Tesla Supercharger Update: 44 Million Miles Enabled


Supercharger Map Asia

Supercharger Map Asia

Tesla’s most recent Supercharger status update provides us with these figures:

  • 44 million miles enabled
  • 11.8 GWh of energy delivered
  • 1.8 million gallons of gas saved
  • 46 million pounds of CO2 offset
  • Price to customers $0

The figures are impressive, but even Tesla Model S owners know that Tesla is insisting the truth on that $0 price to customers.

Moving on…

Tesla now has 112 Superchargers in North America, 63 in Europe and 17 in Asia.  Most of the recent growth in the Supercharger network has been focused overseas, mainly in Asia and in European countries that previously did not have even one Supercharger station.

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“The figures are impressive, but even Tesla Model S owners know that Tesla is insisting the truth on that $0 price to customers.”

Insisting the truth???

This is another example of Tesla’s creative math. Tesla fails to count the $2,000 paid by 60kWh Model S purchasers for the Supercharger access option, not to mention that the $2,000 Supercharger access option is bundled into the base price of a 85kWh Model S. When promoting itself, why does Tesla always lie and exaggerate like a used/new car salesman. It doesn’t have to lie; the Model S sells itself based on it’s performance and value without having to resort to deception. When Tesla spews these lies, it’s no wonder naysayers question Tesla’s success and suggest that it’s based on smoke and mirrors. It makes people wonder what else is Tesla lying about.


Actually Tesla including Elon Musk himself has stated multiple times that Supercharging access is built straight into the cost of the car for the 85kw models.

Clearly by stating the 44 million miles of supercharging cost Tesla owners zero dollars they mean in additional to the cost built into the car.

Nice try though.

Brian Henderson

Costs for activating Supercharging are clearly listed.
$2000 is ordered with Tesla vehicle, or $2500 after (includes installation):

Under charging adaptor section in the online store:

Not seeing the need for special math skills.

Jeff D

Why should Tesla be held to a higher standard of “truth” than any other company out there. There is no company out there in any field that doesn’t stretch the truth in promoting their products. The doubters would still criticize Tesla if they were exceedingly honest.


I think the Supercharger network is something amazing that Tesla put together.

And if you divide the 44 million miles by the number of Teslas sold, it comes to less than 1000 miles per car, which keeps the cost cheap enough that they can keep on providing this service.

Brian Henderson

~1,000 Supercharged miles out of an average US drivers 15,000 miles per year is ~6-7% of miles being supercharged.

Over 10 years, the accumulated supercharged miles might average to 10,000 miles vs. $2,000 to enable access. That works out to ~20¢ per mile … not much different than paying for gas on a long distance trip.
(After 12 years avg. per mile drops below 16¢)

The advantage for Model S owners is the other 93-94% of their miles (on average) will only cost 2-3¢ per mile in electricity (under 5¢/mile for all miles after 5 years). Most likely a Model S owner will budget more than this per mile to keep tread on their tires! 🙂

Rob Stark

It has been discussed to death that Tesla should say the marginal price to charge is Zero until the car is junked.

Supercharger access is infinitely transferable. 1st owner or 30th owner can charge at a Supercharger station til their heart’s content.


There is nothing quite as fun as a supercharged road trip!

A choice few of the superchargers are at a paid parking lot (JFK Airport, …) although I have never hit one of these yet.

CounterStrike Cat

To keep the delivered energy amount into some relation, it’s only the generation of about 10 hours from a typical single 1200 MW nuclear power plant.


There is more involved -components- than the electricity. The buyer certainly realizes that Very high speed chargers add value to their travel experience.
You are paying for the Ability to tap into the supercharger, just as you pay for the option of faster charging in All other EV brands. Why is this such a point of contention regarding Tesla? 200 miles of battery capacity in 30m is Still unmatched by any other device, time is money, $2k is Cheap.


ICE free maintenance is also included in the price of the Cars like BMW, Jaguar and so on at I don’t see what is the big deal.