Tesla Superchargers Now Connect Northern And Southern China



Tesla has now connected northern and southern China with Superchargers. It operates 320 Superchargers (if you count each stall) and 1,500 destination chargers in China.

No railroad involved, and “trans” usually means “across,” so ignore the headline.

Destination Chargers In China

Destination Chargers In China

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Wow, Tesla Motor’s is really going to town in China!

It’s interesting what the EV DCFC charging situation will be between GM and Tesla in the next 5 years. Current build-out is indicative of market dominance in favor of TM.

Too late GM, you really missed an opportunity here. Time to follow, instead of lead.

Well what a GM lead rep told .e in the past was “We are in the car business, not the infrastructure business!” So, untill they change that attitude, the BOLT will be almost an orphan, except it might get access to the BMW/VW CCS chargers, if they are nice or lucky!

Usually these sorts of pronouncements point to a conceptual flaw in regards to what you should be doing, rather than what you are doing, the same old same old.

Exactly! Of course, when rowing your boat along the river, by the time you hear the waterfall, it is too late to row upstream! GM is still rowing along, not listening to us on the shore shouting to warn them about the waterfall!

GM can figure it out on their own, between bankruptcies. 😉

I noticed on Tesla’s supercharger page, what seems like a lack of planned addition to the Superchargers for 2016, with the focus for that area to be in Australia and Japan during that year.

Maybe it will change by Jan. 1st, but that seems to be the current plan. It might be they are planning more destination charging spots, in places like Malls, Workplaces, and more.

I am hoping for a 2017 update of the Supercharger page, showing some additional planned sites on the Trans Canada out to Halifax, and between Edmonton/Calgary and Sudbury, as well as between Hope and Prince George, B.C., with a nice surprise connecting out to Prince Rupert, and a couple Sites on Vancouver Island! If they could add North from Prince George to the loop to Edmonton, and up to Fort McMurray, that would be an excellent 2017 for Tesla customers in Canada!

“lack of planned addition to the Superchargers for 2016” refered to – in China specifically.

If they added Superchargers to PG that would really tip me in favour or a Model 3 or used X in a few years. I have lots of family there and it would be great to make trips via an EV rather than our backup gasser!

With Tesla Motors recent news on South Korea expansion interest, can’t help but wonder when the first supercharged drive through North Koeta will take place?

Guessing a Tesla could make the trip without a single stop to charge in N. Korea. FYI: distance between Dandong, China and Seoul, S. Korea is ~260 miles.

When was the last time anyone was allowed to drive a car between South Korea and North Korea, or vice versa? As I recall from news reports, even in the very rare instances where cross-border traffic is allowed, it’s all pedestrian traffic… no provision for cars allowed.

But politics aside, it would be good for anyone attempting to drive the length of the Korean peninsula to plan to do it without charging en route in N. Korea… where electrical power is erratic and undependable, and at best is only available for a few hours a day.