Tesla Superchargers Have Delivered 14.3 Million kWh


Worldwide, Tesla Superchargers have now delivered in excess of 14.3 million kWh of free electricity, according to Tesla Motors.

That electricity has eliminated the need for 2 million gallons of gas and offset 50 million pounds of CO2.

We should note that Supercharger access is not exactly free, but Tesla prefers to state that Supercharger deliver free electricity.

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Well, its free until it isn’t anymore. Right now its sorta free.

No comment on the other statement cuz I’m sure there will be plenty.

Well, I would say that this points out that the Supercharger idea doesn’t seem too expensive. So far the electricity from the Superchargers has cost Tesla below $2 million since the first Supercharger got online. Compare that to the ZEV credits Tesla gets which are like $75 million per year.

Of course the Superchargers are more expensive to build, around $200k a piece I have heard. That would be around $50 million so far in Supercharger investments. So not even the investment plus electricity use come close to the ZEV credits.

Superchargers is a very very clever idea, if you ask me.

They are VERY clever.

Tesla’s SuperChargers are also a more friendly connector formfactor, there are already more of them than other DCFC’s in most parts of the world (and that number grows every day), and it beats every other mainstream standard at quickly recharging large capacity BEVs.

Other EV Makers should seriously consider joining in and adopt the technology for their vehicles. Because if they don’t: by the time Model III’s three vehicle variations are on the market– no one else will have access to this global infrastructure for superior fast charging. That will be a HUGE negative for every non-SC compatible EV on the market at that point in time.

No, you pay at least $2000 to get Supercharger access so you could say that it is pre-paid electricity. If you do the numbers you’ll find you’ll get a lot of electricity for $2000 just through your regular wall socket.
On the other hand the superchargers are more than just electricity, it’s a service that lets you charge your car very quickly and in multiple locations along your trip which in itself is worth something.

Tesla’s nefarious plan is to place sc worldwide forcing those that wish to use them to drive to them and plug in their vehicles, thereby having their vehicles charging for free, (supposedly), but really advertising the ease of the charging experience to any and all who question the driver about the car. Many are located near restaurants, for instance. The owners and their cronies are all to0 happy to laud the wonders of the vehicle and the free charging aspect. Evil Tesla and their unwitting minions spreading the gospel according to Elon.

Stupidest post I’ve read in a while..

Well, I find it humorous, pseudo consiracy theory, which we heard our share of about Tesla on here.

Which is exactly what I was trying to present in a satirical fashion. It was a joke.

I laughed, too.

Sorry if our standard of humor is so far beneath yours.

No, it’s cool. You are allowed to laugh. 5 times.

The Mantra:
“Drive free on sunlight forever.”

Mantra always comes first. It’s a singular thought, that eventually gets put into action. But only after navigating the roadbocks and hurdles, of a highly variable and complex reality.

The actual solar part; blooms more fully as time passes. As the cost of solar continues to drop, more SC stations get upgraded…

I wish the other BEV manufacturers would follow in a similar way – offer an option to pay $2000 to have a public charger enabled car and allow free charging for the lifetime of the vehicle – with over 50% of the $2000 used to invest in additional public charging stations at ACTUAL desirable locations (aka. NOT dealers, NOT gas stations – near good Ammenities that are commonly usable like food/shopping)

Finished gas consumption for USA in 2013 – 134,506,764,000 gallons

Back of napkin calculations suggest 200 million gallons is about half a day’s consumption for the nation…. more than I would have thought. Nice


Really, I mean no disrespect; I just would like to have an official source to quote for when I am trying to convince others just how much pollution we are causing
and how great an effect that the amount of fuel we burn actually has.

Well.. The US emitts about one fifth of all co2 in total globally!
And about one third of all those US based emissions comes from road transport (and almost all of that from cars).

So it’s somewhere around 6-7% of total GLOBAL emissions comming from US cars.

Or to put it into perspective. US cars emitts as much as about the 166 least emitting countries together when combining their total emissions from all sources.

I have wondered why Elon Musk does not hook up with a fast food restaurant like McDonalds or Burger King and have a supercharger installed at every drive through. I am sure that Tesla and McDonalds could figure out a way to advertise both products. If someone with a Tesla drove in they could spend thirty minutes ordering and eating a meal while the car is charging. That would be good for both business’s. It would be worth it to McDonalds to install Tesla Superchargers and they could even give away a burger and fries and a drink as a promotion. I am sure that a deal could be worked…

I see posts are now disappearing.
I posted to ask whether we now should spot how Tesla was trying to ‘put one over on us’

‘We should note that Supercharger access is not exactly free, but Tesla prefers to state that Supercharger deliver free electricity.’

and the worst possible inference was drawn for Volkswagen, a couple of articles by the same author back, with a clear accusation of false and misleading advertising, but not, apparently, for Tesla.

It seems however that not only are the write ups hopelessly biased, but the author or the editors are too weak to defend their position, and prefer to hide behind control of the electronic printing press.

Sad, biased, and rapidly destroying any hint of credibility for the site.

Wow – That seems rather harsh.. One generally sees a “post deleted” message, if the site mods kill something..

Seems more likely Hanlon’s razor – or perhaps you missed the “Post Comment” button, but without some hard data like screen shots (of the missing post), timestamps, etc. – Seems like much ado and bit of an accusation without much supporting data.

But maybe you just haven’t had your coffee this morning, yet..

It was posted and disappeared.

Yes, that is correct, as I read that post. I conjecture that it was viewed as a personal attack on the website staff, which from their point of view was grounds for immediate removal, without comment.

I guess you’ll be going back to ABG. Their loss.

It is pleasing to see that you maintain your usual standards in the defence of diversity of opinion.