Ukraine and giving say a couple of Tesla Ss to the Ukrainian president/prime minister would be a huge coup.

Ukraine is eager to avoid importing Russian oil, so for Ukraine the war on fossil is the war on Russia. Elon do it.

That’s an even better idea than the one that some Ukrainian astronomers had naming a star after Putin. Hopefully soon this world will be rid of Putin and his aggression, but there will always be a star named “PUTIN IS A DlCKHEAD”.


Technically, the current govt. in Ukraine is illegal, as the democratically elected govt. was ousted as he was pro-russion. Can’t rule out CIA’s involvement in this. They do lot of dirty things around the world.

Yeah. The battery fires can also work as room heaters during the cold winters in Ukraine.

EU+NATO fair against russia?? In what world? EU spends 3 times as much as Russia on military. USA alone spends almost half of the worlds expediture on military. Such a war would diminish Russia. Although Russia may use nuclear weapons in such a scenario.

When I saw this plan I felt ashamed to be a Romanian. All the countries in Europe are part of this miracle except Romania!!! Shame on us for choosing our leaders!

It is not because of Romania’s leaders nor economy, it is simply because of Romania’s location. The only reason Tesla is eventually building superchargers in Serbia and Bulgaria is so that people can get to Greece and Turkey.

Why would anyone want to drive to Greece or Turkey?

Ask Tesla :p

I think Greece is obvious. Turkey is the gateway to the Middle East. Maybe, just maybe in the not too distant future there will be peace.

The reason could just be that once, Elon planned his family vacation to ride along the silk road. Yes, some of Tesla’s plans are so whimsical. The LA to NY route was chosen because Elon wanted to go that route for his summer rod trip.

Don’t be. You have had a lot of both economical and environmental improvement during the last seven years. Being one of the top countries in the EU when looking at renewables.
The chargers will come in Romania too. 🙂 And if they can and want to keep this pace then I’m sure it will be at least one there before the end of 2015.

It’s a great way to stop buying oil from Warlord Putin.

“but my though is that Elon Musk listened to the wishes of a tribute to Tesla”

It also connect Istanbul, which is a huge city. But strange that they don’t connect greece with one or two superchargers.

People don’t drive to Greece or Turkey (unless your family is from there).
So the only reason I see for it being a driving way with Turkey as the goal is if the German Turkish population is very fond of Teslas.

I think they are something like 4% of the population in Germany with at least some kind of turkish origin. But with the low sales numbers in Germany most must have been to turks for their wishes the reach all the way to a supercharger corridor to Turkey.

But who knows, at least it opens up the Balkans and makes it fairly possible to get onto the grid even for Greece, Romania and Turkey.

Actually they do drive to both for business and for vacationing, not only Turkish expats in Germany.

Mikeal, where are you from? It seems you dont know you are talking about. Of course that lots of people from Central Europe drive to Greece, Croatia and Bulgaria. Plus, to connect south of Greece will take only 2-3 more suprechargers. By end of 2016 when they, hopefully, will start accepeting gen3 reservations Europe will be completly covered. Model S is basically too big for us, living in the cities with small parking places and underground garages. I believe, with price of gasoline so high here in Europe , gen3 will sell better in Europe than in US.