Tesla Superchargers Closing In On 100 In US

Tesla Model s Supercharger


Kansas City

Going to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come….

Celebrating #100 Worldwide - Soon 100 Will Be Operational In The US

Celebrating #100 Worldwide – Soon 100 Will Be Operational In The US

Watching the Tesla Motors Supercharger network evolve has been a regular pastime here at InsideEVs. We have watched the first US northern coast-to-coast path taken by Elon Musk in his youth reach completion early in 2014.

We have watched Norway, and now Germany and surrounding European Superchargers on the rise. Recently, the first Superchargers opened with the introduction of the Tesla Model S into the Chinese market.

The next milestone looks to be the first 100 stations in the US which should happen any week/day now.  The current count is 122 total and 97 US Superchargers with 7 US Superchargers under construction

This summer looks to open a central passage from Los Angeles CA, traveling through Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, and West Virginia. It is hard to determine the pace that the superchargers will open . At times they seem to slow in construction. Then you blink and twenty more come online.

With recent news of Tesla going open source with their patents, it appears as if Tesla will use this opportunity to launch another wave of superchargers. With Goodland and Hayes Kansas superchargers coming online last week, it certainly looks like Tesla drivers will have a path to Kansas City this summer. “I’m Going To Kansas City, Kansas City here I come…”

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Hopefully Texas will remain an island 🙂

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

If so, that’s one fewer that they’ll sell, at least.

Yup, with all the fracking it’s where you’ll end up. But at least you’ll get some immediate gratification until then. The rest of us will remain proactive.

Tesla has claimed a goal of 200 chargers by the end of the year, though they have been quiet on that for a while now. At their current pace, it’s likely that they will only get to 130-14- by EOY14.

This still is way better than anyone else because the placement is actually thought out for long distance travel. It has quickly become both a strategic asset in the standards wars (which consumers don’t give a whit about) and a sales tool to overcome a key perceived failing of EVs.

I certainly hope they soon complete the northern and southern transcontinental routes and connect the Texas island.

By the way, that “path to KC” only works if you are in California…

that’s 130-140 by EOY14. Here’s a vote for allowing us to edit our postings…

Electric Car Guest Drive

I agree that it’s a key competitive advantage, the value add to a purchaser is very high.

I’m not sure I share your view on the standards wars. No other EV has the range to get between Superchargers.

Also, if you had the capital and brand of a BMW or Nissan, would you really want your customers being repeatedly exposed not only to the Tesla brand, but to the Tesla raving fan base, some of which, like me, would offer people the opportunity to drive their car?

With current offerings, BMW and Nissan would not win that contest.

Once the path through KC is open, will people attempt break the records that were set for LA to NY? (probably, and then again when the path through Indy/Columbus is complete)

This map shows construction & permitting (for those not aware of it)


They still need to do a north/south across the central US, probably along 35. Once KC is in then 4 more would connect TX with MN.