Tesla Superchargers In Europe Have Powered Model S More Than 30 Million Kilometers


In the European Union, Tesla’s vast network of Superchargers have now powered the Model S EVs for more than 30 million kilometers driven, in the process saving 3 million liters of gasoline and eliminating emissions of 10 million kilograms of CO2.

Tesla’s European Supercharger network has grown by leaps and bounds recently.

Worldwide, there are well over 300 Superchargers now and the # continues to grow at a rapid pace.

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I love articles like this that show the cumulative affect EV’s are having – Tesla, Leaf, Volt, etc. And for Tesla in the EU, this doesn’t include miles/km driven from charging sources other than the Supercharger network.



around the turn of the century I had no idea how or if we ever were going to start reversing the path we were on, we were going to run out of everything and pollute the planet doing it.

Now we are starting to see some pretty big numbers across the board including RE generation (solar, wind, tidal are all starting to come in or are already taking big chunks of energy markets), vehicle emissions (not only plugin vehicles – also an improvement across the board in mpg from the very cheapest to the most expensive cars), even cod stocks are on the rise.

We are not there yet but at least we are starting to take little baby steps away from scenario business as usual.

CounterStrike Cat

That is not the European Union.


Is the 10M kg of CO2 saved number the net of the C02 from petrol displaced less the increase in C02 from the extra electricity generated to power the Superchargers.

Is there any net CO2 reduction in replacing petrol usage with electricity in countries that have coal-intense electrical grids like Germany?

Bryan Whitton

Yes!!! How many new coal fired power plants have been built and brought online to power the BEV? NONE!!! The power would have been generated anyway, and if there were no loads just been wasted. BEVs are not polluters because the power plant that makes the electricity is powered by coal. The power is being generated anyway.

While I have no data for Europe, the utility power reports from the US that I have read repeatedly indicate that they can provide enough power for approximately 70% of the driving that is done in the USA before needing to add additional production. All new production in the USA is from sources other than coal.


Especially in Norway most power is hydro generated . As an oil rich nation they invest their wealth in renewable energy (and Tesla’s πŸ™‚

Mutwin Kraus

I would be surprised if Tesla doesn’t buy their power in Germany and other countries from a 100% renewable energy provider.


i don’t know about the rest of Europe, but here in sweden they buy only electricity from renewable energy suppliers. mostly hydro power

Micke Larsson

I wonder what the numbers would be if you include Norway and Switzerland. With the high numbers of Teslas sold in Norway surely it’s in the 50-60M km instead.

Or does Tesla think that Norway is a part of EU? πŸ˜›


Maybe the ran out of characters and just changed Europe to EU. Or maybe they didn’t worry about people who took things too literally.


The Supercharger network is now probably Tesla’s biggest market advantage.