Tesla Superchargers Have Provided Model S Owners With Over 10 Million Miles Worth of Free Electricity


10 million free miles worth of electricity and counting.

As Tesla Motors states:

“Tesla Superchargers have charged over 10 MILLION miles to Model S. Enough to go to the Moon and back 20 times.”

Going to the moon and back would be a task better suited to the various rockets/capsules made by SpaceX, so let’s instead say that those 10 million Supercharger miles are enough to travel around the world almost 402 times.

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“various shuttles made by SpaceX”

SpaceX makes rockets and capsules, but no shuttles as of yet.

Thanks Doug. I corrected the text.

We do need Tesla to install Superchargers in our National Parks. Promoting nonpolluting tourism there is a no brainer. As I write this in Yosemite Valley, I moved my red Model S so another silver Model S could ue the ONLY J1772 charger in the Park. Without charger availability NO Model S can visit here and get back to the I-5 supercharger corridor or to home charging.

Sounds like an opportunity for a vendor just outside of the park to work with Tesla….

On the other side of the park, one at the Whoa Nellie Deli would be ideal!

What a marketing coup to sell EV’s. 10 million miles, at 3 miles/kWh = 3.3 million kWh.

At 10 cents/kwh national average, that’s just $333,000 in operating costs, or just a few $/vehicle sold, to go a long way to resolve EV’s largest issue – range anxiety – and make the Tesla the first EV that, at least on major interstates, go “anywhere”.

Also note that Tesla’s have driven over 100 million miles and Supercharger miles are just 10% of the miles. This shows how much home charging is done, even with free fast-charge availability. 200 mile-range EV’s with home chargers and a ubiquitous DC fast charger system will re-make what a “filling station” needs to be, and how many…. Kiss AM/PM good-bye!

Note it also demonstrates just how silly the whole concept of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles and H2 filling stations will be when compared to convenient, cheap EV home-charging and simple commercial DCFC systems for long-haul trips.

Could be wrong but I think it is more 2M miles and less than 5% Supercharger miles.