Tesla Supercharger Stations May Soon Mirror Gas Stations

Charging Tesla

OCT 24 2017 BY EVANNEX 51


The only refueling this Tesla owner needs is some coffee and snacks (Image: Jake’s Tesla World)


Is Tesla influencing the gas station or is the gas station influencing Tesla? It turns out that the saw cuts both ways. The automaker is considering extra Supercharger add-on services often offered at gas stations. On the other hand, an all-electric future is fast approaching, and even giants like Shell Oil are, shockingly, adding EV chargers. It’s surprising to see each “refueling” locale providing inspiration to the other. So let’s take a look at what’s brewing here.

A sign that the EV revolution has arrived — gas stations are being transformed to include EV charging. As reported by Electrek, “Shell announced that they would start deploying electric car charging stations in Britain and the Netherlands… [they’re] well aware of the world’s car fleet’s fast transition to electric vehicles and they are looking to adapt … [as] they will lose a significant revenue… [so] Shell now hopes they will stop to get a recharge instead.”

*This article comes to us courtesy of EVANNEX (which also makes aftermarket Tesla accessories). Authored by Matt Pressman.

Above: Looking a lot like gas pumps, these Shell-branded “Recharge” stations feature three ports: a CHAdeMO DC fast-charging port, a CCS DC fast-charging port, and a Mennekes port (Source: Dave Davies)

In contrast, Forbes Dale Buss, jokingly writes:

At its Supercharger stations, Tesla may want to sell you beef jerky, too.” Well, not exactly. But, it turns out that CTO JB Straubel did actually appear at a food-service industry conference (FSTEC) and said, “People are coming and spending 20 to 30 minutes at these stops. They want to eat, they want to have a cup of coffee, they want to use the bathroom… [and] we already have been working with restaurants. That can only start scaling up.”

Future Supercharger stations includes its own branded, adjacent gas station-like facility to hang out while you wait for a charge

Apparently, a Tesla Supercharger transformation has been teased for some time. Matthew DeBord at Business Insider reports on this next-gen Supercharger station noting that,

“Elon Musk has speculatively described them as ‘like really big supercharging locations with a bunch of amenities,’ complete with ‘great restrooms, great food, amenities’ and an awesome place to ‘hang out for half an hour and then be on your way.'”


Maybe company branded swag will soon be available at Supercharger stations too (Source: Bay Area Fashionista)

DeBord, tongue-in-cheek, asks, “Should Tesla partner with Amazon or Starbucks to develop these locations, offering great shopping, food, and above all else … coffee? There’s no way that Tesla can blow the chance to create its own coffee. They could call it ‘Elon’s Blend’ — bold, complex flavors, with a hint of, um, musk.”

Little does he know, Tesla already has their own branded coffee readily available at their Fremont factory, check it out…


The “Tesla Blend” coffee seen at the automaker’s factory in Fremont, California (Reddit: FredTesla)

After all, DeBord notes: “In the car world, Tesla ranks with Ferrari in terms of its aspirational aspects, and outside the car world, one thinks immediately of Apple. In the retail realm, Starbucks pops to mind, and that in itself is reason enough for Tesla to avoid putting the Green Siren next to its logo” at Supercharger locations. In the end, “Tesla is already a luxury [brand], and with an added high-tech, save-the-planet edge to everything. It’s begun the remaking of transportation. It could now be time to remake coffee, too.”

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How about accepting debt/credit cards like a petrol /gas station would. You don’t see BMW fuel stations just for people with a BMW.

I think that will come soon, and when it does, we’ll know that charging infrastructure business models have finally matured.

If ChargePoint etc. wants recurring revenues as part of their business model, they should do it through targeted advertisements at the stations, etc. and not software user fees and all that prohibitive stuff.

ABB is developing a charger that doesn’t need any card at all. All you do is just plug into the charger. The charger reads the EV ID when you are connected and charges to the appropriate account.

To me that’s still worse than a credit card reader. Let it work like every other fueling device in the US, and remove any need for people to “sign up” to some network. Swipe a credit card, fill up, get a receipt for what you were charged for and how much kWh you used.

That’s how Tesla Superchargers work. In the post above you said having a card reader would make charging worse now your saying not having a card reader would make charging worse. Make up our minds how it should be.

I guess I was thinking of stimpy’s post, not yours above.

And ironically, your the wording of your post describes my post and “phantom” post as being entirely consistent with one another, hehe.


Nope, I missed the “not” in your second statement. Ok, we’re even now! Haha

Totally agree with ClarksonCote.

When I’m charging my car, I want to pay for it then. No account, monthly fees, gimmick. If someone borrows my car, they pay for their gas/electricity.

So what happens if my car (say Tesla Model 3) gets stolen and the thieves take it for a 1000-mile joyride? The SuperCharger usage gets billed to me? WTH.

