Tesla Supercharger Station in Fort Myers, Florida Now Up and Running


“Supercharger stations in 2 days for Florida! Fort Myers opened today. Travel free between Miami, Tampa & Orlando!”

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Green Arrow Shows Exact Location -Click to Enlarge

Says Tesla Motors via Facebook.

Tesla is referring to the Fort Myer Supercharger station that just came online today, as well as the 8-unit station that went live yesterday in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

This Fort Myers site brings the running total of Supercharger stations in the US to 17…and counting.

Where’s the Fort Myers’ Supercharger at? It in the Gulf Coast Town Center near a Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Or, more specifically, you’ll find it at this address:

Fort Myers, FL
I-75  Exit 128
9903 Gulf Coast Main St
Fort Myers, FL 33913

The station in Fort Myers has 8 charging points and is conveniently located near several restaurants.


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I own a Tesla Model S. I’m very glad to see the Tesla Supercharging network expanding! It is truly a paradigm shift, that is underway in the automotive industry. Very shortly travel in a Tesla Model S will be enabled, from coast to coast, for free. Tesla Supercharging Stations are revolutionizing how we travel. The car itself is American made, beautiful, powerful, all electric, spacious and just dazzling! Charge it on solar energy while at home, and at these new Tesla Supercharging Stations while on the road. That makes it free all the way around! A few more of these Tesla supercharging stations and travel between Fort Meyers and Vancouver BC will be effortless….. then on to Boston if you like……. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK TESLA!!! Off oil, cleaner air, free travel….. you just gotta love the American entrepreneurial spirit that is Teslamotors!!!

Another nail in the coffin in towards several gas stations I never liked.

The Cool thing is that if this thing is solar powered it truly cuts down on coal and oil use. But I think this thing will fill up fast with only eight chargers. I think there are some charger stations out there that might soon need 20 or 30 plug spaces for all the new EV’s hitting the road.

The Tesla superchargers only charge Teslas (other makes use a different protocol), so I think eight units per station will be PLENTY for a long time.

I used both Superchargers in Ft. Myers and Port St. Lucie. It was quick, easy, and most importantly FREE! I absolutely love my Model S and plan on only buying Tesla EV’s for life. There is no comparison.