Tesla Supercharger Stations in Colorado Come Online


Model S in Colorado

Model S in Colorado

Supercharger Installs Are Worth Celebrating

Supercharger Installs Are Worth Celebrating

The latest 2 Superchargers have come online, with both being located in Colorado.

As Tesla Motors states:

“Just in time for ski season: Colorado Superchargers open today in Silverthorne & Glenwood Springs!”

The addition of 2 more Superchargers brings the running total in the US to 26.

Details on the Colorado sites are found below:

Glenwood Springs Supercharger

125 Wulfsohn Rd, Glenwood Springs, CO

24 hrs/day

Charging Stalls – 6


Silverthorne Supercharger

309 Rainbow Dr, Silverthorne, CO 80498

24 hrs/day

Charging Stalls – 8

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This is wonderful news.
Another nail in the gasoline coffin.


This is Tesla’s brilliant Jewel. I wonder if some corporation will copy it?

Tesla Superchargers……the future of EV charging.

By 2016 when GM and Ford offers 200+ mile EVs, Tesla will offer Combo charging for a fee.

Tesla’s big battery and super-charger combo really is quite the gambit. It makes the cars really expensive up front. But with such long-range ability:
1) You really don’t need many super-chargers to cover the country.
2) They can use Solar PV to cover the electricity cost.
3) People will rarely use the super-chargers since you charge mostly at home.
4) They do charge pretty fast.

Such that it really does work at providing long-range ability.

Beyond the Model S and X, I expect that the superchargers also become a source of revenue. I don’t expect Gen3 Teslas to get supercharging for free (I expect it’ll be a per-charge fee of $10 or something, still way cheaper than gas).

What is interesting is there is a book by Stephen Baxter called Flood which is about sea levels rising thousands of meters drowning all the coastal cities along the Gulf Coast and is sort of like the prequel to the Movie Waterworld. In the book they mention the rising sea levels drown out the Gulf Coast destroying most of the oil refineries which cripples the oil supplies. Later on in the same book fights break out in the Andes Mountains when this company takes most of the sinking usable farm land to grow on eatable ethanol producing plants while the local population starves which triggers a revolt. In Denver they also mention that the only people who get to drive cars are ones who ether own a fully 100% EV or a electric golf cart. It even goes on to mention that the people who own EV’s and solar panels still get to have them running as the Flood waters reach and vanquish Denver to the Sea. What is interesting if the time line of this book takes place between 2016 and 2060 Tesla could very well have a system of solar power superchargers still functioning as the US drowns… Read more »

It’s 24 Superchargers, not 26. Stop double counting the Darien, CT and Milford, CT Superchargers, you’re making yourself look stupid. The Tesla map says it has only 24 Superchargers as of 10/5/13:

North America
Today – 24 stations
Fall 2013 – Most metropolitan areas
Winter 2013 – Coast-to-coast travel
2014 – 80% of the US population and parts of Canada
2015 – 98% of the US population and parts of Canada
Today – 6 stations