If thieves steal your gas car with your wallet in it and uses it to pump gas, is it on you?

That is exactly how Tesla’s system already works.
FOr those adapters that are being developed, they will have to work with Tesla and have a CC on file to be able to get electricity.

Superchargers already charge the owner of the car automatically. Why would they make their system *worse*?

no reason to take credit/debit directly.
Any vehicle that uses tesla’s system has a CC associated with it, or has ID that shows it is free.

They should offer $20 premium handwash carwashes while charging. Also lounges with lawn chairs and a library in case you are not hungry and don’t want to go to a restaurant, a playground for kids, maybe with a daycare and a cinema for watching short films? And office cubicles with wifi, scanner/fax/printers like at the airport…

It will be nice for us who lives in co op with multi car garage in New York where we can’t install individual charging ports. We can charge in Tesla Super Charge stations.
Hopefully it will become more available in all areas soon!

Buy a Tesla will solve your problem

How many Teslas do you own tough guy? Might as well type- “Just be a wealthy elite and life is better”. Please, please, please… look outside your bubble.

Actually, NYC and other cities really need to require that residential buildings/parking spots install EV charger IF the leasee wants it.
Likewise, with all new buildings, they really should be required to have at least 120V/20A, if not 240V/50A, at each parking spot.

When I heard Shell is offering EV charging, I pictured a guy filling up the generator in the back with Shell gas.


Gassing up the genset trailer for the tZero, AC Propulsion’s prototype BEV sports car which became the prototype for the Tesla Roadster

Article title: “Tesla Supercharger Stations May Soon Mirror Gas Stations”

For my charging stops I would prefer the current arrangement of Tesla locating the Tesla Superchargers at regular shopping/food centers near major highway exists… each of these stops would likely have more variety to choose from than a dedicated charging service station… for example:

Tesla Port Orange Supercharger

The Pavilion
5302 S. Williamson Blvd
Port Orange, FL 32128

6 superchargers, available 24/7, up to 120kW

Public Restrooms at The Pavilion

27 Fathoms
Asian SauceBox
Chuck E. Cheese’s
ColdStone Creamery
Fireside Pizza
Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Fresh Healthy Cafe
Gabbie’s Pizza
High Five Frozen Yogurt
House for Beer
Malibu Beach Grill
Olive Garden
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
Takara Japanese Steakhouse
Texas Roadhouse

There’s an article on Charged EV that states Tesla is coming out with dual port charging. The second port in North America will probably be CCS. I hope this leads to some of the chargers at the Supercharger stations being CCS.

“an article on Charged EV that states Tesla is coming out with dual port charging. The second port in North America will probably be CCS”

Not even close…The article states it’s for China only (speculatively as a concession for getting the assembly plant deal done) and “Electrek speculates that Tesla may eventually introduce a similar dual port in other markets as well, incorporating the CCS standard”

Sounds pretty close to me. That picture of the dual charge port does not look very speculative.

The dual port is real, for China ONLY…Nothing beyond speculation that other countries will follow suit…

“Tesla pledged back in 2015 to adapt its electric vehicles to match Chinese charging standards, but at the time, the country hadn’t established its national charging configuration.

China has since largely adopted the GB standard in its push to build out its EV charging network, which the automaker promised to support after it was announced last year. Now, Tesla appears to be making good on its word and is including the new configuration directly in its vehicles.”

Build 100s of superchargers or add a second port…Furthermore, Tesla wants to build a factory there which was just recently greenlighted…

Yep. Tesla is only doing that in China because China mandates it. If our orange haired leader and dim witted congress had any sense, they would have a similar mandate to use require CCS compatibility here in the USA.

Yup more government intervention into the market is always a good thing…not. Who says ccs will be the standard. I don’t want it to be as it is large and clunky compared to the Tesla cable. Also why didn’t your savior obozo mandate it? Didn’t he have a telephone and a pen?

Yeah, no.
Horrible standard.
I absolutely LOVE tesla’s simple standard and ease of use.
CSS is worthless.

It doesn’t make a ton of sense to re-invent the wheel…Building these from the ground up, receiving all the permits/approvals and building will take 5-ish years…Just partner with existing malls/plazas/Lifestyle centers located near highways…

The problem is that Tesla Superchargers are most useful for supporting travel between cities, in rather lonely locations. Certainly placing them within walking distance of restaurants and shopping centers would give those waiting on a charge more to do, but restricting Superchargers to such locations would make the Supercharger network no more useful than DCFC chargers installed by other companies.

I see this as a temporary problem. Probably within 5-7 years we’ll start to see production BEVs which can be charged (to at least 80%) in 10 minutes or less, and then the gas station business model will work for EV charging too. I think — or at least hope — that solid state batteries will be a real game-changer.

