Tesla Superchargers Coming To Florida’s Space Coast Area

JUL 29 2017 BY MARK KANE 7

The First Tesla Supercharging station to be installed at Space Coast’s West Melbourne, that is right in the neighborhood of SpaceX.  

So probably more than a few employees of the aerospace and space transport company have put a bug in their boss’ ear about a new station – especially as they will be some of the first to receive deliveries of Tesla’s new Model 3 over the next couple months.

Tesla Model S at Supercharger

Supercharge.info indicates that site awaits permits for 10 stalls.

“The Hammock Landing shopping center, located west of Interstate 95 on the north side of Palm Bay Road, will play host to the station, according to West Melbourne City Manager Scott Morgan. He said the city’s planning department confirmed that Tesla submitted applications for installing the Supercharger within Hammock Landing west of Norfolk Parkway.”

“The section of Hammock Landing west of Norfolk Parkway includes Five Guys, Panera Bread and Moe’s Southwest Grill for dining and options such as Kohl’s and Michaels for shopping. On the east side, tenants include Target, Buffalo Wild Wings and the AMC West Melbourne 12 movie theater.”

West Melbourne City Manager Scott Morgan said:

“I think it’s a really nice amenity. We think that will probably drive some more traffic as well as provide a nice convenience for those that own Tesla automobiles to be able to charge quickly while they’re shopping in a really nice shopping center.”

source: FloridaToday

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Didn’t see a single Tesla at the SpaceX compound, Kennedy Space Center earlier this week. Surprising.

And yet, I saw a Model S as I was prepping to leave EAA AIR VENTURE OSHKOSH Last night! We were both in th Ultralight Area Parking, near Vicky’s Cafe’.

Ditto when we were there in February. Lots of trucks. Our best guess was that the guys working at Kennedy were the blue collar guys doing assembly, not the highly paid engineers.

Finally! The Tesla SuperCharger network is finally going to work for a LOT us in the Hysham Montana area.
Up until now, I really didn’t think Tesla was serious about building out the SC network!


I work about 3 miles from this site. Luckily, I was able to get my company to install chargers that we can use for free. I would note that its probably 30 to 35 miles away from SpaceX locations, but closer than any other Superchargers in the area.

Good, I need to get to those SpaceX launches! 😉

Only 2-3 years later than promised.