A number of studies have been done in America concerning our move to EVs. Over all, they show that there is plenty in the grid/generation, as long as 75% comes from night-time charging.
In addition, if 85% or MORE comes from nighttime charging, it will actually lower the costs of electricity.
As such, govs really need to require that all new residential parking spots have at least 120v/20A, if not 240V/30-50A, per spot.
Likewise, for any rentals, landlords need to be be required to add these if a tenant gets an EV.

Finally, we need to kill all hybrids and any vehicle with less than 150 MPC.
Below that, will likely lead to heavy daytime charging, which needs to be stopped.

Fast coffee, Ridiculous coffee, Ludicrous coffee?

Let’s see, Tesla owns all their dealerships, all their service centers and all their Supercharger stations, none of which turn a profit. Now Tesla is going to build convenience stores at Supercharger stations that also probably won’t turn a profit. Tesla just keeps going deeper into that rabbit hole.

Convenience stores at gas stations are the main source of profit. The gas is often sold at very small margins. Just like movie theaters make most of their money with the concession stands.

The only people that are going to go to Tesla connivence stores are Tesla owners. Except for very few locations the Tesla traffic at these connivence stores will not be sufficient to turn a profit. Of course that won’t stop Musk from spending hundreds of millions of other people’s money to build them.

And luckily we will never see you there.

Well maybe if they install CCS chargers that anybody can use I will patronize the establishment.

you can always buy one of the Tesla/CCS adapters, but please don’t.

uh, stores/restaurants make a LOT of money at gas stations. LOTS of money.

Is it just me or is it rather impractical to automatically charge the owner?
We all borrow/lend cars out occasionally for certain tansports or trips.
Now with automatically charging the owner, you cannot just ‘fill ‘er up’ as a thank you. No, instead you even have to arrange payment to the owner to cover the costs of your trip.
How clumsy and untoward!

I don’t know about the US, but in Europe we have also standardized the toll road payments – some countries have already widespread implmentation of this.
– using a radio chip mounted inside your windscreen
– Billing the car owner monthly for all toll road usage

So if you borrow a car, the owner would anyway get bills for the toll road usage. Charging billing is just another thing that you would want to compensate the owner for.

– and I guess that even in the US, you pay your car insurance according to miles driven, so the owner would have to pay insurance for the miles you drive his car anyway….

….and compensation for value loss and general wear and tear is something anyone borrowing a car really should offer the car owner anyway…

I have wondered for a long time why Starbucks hasn’t been installing chargers in front of their existing coffee shops. They could give away the electricity just to entice the owner into buying their overpriced coffee and snacks.

I would rather see Tesla develop their own line of high end food and drinks or partner with a famous chef.

Or installing wireless charging strips through the drive though window areas.

Look up Kimbal Musk.
I suspect that the restaurants are going to be in the family.

The gas station + EV charger + convenience store business model is a very poor one. There’s no place for those waiting on their EV being charged to sit, and convenience stores don’t cater to someone hanging around for 20-30 minutes.

A much better “marriage” is putting Tesla Superchargers at something like a Sheetz store, which is a combo fast food restaurant and convenience store. That gives those waiting a place to sit, if nothing else. Tesla is finally starting to install them at some Sheetz stores, after just talking about it for some months.

Yes they do, sheetz and getgo, have good services and lounges in thier location

Yes, there are several convenience stores that have a great model for this, including warm food service, seating areas, etc.

The company companies that get this figured out will prevail in the long run. But also, if/when battery and charging tech reach a point where you are charging in a matter of minutes, those services may not be needed any more.

A few Galp’s portuguese gas stations have already been offering electricity since mid 2012. Now, near 20 all over the country do, mainly in highways… So nothing new for us, this Shell strategy ?

I dream that Tesla could open their Supercharger network to more Private companies, in a controlled Open way, means under the condition that a new (private owned) version of the Tesla stalls is created for that purpose (Say same with reverse colors, White branded on red stalls), backed by pre-packaged sets of Tesla PowerWall2 and Inverters, also capable to integrate Porsche CCS 400V/150KW and 800V/350KW stalls to same Tesla Inverters and Powerwall2, alond with locally connected Solar Panels and Tesla Tiles, to ensure the Supercharge of the Tesla will be conducted strictly as per the Tesla guidance. The apayement mothod would be needed for these private Superchargers, working for all standards attached. Such private Tesla stamped Superchargers could then be presented with a different color on Tesla in-car and WEB Supercharger Maps, with the option to manually select them as needed, while planning for your trips. This could multiply the number of Superchargers especially outside the main motorways, at a speed that Tesla alone could not ensure, for the goodnes sof the planet, and Tesla Stalls + PowerWall2 + Invertes + Solar Tiles…benefit. Applying same conservation rules when charging the Teslas to protect their battery the same way as in… Read more »